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Collaborative review tools represent a new group of web-based collaboration tools designed specifically to facilitate and support any visual review process. From graphic design approval sessions, to creative visual brainstorms, collaborative review tools provide the relevant context and technical toolset needed. From collaborative highlighting, to annotating ... read more

Robin Good - September 11, 2008

Video conferencing tools allow you to use your standard webcam and broadband Internet connection to have multi-party videoconferences. Once reserved only to high-end and very costly proprietary hardware systems, videoconferencing tools and services have sharply grown in number and they now offer multiple useful alternatives that ... read more

Robin Good - September 8, 2008

Need to edit images and arrange them in audio narrated slideshows without using any particular application or video editing skill? Check out what Robin Good and I have found for you in this week's visual communication tools collection. Here below the full set of visual communication and ... read more

Robin Good - September 7, 2008

Online video advertising is going to grow at a breakneck pace in the near future offering plenty of opportunities to online independent publishers looking forward to create additional revenue channels to their present content lineup by leveraging internet video marketing and advertising solutions. Thanks to ... read more

Niccolo Pantucci - LiveRail - September 5, 2008

If you need to edit your images without installing or paying for any professional software, today's visual communication centered Sharewood Guide can really help you out. Great tools personally selected by Robin Good, concerning video and image research, color schemes and visual charts, are waiting for ... read more

Robin Good - August 31, 2008

What do you use when you need to create online presentations that really stand out? In today selection of visual communication tools a great tool for visually comparing different items as well as a graphic chart creator and some cool image editing tools. Here the complete set ... read more

Robin Good - August 24, 2008

If you are looking for web-based collaboration tools to manage your team projects and tasks, create wiki pages or interactive message boards, Robin and I have picked some really cool new online collaboration apps for this new issue of this weekly Sharewood Guide. Here the selected ... read more

Robin Good - August 18, 2008

Live video streaming services are a specific category of video publishing tools that anyone can use to stream live video from their computer, just using a fast Internet connection and a web camera. In this Sharewood Guide, Robin and I have picked for you the best ... read more

Robin Good - August 17, 2008

From a media and technology news & reviews daily web magazine to a reference / learning resource with a specific focus on media literacy, communication skills and professional web publishing. This is the new editorial strategy focus for Master New Media, the daily magazine that originates ... read more

Robin Good - August 12, 2008

In this new roundup of visual communication tools find online tools that can help you convert your presentations into Flash files easily, create full web-based slideshows, as well as preparing animated GIFs or adding effects to your existing pics. In this visual communication tools guide ... read more

Robin Good - August 10, 2008

Ready for another cool set of online collaboration tools? Need to manage your online team, send instant messages to the group or do a quick and effective video conference? This week web collaboration toolkit includes new instant messaging tools, a tool for creating wiki projects, ... read more

Robin Good - August 4, 2008

And it is time again for some cool visual communication tools me and Robin have selected this week for you. If you want to do effective screen capture, arrange your images in online slideshows, search and download videos from major sharing video sites, I think we ... read more

Robin Good - August 3, 2008

The Brand Ambassador is an advertising model that leverages the authority and credibility of online personalities to create a powerful direct marketing strategy. A respected followed authority, a blogger or small publisher targeting a specific audience niche can be a much more effective vehicle for marketing ... read more

Robin Good - August 1, 2008

Don't know how to send large files? Want to send private notes to other people? Need to manage projects or to have video conferences with your team? This week Robin and I have discovered eight fantastic online collaboration tools that can really answer your questions. Check ... read more

Robin Good - July 28, 2008

In this new visual communication toolset I have got cool solutions to capture your screen easily, to create high-impact Flash content for the web, as well as to add subtitles to your YouTube videos. All this and more cool visual tools in this issue. These, all of ... read more

Robin Good - July 27, 2008

For those interested in understanding media beyond their immediate appearance Marshall McLuhan remains without a doubt still one of the richest and most inspiring resources. His books and writings offer a wealth of insights into the media transformation and changes we are witnessing now, over 30 ... read more

Robin Good - July 25, 2008

Once again uncle Robin and I are back with our weekly collection of online collaboration tools. This time we have focused our attention on services that you can use to manage your team and projects online, share and send big files, and create instant messaging and ... read more

Robin Good - July 21, 2008

If you are looking to enhance your visual communication toolkit, MasterNewMedia offers you this weekly hand-picked selection of cool visual and video tools. This week me and Robin have selected for you some cool web services that, among other things, can take automatic screenshots of any ... read more

Robin Good - July 20, 2008

What are media going to be like in the years ahead? What are the key changes that will transform them? Which the key driving forces will be behind such changes? To these questions, the work of Ross Dawson and of the Future of Media Summit are ... read more

Ross Dawson - Ross Dawson Blog - July 17, 2008

Need to edit a picture but don't have the right software to do so? Want to search or download videos from major sharing sites easily? In this weekly selection of visual communication and video publishing tools, Robin and I have collected some nice apps that can ... read more

Robin Good - July 13, 2008

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