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Where can you find royalty free music? As you probably know, it is illegal to use copyrighted commercial music when publishing video clips online. For example, YouTube has developed a copyright-protection system that immediately detects unlicensed uses of copyrighted music tracks inside videos published online and ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - August 31, 2010

Do you want to create music playlists that you can embed on your web site or blog? There are quite a number of services that allow you to combine your favorite tracks into compilations and embeddable music mixtapes, without spending a dime. Did you think you ... read more


What is the future of music? A recent report quoted by the RIIA, says that "global music piracy causes $12.5 billion of economic losses every year". How can the music business change to survive? In the future of music there will be no CDs or MP3s. Music ... read more

Robin Good - October 16, 2009

Online music collaboration services allow you to play, rehearse and record music with remotely connected like-minded people from around the world. You connect with other musicians, vocalists, songwriters and even to your own music fans to create the music you like either in real-time or asynchronously. ... read more

Robin Good - July 13, 2009

I have had the honor of recently having as a house guest Michel Bauwens, the P2P philosophy evangelist, who, while based in remote Thailand, travels around the world to explain and divulge what peer to peer is really all about. Peer to peer is not just illegal ... read more

Robin Good - September 17, 2008

Online video to MP3 conversion tools are web-based services designed to easily convert any video file into an MP3 audio-only file format, without requiring you to register or to download or install any software. Video to MP3 conversion tools generally provide the possibility of uploading your ... read more

Robin Good - September 14, 2008

CarCast is a new hybrid Internet audio capture, playlist library and automatic audio synchronization system which allows you to take just about any audio track you hear on the Web to your portable and car-friendly USB music player. If you are looking for an easy and ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2008

Joss Stone, a music artist who won a Grammy Award last year, is another one of the many pop stars who is most clearly voicing her support and open-minded approach toward music sharing, P2P and the Internet. Joss Stone, if you don't know her, is an ... read more

Robin Good - June 28, 2008

The future of music, as pointed out before, is all about sharing. If you are still thinking to make music by selling your own CDs or if you have some hope that record labels may recover some of their lost ground and prestige... think again. ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - Media Futurist - June 26, 2008

The future of music is in bloggers hands. It is blogs and other independent online publishers with strong voices and personalities who are going to dominate the future of music evolution, discovery, promotion and distribution. "Whether or rather how you will get to keep the music ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - Media Futurist - May 23, 2008

The future of music, music 2.0, has now some clear definition and reference points on which it characterizes itself away from traditional commercial, sold-via-expensive-CDs, music. Gerd Leonhard, the author of The Future of Music (which I personally recommend to everyone), has just published a new book, ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - MediaFuturist - April 24, 2008
A mixtape is a compilation of music tracks recorded in a specific order on a compact audio cassette. With Mixwit now you can create your own mixtape, with any music or artist you like, on the type of tape you like best and with revolutionary ... read more

Robin Good - March 28, 2008
A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet briefly with Ty Roberts, CTO of Gracenote, a company which you may have not heard of, but which has already helped you thousands of times play and identify your music collection titles and artists on your ... read more

Robin Good - February 14, 2008

Online music sharing is easier than ever, but it isn't always legal. Ezmo provides you with an easy-to-use online music player that lets you share your music collection with up to ten friends without having to look over your shoulder. If you take a look at recent ... read more

Michael Pick - November 27, 2007

Personalized search is gaining in popularity, as information overload reaches a critical mass. Lijit takes this to the next level, allowing your site visitors to search across the variety of social networking platforms for your content, compounding your position as a trusted source of information. It would ... read more

Michael Pick - October 22, 2007

Mashups are filled with technical challenges and that is why many technologists are attracted by them. The challenge of having to find new solutions to "old" technical issues while "inventing" new ways to mix and combine existing resources and tools is undoubtedly a very positive motivator ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 24, 2007

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to create impressive web presentations in a fraction of the time it would be take the best slideshow editor, you have found the first online service that does really so. Check out here below the stunning ... read more

Robin Good - August 20, 2007

Mashups are an exciting genre of interactive Web applications that draw upon content retrieved from external data sources to create entirely new and innovative services. They are a hallmark of the second generation of Web applications informally known as Web 2.0. The combination of data ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 9, 2007

Need a good microphone setup for your video blog interviews? Considering a wireless solution so that your interview may move more freely without any cables following you? Finding few wireless microphones that satisfy your needs? Discovering that prices being asked around for these microphones are ... read more

Robin Good - August 7, 2007

Finding free music for videos or audio podcasts seems to be one of the hardest activities. Most of the audio content available online is protected by copyrights and the threat of bumping into illegal content is always in the air. Is it possible to have access ... read more

Robin Good - July 22, 2007

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