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"Unless artists quickly grasp the possibilities that are available to them, then the rules will get written, and they'll get written without much input from artists." (Brian Eno at Midem 04) ... read more

Robin Good - Wired News - January 28, 2004
You can write an op-ed today that runs tomorrow, set up a Web site that sells toys in a day or two, get a million signatures and recall a governor in a couple of months. But for some reason, it takes two years to get a ... read more

Robin Good - via OLDaily - January 23, 2004
The first RSS Winterfest is to start online in a few hours. This is a uniquely exceptional event that brings together the best minds and ideas relating to this revolutionary new technology. Find the time to log in and learn from this live online event lasting ... read more

Robin Good - January 21, 2004

What's in a RSS feed? How do people use feeds? Why should I make an RSS feed available? But isn't that giving away my content? Publishing RSS. Tips for Generating Good RSS Feeds. RSS Tools and Validators. Aggregators and other RSS Clients. ... read more

Mark Nottingham - January 18, 2004
RSS WinterFest is a Webcast on Jan. 21-22. Free to attend. Content: RSS, Atom and the future of Internet content syndication. The business applications: enterprise content syndication, RSS and advertising, and business opportunities. ... read more

Robin Good - RSS WinterFest - January 17, 2004
[...]"don't make it so perfect you can never deliver it," "worse is better," "stop after the first 90% (because the last 10% will take the other 90% of the time)," or simply "just solve the core problem." Elegance is inversely proportional to sweat. ... read more

Bruce Eckel - [via] - January 14, 2004
Movable Type is a wonderful tool, but it doesn't really create the most future-proof URLs. Being the permalink enthusiast I am, I set out to make my own weblog URLs totally future-proof, and have now decided to share what I learned with the rest of you. ... read more

Már Örlygsson - January 14, 2004
Two new Internet technologies, Weblogs and RSS (Real Simple Syndication), are redefining the way students and teachers use the Internet, turning them from mere readers into writers to the Web as well, and making it easier to filter and track the ever-growing number of resources coming ... read more

Will Richardson - InfoToday [via] - January 13, 2004

This resource is temporary unavailable ... read more

Robin Good - Reflective Surface - December 31, 2003

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