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I have had to recently engage the staff and management of a geographically dispersed research organization in re-evaluating and analyzing the key issues that were limiting their online communication effectiveness. As many other similar organizations their IT department has standardized its operations on Microsoft software and ... read more

Robin Good - July 26, 2004
I have recently embarked on a quiet search to identify trusted, reliable and performing hosting providers outside of the US and of the main Western European countries. The idea is: if for some unexpected reason, like a terrorist attack or a sudden change in world state ... read more

Robin Good - July 18, 2004
Looking for a non DRM-enabled version of Real Player? Need that Acrobat Reader version we used to have three years ago? What about Winamp, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Media Player. Can I still find old versions of these tools for my vintage Win95 PC relic? If you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 14, 2004

Thanks to a news post inside the Lockergnome Web Developers weekly email-based news-dispatch I noticed a short news item referring to the death of the web-safe color palette. As the news item failed to report that the source of that story was a four-years old article ... read more

WebMonkey - [via Lockergnome] - July 9, 2004
And for those independent publishers like me, looking for an effective, easy-to-use and capable audio editor there is really nothing like WavePad from NCH. Though I have recently spent quite some time looking for an effective audio editor for cleaning up some of my live event ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 9, 2004
While enterprises have been solidly resisting all of the negative press and warnings that have been appearing in the last few days about Microsoft Internet Explorer security risks, many small companies and individual users have indeed turned off their IE while happily adopting FireFox, Netscape, Opera, ... read more

Matt Hicks - eWeek - July 8, 2004
"Can't we make both collaboration and contributing to the corporate knowledge base easy? Because of overcomplicated metadata requirements and document management tools still in their infancy, some enterprises are making it more difficult for people to contribute knowledge. The business process gets defined by the limitations ... read more

Matthew Clapp - CMSWatch - July 5, 2004
While I have noted this before I haven't seen many picking this up yet: Google's own strategic efforts to become an alternative force on our desktops is critically expanded if you just realize how effectively and discretely Goggle has entered the browsers new revolution itself. The ... read more

Robin Good - July 3, 2004

This is a perfect list of the things I would recommend anyone not to do in case the Internet went suddenly down. For serious speculators of this issue, the best chance we have is to fuel and support those individuals and companies that are already working ... read more

Robin Good - The Toque - July 2, 2004
Rendezvous enables Macs and compatible networked devices and services to automatically configure themselves and find each other without intervention from a system administrator or network devices like DHCP, DNS or directory servers. Based on an open industry standard called Zeroconf, Rendezvous' underpinning technology is not specific ... read more

Robin Good - Yahoo News - July 1, 2004
In 1962, Thomas Kuhn published a groundbreaking book entitled The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In it, he argued that the progress of science is not gradual but (much as we now think of biological evolution), a kind of punctuated equilibrium, with moments of epochal change. When ... read more

Robin Good - June 28, 2004
"In the world of Windows software, free has almost become a bad word. Most programs offered as a free download bring along unwelcome companions for the ride: intrusive spyware, embedded advertising, and frustrating restrictions. With most (or virtually all) functionality disabled, some of these programs are ... read more

Robin Good - PCWorld - June 26, 2004
"There comes a point in time when the actions of a few can have a profound impact on the many. In situations like these, the many must find a system of checks and balances in order to protect themselves either from the mistakes of the few, ... read more

Andrei Herasimchuk - Design by Fire - June 25, 2004
"The time has come to dump Internet Explorer. I know, I know — you may have heard the same thing before from those that think it's cool to hate Microsoft; but I'm not one of those guys. I'm actually an MCSE and I happen to like ... read more

I fully endorse Dave Pollard's list of essential links and free tools he has nicely put together with some good inspiration from the excellent job done by Jason Lefkowitz in his Quality Software List. I have added a few suggestions in the Comments area where you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 17, 2004
Digital Media Converter is a great audio utility for both novice and advanced users. It converts reliably all popular audio and video file formats, both individually and in automatic batch mode. It is easy to use and can be put to work quietly in the background. ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 10, 2004
"The new browser war may appear to be about the emergence of Mozilla and friends with their polished eye-candy interfaces, but it's really about Microsoft versus the W3C. Internet Explorer is Microsoft's blocking tactic—never to be properly web-compliant, never to give the W3C a day in ... read more

Nigel McFarlane - informIT - June 10, 2004
Chatango is a new free online service which allows anyone to use a friendly old chat technology in a new effective way. Chatango allows you to create an easy-to-use personal Web-based chat page on which to exchange, in real-time or asynchronously with customers and teammates. Since ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - [via Bill Flitter] - June 9, 2004
"Microsoft is flush with $56 billion in cash and short-term investments. Income of $16 billion is expected in fiscal year 2005. It dominates the most profitable segments of the software industry— operating systems and productivity applications. It attracts talented, creative people and gives them the time ... read more

Jeff Reifman - [via Slashdot] - June 4, 2004
"Children play games, chat with friends, tell stories, study history or math, and today this can all be done supported by new technologies. From the Internet to multimedia authoring tools, technology is changing the way children live and learn. As these new technologies become ever more ... read more

Druin, A. (September 1999) - Behaviour and Information Technology (BIT) - June 3, 2004

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