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How do you create a professionally-looking explanation video that illustrates in simple words what your company does and how it solves its customers problems? Given the wide number of options on the market, the little time available to choose and the little familiarity a new client ... read more

Matthew Dunn - Say It Visually - May 3, 2011

If you are looking to identify the key trends that will affect video, the convergence of Internet, social media and television, the role of mobile in video distribution as well as the relevance of video for developing effective marketing strategies, this guide to the best video ... read more

Robin Good - February 16, 2011

As eMarketer forecasts that by 2014 77 percent of US internet users will consume online video, it starts to be evident that online video is fast becoming a major opportunity for many publishers. For brands, online video offers an opportunity to engage and communicate more effectively ... read more

Robin Good - January 13, 2011

This is the second part of a highly visual and data-rich industry report on the latest online video trends emerging around brands and e-commerce websites. While Part 1 provided a directional snapshot on the emerging 2010 trends in the online video landscape, Part 2 of this ... read more

TubeMogul and Brightcove - TubeMogul - December 23, 2010

If you are interested in learning and accessing hard data about the latest online video trends, you have come to the right place. In this highly visual and data-rich industry report, you can get a good view of how much online video is presently used across ... read more

TubeMogul and Brightcove - Tubemogul - December 16, 2010

Where can you find royalty free music? As you probably know, it is illegal to use copyrighted commercial music when publishing video clips online. For example, YouTube has developed a copyright-protection system that immediately detects unlicensed uses of copyrighted music tracks inside videos published online and ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - August 31, 2010

Video encoding is the science of codifying the bits of data that make up a digital video recording into a unified whole according to a set of specific standards and parameters. If it sounds techy, it should. In simpler words, video encoding is the process of ... read more


If you haven’t heard the news lately, a new technology war has seen the light, and this time the two main fighters are Apple and Adobe, owner of the almost ubiquitous Flash playback video technology used across the web to play video clips. The key argument ... read more

Enrique Serrano - - May 27, 2010

Private label video publishing services allow professional web publishers to move beyond zero-cost video sharing sites like YouTube and onto video distribution services which guarantee faster transcoding, HD video quality, the option to schedule both VOD and scheduled programming, CDN-based distribution, ad management and integration as ... read more

Robin Good - April 12, 2010

Social television is an emerging new media term used to refer to a new form of television technology that supports and integrates social interaction, recommendations, ratings, reviews and interactive participation among viewers via text chat, audio or even video-conferencing. While the social element of TV is not ... read more

Richard G. Kastelein - Agora Media Group - January 27, 2010

If you are interested in finding out what I think 2010 and beyond have in store for you, when it comes to new media, communication, marketing, learning, collaboration and new technologies, you have landed in the right place. This is Part 2 of MasterNewMedia yearly report ... read more

Robin Good - January 8, 2010

Every end of the year I stop to write down my thoughts about what's coming up next, when it comes to communication, collaboration, learning, marketing, media and technology, as this is the busy and fast-changing crossroad where I hang out most frequently. This time it has ... read more

Robin Good - January 6, 2010

Video marketing is increasingly considered by online marketers and web publishers one of the most powerful and effective marketing approaches. But how do you actually go about creating video clips that can boost your visibility, marketing and conversions? If you look back at 2009, last year was ... read more

Robin Good - January 5, 2010

If you are looking for the top internet 2010 predictions, anticipations and trends from the top bloggers, the tech thought leaders and the top new media sites out there, you have landed in the right place. In part 2 of this MasterNewMedia guide to the top ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2009
What are going to be the top Internet trends of 2010? As every end of the year, influential bloggers, opinion leaders and media experts look inside their crystal balls to foresee what will be hot and where the market is headed in the following year. In ... read more

Robin Good - December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to you, indeed! ...and even though this must have been my worst Xmas of all (sick in bed with nausea and my intestines grumbling), I am really glad I have found the time this morning to prepare a few little video gems as a ... read more

Robin Good - December 25, 2009
Video is getting hotter and hotter these days, so why going for a standard blog post while you can communicate more effectively in a visual fashion? Screencasting tools allow you to record your computer screen to create video tutorials, product demos or lectures to be published ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - December 14, 2009

What is social TV? Why is everybody so excited about social media embracing online television? Is TV finally stepping out of the traditional broadcasting model to become more engaging? Social television is a general term for technology that supports communication and interaction in the context of ... read more

Richard G. Kastelein - Atlantic Free Press - December 9, 2009

Looking for a way to convert your PowerPoint presentations to video clips? Want to share your presentations with a broader audience, including those who do not have a copy of PowerPoint installed? Your search is over: in this MasterNewMedia guide you can find all of ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - November 16, 2009

Are you looking for professional video editing software tool? Do you want something more powerful than Windows Movie Maker? In this MasterNewMedia software comparison guide you will find the best professional video editors on the market. Inside the category "professional video editing", belong those video editing tools ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - November 9, 2009

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