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Have you ever tested the speed and page response time of your blog or web site with GTMetrix? What about Alexa and Google Webmaster Tools? What do they report about the speed of your site? Is it good, average or outright slow? Given the increasing importance that ... read more

Robin Good - January 20, 2011

How do I choose an ideal web hosting provider? Which are the specific features and options to look for when selecting a web hosting solution? What are the key criteria to be used when selecting among multiple competing hosting services? If you are new to the web ... read more

Robin Good - November 23, 2010

While knowing how to speed up your website is a crucial technical competence for any serious webmaster, the new frontier is knowing how to avoid getting a web site to perform poorly after having added third-party widgets, add-ons and plugins. As a matter of fact, as ... read more

Drazen Dobrovodski - November 16, 2010

Are you looking to speed up your web site speed performance and page load speed but you don't know what to do with all those third-party widgets and JavaScripts you have been adding on your side columns? Have you just finished testing your web site speed ... read more

Drazen Dobrovodski - November 9, 2010

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to offload any amount of tedious, time-consuming tasks to a qualified, on-demand human workforce, Amazon Mechanical Turk, or one of its new international competitors, may be your best choice. These services not only help you match your task ... read more

Srinivas Rao and Amanda Michel - ProPublica - November 2, 2010

How slow is your website when accessed by a typical reader with an average Internet connection? Find out now: Check out Google Webmaster Tools, or go to and type your website URL, or do a test on GTMetrix and see where your page load times ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - Useit - June 29, 2010

Has your web server enough bandwidth to meet your readers requests? Would you know if your hosting provider is a bit sloppy and if it lets your site become inaccessible to the public, even if only for a few minutes? How do you find out if ... read more


Does website accessibility and web standards really matter for an online web publisher? Is there really an advantage in spending serious time and resources to make your website standards-compliant? Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation on website accessibility, and it looks like no-one has a ... read more

Drazen Dobrovodski - April 19, 2010

If you are starting a new web site it's easy to drown in the sea of alternatives offered by web hosting providers. Is it better to go for a dedicated or a shared web server? Should you choose Windows- or Linux-based hosting? Which price range is ... read more


A domain name is the unique label that defines who you are and what you do on the web, even before someone can see your web site. Your domain name is the very first thing a visitor or potential customer knows about your web site. The ... read more

Robin Good - March 29, 2010

Website usability testing identifies a precise methodology devoted to uncover specific bugs, idiosyncrasies and ambiguities in the way that website design impacts the effective use, legibility, navigation, and user experience of your website. In this MasterNewMedia guide you can find the best free website usability testing ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - March 8, 2010

Knowing how to make your website faster will soon become a core requirement for any serious web publisher. As a matter of fact, as I have mentioned in Part 1 of this guide, Google will soon start using the speed response of your web site together ... read more

Drazen Dobrovodski - January 18, 2010

How can you make your website faster? Are there specific speed-up steps one must take to decrease the time it takes to load anyone of your web site pages? If you haven't heard the news yet, even Matt Cutts, Google search engine evangelist, has already made ... read more


How does your web site look when seen with a different browser, operating system, or at a different screen resolution? Do you know that the layout, margins, font display and other visual characteristics of your web site may change drastically when viewed on a different browser, ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - November 23, 2009

How do you choose your ideal web hosting provider? Are there specific questions to ask when looking at different web hosting plans? What are the key elements to look at when evaluating a web hosting solution? This web hosting providers guide has been designed to help novice ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - September 14, 2009

Monitoring automatically your web server allows you to be alerted anytime the server "goes down" or when there are some serious performance issues with it. This is crucial especially when you run a commercial business online and your business depends on the ability of your web ... read more

Robin Good - September 7, 2009

Co-browsing is the ability to navigate a web page simultaneously with other people without needing to use a screen-sharing app. Though the difference with screen-sharing tools is little known and considering the wide availability of these and of the bandwidth needed to use them effectively, it ... read more

Robin Good - August 24, 2009

Are you tired of giving away your personal e-mail address to those sites you know you'll visit only once? In this mini-guide you can find a way to create anonymous, temporary e-mail inboxes that expire right after you used them, helping you avoid letting your private ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - February 9, 2009

Which camcorder is best when it comes to making videos for the web? What can you expect from the latest generation of digital camcorders that record on microscopic hard disks or on high-capacity SD memory cards? How good is the quality after you upload their videos ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - February 2, 2009

In this article you'll find more than 30 cool WordPress plugins to customize and tweak the performances of your blog site. Do you want more SEO control, embed videos, or track your RSS feed subscribers? Here's some good stuff for you. There are many blogging platform out ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - January 12, 2009

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