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Online collaboration tools keep coming up with new and further improved features and facilities and with zero barriers to entry for newcomers. What could you ask more? What was only a year ago reserved for those who knew a specific tool or had the money to ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - May 13, 2008

Ready to add some new cool tools to your online collaboration toolkit? Today Adobe launches a new, powerful version of Adobe Connect Pro, with more cool features including advanced recording abilities and more e-learning functionalities. Go check it out now. Here on my end is another ... read more


What is Feedburner? I know many of you are already very familiar with Feeburner and its array of useful features, but however hard to believe, I am getting a ton of emails from individuals just starting their online publishing career and asking me to spend a ... read more

Robin Good - April 30, 2008

High-definition video is much better than I would ever thought. And now that I see it playing on my laptop screen, off a broadband connection, my eyes are literally being sucked in by the crisp, high detail, color rich tones of what looks like some of ... read more

Robin Good - April 29, 2008

Online collaboration tools keep coming, and the more of them I see, the more I feel collaboration is going to be a major, critical part of our future work. Contributing collaboratively, sharing, co-editing, co-distributing, are becoming more and more standard features and facilities in every single ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - April 28, 2008

Online collaboration tools are just popping up at every corner. Very soon, it will be hard to find an application that has no collaboration features. This week, in my explorer bag I have got some cool new collaboration tools ready to be used. For example, if ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - April 21, 2008

Want to collaborate online in real-time? Look what I have found this time: Set up a free video conference session or a VoIP group call with up to nine people, then record any Skype conversation in standard MP3 format, get into the conversation by chatting ... read more

Robin Good - April 14, 2008

Share and transfer large, huge files without using email, send text and voice messages and share any type of document online in real-time. If you want to collaborate online I have always new tools to help you do more and with greater ease. Here my selected toolset ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - April 7, 2008

Edit your existing online documents anywhere, even without an Internet connection. Google Docs now allows you to view and edit your documents offline, without an internet connection. "You no longer have to fret if you're working on a document and suddenly the Internet cuts out. You ... read more

Robin Good - April 2, 2008

Create your own videoconferencing room, annotate and mark up multimedia files and easily record all of your Skype or other VoIP calls. More juicy stuff as I have new tools also to send and share very large files without using email. All of the above and ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 31, 2008

Have a voice conference while co-browsing any web site and whiteboarding with your team. Better yet: connect to all major instant messaging networks from one new service, share Flickr pictures in real-time while you are chatting, and send any type of file or document without using ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 24, 2008

Online collaboration tools to share access or let other people remote control your computer, to help you share documents, to send files, and to chat on all major instant messaging services. All in this week Sharewood Picnic. Here my selected online collaboration tools for this week: Yugma Skype ... read more

Robin Good - March 17, 2008

In this Sharewood Picnic: collaboration tools for creating online video conferencing chat rooms for free, as well as tools and services to help you share documents, send files, chat and whiteboard without installing any software. Here below my selected online collaboration tools for this week: Orgoo: All-in-one communication ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 10, 2008

Need to create a free wiki for your team? Want to share your desktop or remote control your friend's computer? Don't know yet how to send huge files to someone? In this weekly selection of online collaboration tools I have selected eight services that can really ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - March 3, 2008

Want to send a really huge file to someone but don't know how? A new web-based service allows you to send files of up to 2GB in size without even registering! How is that for effective online team collaboration? But there is more indeed, especially if ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - February 25, 2008
Embed any HTML code in Wordpress without problems! A new, free Wordpress plugin, allows anyone to embed safely and reliably any piece of embeddable code, widget or Javascript inside any post on your blog site. Hand-coded by SEO expert and POP partner advisor at Robin Good ... read more

Robin Good - February 22, 2008

As of 2012, Adobe Share is no longer active and it has been replaced by the new Adobe SendNow, which is part of the suite, a collection of online services intended to help Internet professionals and businesses to collaborate online. Adobe SendNow is still free ... read more

Robin Good - February 6, 2008

In today's selection of cool tools and online services which you may have been missing out on, the focus is on image editing, visual communication, and also on video downloading and conversion. If you need to edit or fix some images without needing to download ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - January 13, 2008

If you thought remote computer support has to be something slow, frustrating and doable only with tech-savvy users, think again. I am very happy to be the first site to announce that Citrix, the company behind the highly successful GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToMyPC (first reviewed in ... read more

Robin Good - January 8, 2008

OpenSocial is a set of common APIs for building social applications across many websites which in the end makes it very easy for a large number of individuals to start developing their own social web applications. Three characterizing traits make OpenSocial such a very compelling proposition for ... read more

Google Editors - Google Code - December 6, 2007

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