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For the upcoming Winter Olympics to be held in Turin in February 2006, Telecom Italia and Samsung have signed an agreement to test, for the very first time in Italy, WiBro (Wireless Broadband) technology, now considered to be the most feared enemy of Wi-Max, the last ... read more

Pierluigi Tolardo - Zeus News - December 1, 2005
And how to keep the neighbors from stealing yours. ... read more

Paul Boutin - Slate - November 14, 2005

Microsoft announced yesterday that within a few months it will launch its first set of Web-based Office applications. According to BusinessWeek "this was arguably Microsoft's most important Net strategy announcement since it launched the so-called browser war against Internet pioneer Netscape a decade earlier." This is a ... read more

Robin Good - BusinessWeek - November 2, 2005

Ajax is not a technology in itself, but a term that refers to the use of a group of technologies together. Traditional web applications essentially submit forms, completed by a user, to a web server. The web server responds by sending a new web page back. ... read more

Eddie Traversa - November 1, 2005

The use of video inside blogs, news sites and other independently published web properties is about to take a strong acceleration. The pioneering and explorative phase of the online video publishing age is about to end. Yesterday, SixApart the company behind popular publishing tools such as Movable Type ... read more

Robin Good - Kevin Sladek - October 26, 2005

Small and medium-sized businesses are rapidly adopting VoIP technologies, indicated by the fact that long-distance call volume for SMBs is on the rise, and total telecom spending is expected to continually decrease. For the increasing number of mobile connected employees, VoIP applications offer the ... read more

Robin Good - October 25, 2005

MS Office 12, the upcoming version of Microsoft's flagship software suite will use XML file formats, allowing information to flow freely to and from Word, Excel or PowerPoint files to other applications and over the net. This is a major break for Redmond, as it shows the ... read more

Robin Good - October 18, 2005
"The Web is humming with reports and opinions on technology. tech.memeorandum is page A1 for these discussions. Auto-updated every 5 minutes, it uncovers the most relevant items from thousands of news sites and weblogs." A true "quality" //">newsmaster channel, tech.memeorandum brings together a focused, filtered and ... read more

[via Robert Scoble] - Scobleizer - September 18, 2005

A new PC-based remote access tool called BeAnywhere Personal, offers a great alternative to those of you needing to remotely access your PC when away form it. In fact this new tool, may soon give serious competition to GoToMyPC wide dominance in the desktop remote access ... read more

Robin Good - September 1, 2005
"The Hype Cycle is a graph that runs up quickly and reaches a peak where the expectations of the market are over-hyped. When it becomes clear that the technology is not all it cracked up to be, the market becomes extremely disillusioned with it and the ... read more

Belinda Anderson - Moneyweb - Gartner - August 30, 2005

New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty new media resources, online tools and new software tools I think are worth your attention. Try for yourself, download, install and learn some pretty interesting things with these great new resources and tools. Here is ... read more

Robin Good - August 21, 2005

In the past few years, developers could choose between two approaches when building a web application. The first approach was to create a screen-based system with very rich interactions using a sophisticated, powerful technology such as Java or Flash. The alternative approach was to create a ... read more

Joshua Porter - UIE - July 28, 2005

If you haven't heard the news from Sophos, a top computer security firm, it's time you did. According to the company, one in every 44 emails was viral in 2005, with an unbelievable 48% increase over the previous year. Over 15,000 malware threats were identified. Sophos' report ... read more

Robin Good - July 13, 2005

Robert X. Cringely explores with fascinating logic the serious possibility that Apple may be joining Intel in an all out battle against Microsoft. Photo credit: Igor Kasalovic This is one true hot topic for anyone interested in the future of personal computing and one that could drastically change ... read more

Robert X Cringely - PBS - June 10, 2005

Would you like to create your city-wide Wi-Fi hotspot without investment nor public funding? You can. In Turku, Finland, in one month time, a city-wide Wi-Fi network of hotspots has been created with absolutely no centralized investment or public funding. Creating cooperative grassroots wi-fi networks is now within our ... read more

Robin Good - May 30, 2005

If you want to show your computer screen, a presentation or a set of documents to someone connected to the Internet who lives across the ocean, you need to use a "screen sharing" software or online service. Photo credit: Jorge Del Toro While most popular web conferencing systems ... read more

Robin Good - May 24, 2005

If the word "Open Source" makes you think only of Linux computers and geeky programming languages, it's time to update yourself. Open Source software is now available for every category of productivity, research and programming you can think of and the number of open source applications that ... read more

Robin Good - May 8, 2005

Google has just launched its web accelerator, a free web service that allows Windows users on broadband to significantly speed up access to most web pages online. Photo credit: Jerry Glica Google achieves this feat by caching most frequently requested Web pages on its servers and by pre-fetching ... read more

Robin Good - May 7, 2005

If you have been looking for a place where you could store your images online, without going over the allowed storage space on your own web server or hosting provider, and without having to pay a monthly hosting fee, here is good one coming along. Imageshack is ... read more

Robin Good - May 3, 2005

In some developing coutries, a computer costs the equivalent of a house. This is a major factor causing and perpetuating the 'digital divide' - the socio-economic gap between countries and communities that have access to computers and the Internet and those who do not. Photo credit: ... read more

Robin Good - BBC News - May 2, 2005

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