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Social networking tools and technologies allow like-minded people to find each other. Issues of trust, reputation and privacy in digital social networks. Social networking resources, tools and applications.

Today we can change the world every time we put our hand in our pocket reaching for money. If we carefully select who we give this money too, we can have a tangible effect on which companies do better, improve their reputation and those which are going ... read more

Robin Good - April 22, 2014

Though I am not a great fan of conferences and events (as I find them still utilizing old-fashioned delivery formats, which keep and increase the separation between audience and presenters) there are key factors that can make me become a most passionate event fan. Specifically: Venue: The event ... read more

Robin Good - May 10, 2011

Are you looking for a web-based service that allows you to create and publish a professional online survey? Do you need to create an online survey but are not too sure about what service to use? In this MasterNewMedia guide you can find the best available ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - April 20, 2011

What are the key emerging internet marketing trends? Which are the new marketing factors to take into greater consideration in the near future? In this realm, some of the most frequently asked questions I receive in my inbox include: "Hey Robin, should I invest extra energies ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2011

What are the key new media, communication and social technology trends that are going to affect you the most during 2011? In the coming weeks, me and the MasterNewMedia editorial team, will devote a large amount of resources and time to identify, collect, and organize the most ... read more

Robin Good - February 3, 2011

Is the age of openness and peer-to-peer collaboration really coming? How does a system work when it is based on cooperation and collaborative approaches rather than on competition and predatory practices? What are P2P and open infrastructures? Can open knowledge and peer production subvert the economic ... read more

Robin Good - January 27, 2011

The large adoption of communication and collaboration technologies, alongside the intelligent use and adoption of these tools by a new emergent class of educators, have opened up new horizons for the world of education and learning, by empowering students to be again explorers and active collaborative ... read more

Robin Good - January 25, 2011

For most of the people, online marketing is a risky business. A field packed with well-dressed unscrupulous people, who use all kinds of dirty tricks to carve money out of unaware visitors who land on their website pages. But this is just one kind of online ... read more

Robin Good - January 6, 2011

Social media is gradually changing the paradigm of how people market, promote and care about their customers and potential clients. But what is the correct strategy, tools and approach to achieve those goals? Most social media users, both individuals and companies, just open social media accounts ... read more

Robin Good - January 4, 2011

Are top US corporations embracing social media technologies? The new research study on 2010 Fortune 500 companies and their use of blogs, Twitter and Facebook seems to positively confirm this trend. Each year Fortune Magazine compiles a list of the largest US corporations, which are ... read more

Nora Ganim Barnes and Eric Mattson - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - December 10, 2010

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to offload any amount of tedious, time-consuming tasks to a qualified, on-demand human workforce, Amazon Mechanical Turk, or one of its new international competitors, may be your best choice. These services not only help you match your task ... read more

Srinivas Rao and Amanda Michel - ProPublica - November 2, 2010

What are P2P and open infrastructures? Can open knowledge and peer production subvert the economic system of physical production? Is there a chance for the "society of openness" to ever come of age? Robin Good interviewed the P2P Foundation evangelist and founder Michel Bauwens to find ... read more

Robin Good - October 26, 2010

What has P2P to do with politics? Isn't peer-to-peer related to file sharing and pirated media? As a matter of fact, peer-to-peer is not just a popular set of tools and technologies to easily share and distribute digital content, but it is also a new fascinating ... read more

Robin Good - August 3, 2010

Did you know that if you already have a personal profile Facebook page and want to create another one for your company you can't? Businesses on Facebook are supposed to have a Fan Page, not a Personal Page! Yeah, and it is official: go check out ... read more


Colleges and universities in North America continue to increase their adoption and large scale use of social media technologies, outpacing both Fortune and Inc 500 on the blogging front. Besides using these to augment and extend their overall communication, learning and student support services, educational institutions ... read more

Nora Ganim Barnes and Eric Mattson - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research - July 8, 2010

What is social media? Is it a strategy or a tactic? You cannot just gather fans on Facebook one day, send messages on Twitter the next and start commenting on YouTube and Linkedin in between, hoping that this is the way you can get social media ... read more

Robin Good - June 10, 2010

"Social media is a strategy, not a tactic". You cannot just jump on the social media bandwagon opening accounts here and there, without having a clear objective to reach and a specific path to follow. The result will be only more time spent on social media ... read more

Robin Good - June 2, 2010

Do you want to make international calls at the lowest rates possible? If you didn’t know, there are many Internet services that allow you to make low-cost phone calls to any mobile or landline phone on the planet using only your computer, your mobile phone or ... read more


To create, host and manage large-audience webinars and online events, there are a number of web conferencing tools that can help you deal efficiently with hundreds of participants. But how do you choose among all these services which one is best for you? In this MasterNewMedia ... read more


Just a few weeks ago I met for the second time Andrea Vascellari, a young European digital entrepreneur who helps out companies around the world find their ideal online marketing strategy. Andrea, who is Italian born but who lives in Finland and has clients from Latin ... read more

Robin Good - May 5, 2010

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