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from December 5, 2008 to May 20, 2008

Every web publisher knows the importance of Google traffic and of avoiding the risks of being penalized. All too often, a sudden traffic drop may be the symptom of a hacking attack to your web site, and until you realize what has exactly happened and what ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - December 5, 2008

The Best Online Collaboration Tools 2008, Collaborative Map is a live editable map of over 150 of the best free and low-cost online collaboration tools available, picked and selected by passionate users like you and me. That's right. This collaborative map has been created with the ... read more

Robin Good - November 25, 2008

To check the compatibility of your site across different browsers, operating systems, or screen resolutions there are a handful of little known tools which professional webmasters keep secretly inside their toolkits. I have gone out to find out what these are. As you probably know, you cannot ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - November 19, 2008

Looking for an open-source alternative to proprietary media center solutions from big brand names like Microsoft and Apple? Tired of buying into their own closed and proprietary business strategies? Here is a report showcasing you all of the alternative open-source media centers available out there. A media ... read more

Giovani Spagnolo - Telematics Freedom Foundation - November 14, 2008

Have you ever felt frustrated, when trying to open a web page that takes forever to load? Those sites with tons of videos, images, and fancy graphics are definitely cool, but if my Internet service provider bandwidth can't keep up with it, frustration sets in and ... read more

Pingdom - Royal Pingdom - November 13, 2008

Video conferencing? Need to share very large files with your team? Want to organize your team project while keeping in touch with all of your team members? This online collaboration tools Sharewood Guide has the tools you are looking for. Here the full set of online ... read more

Robin Good - October 19, 2008

How can you keep yourself updated with everything new and relevant that gets published on the Web? What is the best to find always fresh, new content for your blog to write about? In this short video Robin Good explains one of the key elements everyone wanting ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - October 14, 2008

Do you need to show to your distant teammates a set of images or a PowerPoint presentation right from your computer desktop? Do you want to train your classroom at a distance by inviting your students to watch what you are doing live on your PC? ... read more

Robin Good - October 6, 2008

Video conferencing tools allow you to use your standard webcam and broadband Internet connection to have multi-party videoconferences. Once reserved only to high-end and very costly proprietary hardware systems, videoconferencing tools and services have sharply grown in number and they now offer multiple useful alternatives that ... read more

Robin Good - September 8, 2008

Looking for online collaboration tools? Whether you need to share your very large files with someone else, manage your on-going projects with your team, or simply collaboratively sketch and annotate together the same diagram, we have got some interesting tools for you to check out. Here the ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - July 7, 2008

In this round of cool online collaboration tools Robin and I have this time picked services to send large giga-sized files online without worrying about how big they are, remote control any PC via your instant messenger, do free VoIP calls, and more. Here the online collaboration ... read more

Robin Good - June 30, 2008

Online collaborations tools keep offering new and improved features to work, share and present with other people at a distance. I am picking up this time not only the latest but also a few of those cool tools that while launched a while ago, may not ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - June 23, 2008

Want to collaborate online in real-time? Here some cool collaboration tools to use that can help you have free web-conferencing meetings, share your screen, have VoIP conversations, instant message directly with your website visitors, and more. Too good to be true? Check out the full list ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - June 16, 2008

Independent videomakers rejoice! The new Canon FS-100 camcorder is here and this is a great, highly portable and inexpensive video camera for anyone seriously interested in producing quality video with the minimum hassle. Key features include the camcorder ability to record directly on solid state memory, ... read more

Robin Good - June 13, 2008

Need to play back and edit .MOD video files? If you have just got a new camcorder and are killing yourself to understand how to read, convert and import properly those damn .MOD video files, I think have got some solutions for you. I myself have ... read more

Robin Good - June 12, 2008

The best, coolest and newest online collaboration tools are back again with a new basket full of goodies personally selected for you by Robin Good and me, Nico Canali De Rossi. In this issue we have selected new tools for video conferencing, collaborative project management, VoIP, ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - June 10, 2008

Ready to add some new cool stuff to your online collaboration toolkit? Need to set up a video conference, manage projects, schedule a meeting or share big files and videos? Here is another set of ready-to-use online collaboration tools that make it easy to do so ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - June 3, 2008

Ingenious individuals, hackers, professional amateurs and passionate self-learners are all contributing to a unique transformation taking place right under your nose. The future forces shaping the world of how we create things are in turmoil. The changes that are taking place now and in the few ... read more

Technology Horizons Program - The Institute for the Future - May 30, 2008

Create your own video conferencing room and hook up with your instant messaging buddies directly from your phone. Discover new tools also to send and share very large files without using email. All of the above and more in this week collaboration tools Picnic. From Sharewood, ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - May 27, 2008

Want to collaborate online in real-time? Look what I have found this time: Set up free video conferences or VoIP calls, share your desktop and grant control of your PC to anyone, or connect to any instant messaging service without installing any software. Too good to ... read more

Nicolo' Canali De Rossi - May 20, 2008

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