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rss2jabber is a new application that gathers RDF/RSS/Atom newsfeeds and sends them to an IM client. It is possible to subscribe to multiple newsfeeds and to select the update frequency and maximum number of articles to be received at every update. To try rss2jabber you need a ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 10, 2004
Peter Morville, author of one of the key reference books on Information Architecture, has published a rich and well-curated list of information architecture resources online. Given his experience, know-how and vision, you can count on this being a must print-out reference. Peter Morville' selected article list ... read more

Peter Morville - Semantic Studios - September 9, 2004
"in the [attention based economy] of blogs, credit for discovering and filtering information is potent currency. Many blogs when posting links, will also include a link to the site that lead them to the link. This practice, bordering on a custom, creates a relatively smooth, fluid ... read more

William Abraham Blaze - [via PersonalPublishing] - September 9, 2004

Stephen Downes brings back some great stuff from his keynote presentation delivered at ITI in Utah. The central tenet of his essay is the acknowledgement of a vast, growing tension between the producers of media, both online and traditional, and the consumers of this same media. ... read more

Robin Good - September 9, 2004
Federated query, Xquery, XML rules and content analysis, are just some of the emerging key ingredients for business research integration, newsmastering and similar new activities entering the coming new fields, inside and outside the enterprise dedicated to the gathering, filtering and intelligent aggregation of specialized information. ... read more

Robin Good - Enterpriseappspipeline - September 8, 2004
"Mass media doesn't exist anymore," says Paul Saffo, a director at the Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, Calif. "Instead we have personal media. Increasingly, people fill their information space with only what they want to see — things that reinforce their worldview. Take away ... read more

Mary McNamara - LA Times - [via] - September 7, 2004
Though we have been hearing over and over that markets are conversations and that humans want to hear stories, "the web is not really conducive to story- telling as we know it. Which is a shame. Because good story telling is transforming and it conveys meaning." ... read more

This is tool that the blogging community is going to love to get their hands on. It is also a great tool for personal knowledge gathering. I've been in a private beta test of the tool for a couple months now, but it's ready ... read more

Robin Good - September 3, 2004

Jakob Nielsen points to the emerging relevance of dedicated search feeds, and, as I personally interpret this, of the highly specific and targeted newsfeeds. He says in one of his latest Alertbox columns: "...the Web's strength comes from narrowly targeted sites that provide users with highly specialized ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - August 28, 2004
I've come to the conclusion that blogs are boring. And the comments on blog entries are often worse than boring. Not only are many of them silly, but just like the online guest books of 10 years ago, the software is so unsophisticated that it allows ... read more

Robin Good - August 24, 2004
eBay has just announced that during a 180-day pilot it will allow digital music files for download. “Pre-approved” resellers will be able to offer downloadable music within auctions at eBay. Is this the beginning of a legal secondary market for digital media? This article gives a ... read more

Lutz Niehüser - INDICARE - [via] - August 23, 2004
Alan Levine catches on, all on his own, on the base core concept of a newsmaster. He just gracefully lands on it as many of you have as well, and he goes out to test a few of the possible alternative services that he found to ... read more

Alan Levine - August 20, 2004
Blogversations is a hot and juicy next-to-be launched service that really strikes the perfect Cluetrain chord: markets are conversations. The idea is: Let bloggers write, review and comment with genuine passion while rewarding their valuable marketing effort in tangible ways. Let bloggers discuss and contend among ... read more

Robin Good - August 20, 2004
"The term Web standards can mean different things to different people. For some, it is 'table-free sites', for others it is 'using valid code'. However, Web standards are much broader than that. A site built to Web standards should adhere to standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, ... read more

Robin Good - Max Design - August 16, 2004
I don't know much about others, since everyone is so secretive about profits and advertising returns, but I am rather curious, and outside of Google imposing policies to its publishers and advertisers (not to disclose detailed information about their accounts) I feel I want to share ... read more

Robin Good - August 16, 2004
"Sometimes the question of where to put a comma, how to use a verb or why not to repeat a word can be important, even strategic. But most of the time the author either missed that day's grammar lesson in elementary school or is too close ... read more

Pat Holt - Holt Uncensored - [via Chris Pirillo] - August 15, 2004
JD Lasica and Marc Canter have announced the launch of their Open Media project for which I would like to provide all of my support. Open Media wants to provide easy and free access to multimedia authors of all kinds to upload, share, syndicate, remix and ... read more

J D Lasica & Marc Canter - August 14, 2004
"We live in a time in which the media business is undergoing its greatest change in the 500 years since Gutenberg. ...One main factor affecting media is the sheer supply of news and information available to consumers. Thirty years ago, the average U.S. consumer had access ... read more

Vin Crosbie - ClickZ - August 13, 2004
The openness of Weblogs could help explain why many readers find them more credible than traditional media. Can mainstream journalists learn from their cutting-edge cousins? The article "examines reasons why bloggers are more trusted than journalists. "Bloggers are more trusted, I think, because they are human and ... read more

J.D. Lasica - Online Journalism Review - [via Stephen Downes - OLDaily] - August 13, 2004
Gaining traction, exposure and visibility online is not easy. Many factors are at play, and though some superficial aspects do count more than you would think (just like in real life), what it comes down to is the credibility that your site transmits. Credibility is not ... read more

Robin Good - August 11, 2004

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