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The next ebook revolution is coming. After 15 years of associating the word e-book with some sort of PDF content designed and packaged for commercial delivery via the Internet (often with very low production quality and internal value), I have been struck by the fascinating insight ... read more

Robin Good - April 4, 2007
Curious to learn how we got where we are in terms of personal computers and operating systems we use? This great video mashup, tells you in four-minutes, where we are coming from and what alternatives are out there, if you don't like what you see. ... read more

Michael Pick - April 3, 2007

RSS feeds are a great way of not only promoting your own online content, but also of leveraging that of other independent publishers for syndication purposes. Sooner or later you are going to want to make the news from your RSS feeds accessible to a broader ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - March 30, 2007

The ability to remotely access your home PC from anywhere has long been a reality, though, in recent times, the number of products and tools that allow to remote control PC have exploded in numbers and capabilities. It is important, however, to differentiate remote PC access ... read more


Web Science: The Science And Engineering Of The Common Good - The Importance Of Free Open Standards For A Healthy Evolution Of The Web: Tim Berners-Lee reports to the United States House of Representatives "The Web of the future will look a lot more like a large ... read more

Tim Berners-Lee - CSAIL Decentralized Information Group - March 15, 2007

Finding broadband Internet access while away from home has become a vital need for many people. The number of Internet access points around the world keeps on growing and so does the number of WiFi hotspots, physical locations specifically enabled to provide open (and sometimes free) ... read more

Michael Pick - March 4, 2007

Few weeks have passed since Microsoft has officially launched Vista, its new operating system, and Office 2007, the latest release of the popular suite of productivity tools installed on most office computers around the world. Nonetheless the short time since Microsoft recent releases, a great number ... read more

Robin Good and Livia Iacolare - Becta - February 12, 2007

Yahoo! Pipes, is essentially a very powerful RSS feed remixer, which goes well and beyond the original newsmastering concept I described a few years ago. Potentially, Yahoo! Pipes is a highly disruptive visual programming environment that puts in the hands of many people the ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - February 9, 2007

Browser compatibility testing is a web development practice that allows a web site owner to verify how her web site or blog, appears on computers utilizing browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions that are different from the one used in originally designing / developing a web ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - January 22, 2007

Online video encoding and video formats conversion are some of the most time consuming tasks an online video publisher has to confront himself with. But a new online service from Europe puts an end to this huge time waster once and for all. Small online ... read more

Robin Good - January 17, 2007

Want to share your screen instantly to somebody else, no matter what computer you or him are using? Now you can: a new real-time screen-sharing solution allows anyone to live share the contents of his screen with anyone else. No software to download, no setup or ... read more

Robin Good - December 5, 2006

A few days ago I had the honour of hosting in my Rome apartment, freedom activist and hacker Richard Stallman, a near-like mythological figure in the world of computing, hacking and a pioneer figure in supporting free software as a political weapon. Wikipedia, which devotes ten pages ... read more

Robin Good - October 24, 2006

Rechargeable batteries go USB: a new type of rechargeable batteries, which look like standard AA sized ones, provides a new unique advantage by allowing you to recharge these batteries by simply inserting them in one of the USB ports of your computer. The new USBCELL batteries are ... read more

Robin Good - [via Slashdot] - September 21, 2006

Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 is an early release of the upcoming new Microsoft operating system which will be released in the first part of 2007. This beta release has been distributed to over five million beta testers worldwide in an effort to iron out all ... read more

Robin Good - CNet TV - September 4, 2006
Mobile video clips and video footage shot with most any PDA or mobile phone looks pretty low quality when shown on a computer screen, let alone enlarging it for editing it into a pro clip. But thanks to a company which has spent lots of time ... read more

Robin Good - September 1, 2006

Social media network that enables musicians and video artists to sell their music and videos Earn money from your website or blog, by selling books, DVDs, and CDs that you personally select Web-based service that enables you to create your personal online portfolio Upload files and either share ... read more


Server slowdown problems? If you, like me, are a small, independent online publisher, losing consistent traffic while knowing that the cause is not your readers taking off to other better destinations can be as frustrating as trying to hold water with your hands. If your real-time traffic ... read more

Robin Good - July 5, 2006

Sooner than you may think possible, independent publishers of all kinds are going to more deeply challenge the mainstream media establishment, thanks to the immense new computing power that will be available to them, at very affordable costs, in the next few coming years. In this surprising ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - June 27, 2006

Picasa's new feature allows you to create photo albums and store them online Join, listen and broadcast a live or recorded multi-person conversation and podcasts Send video clips directly from your mobile phone to popular video sharing sites Online service lets you send SMS text messages as emails Create your ... read more

Robin Good - June 18, 2006

The intranet is changing. New communication technology is making it less a one-way publishing vehicle and more a platform for two-way communication, collaboration and innovation. In this chapter, we discuss these new technologies – from RSS, to wikis to blogs – and whether you should ... read more

Kathleen Gilroy and Bill Ives - Otter Group - June 13, 2006

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