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Growing numbers of municipal and state governments are turning to wireless technology to link emergency response systems. Wireless systems are potentially less expensive than other communications tools. ... read more

Robin Good - Federal Computer Week - January 29, 2004
What the hell happened to the "best tool for the job" policy? Does the industry really have the money to invest in bloated projects, implemented with non-productive technologies that are just not right for the job at hand? I think not. Why then, does it happen? ... read more

Robin Good - Kuro5hin [via Stephen Downes OLDaily] - January 28, 2004
Nico Westerdale strikes it again! Ever tried using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It's impossible. That's why his new color picker has a magnifier attached. Control it from the keyboard and grab up to 16 colors at once. It's 100% free and it's ... read more

Robin Good - January 27, 2004

MySQL recently yesterday that they were launching a new application, MySQL Administrator, designed to give you a better visual understanding of how your database is actually functioning. The new Administrator software may help ease the process of moving from a proprietary system such as Access/SQL Server ... read more

Robin Good - From The Crossroads - January 26, 2004
Can Sun Microsystems' StarOffice 7 supplant Microsoft Office on your desktop? With previous versions being slow and buggy, you'd probably answer no. But the speed, power, and simplicity of the latest version—combined with its minuscule price ($79.95 direct)—may change your mind. ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - January 24, 2004
IBM is looking to lure Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 users to Linux with new programs for business partners and customers at LinuxWorld this week. Big Blue has chosen the conference in New York City as the pulpit from which to preach about its Linux migration ... read more

Robin Good - Internetnews - January 20, 2004
Thanks to a never-ending supply of sharp minds and energy in the information technology industry, innovation will keep on marching ahead in 2004 -- good economy or bad. (But a good economy sure helps.) Editors from and across Jupitermedia have compiled a list of ideas/trends/innovations ... read more

Robin Good - Internet News - January 1, 2004
This article by the Apple team who developed the new Safari browser gives some practical hints on how to create standards-conforming websites, and to work around some of issues that will arise for Explorer for Windows. Topics covered include: which DOCTYPE do you use? Do you ... read more

Robin Good - Apple Developer Connection - December 31, 2003

Guide explains how to copy any DVD-Video, including menus and extra materials, to a one recordable DVD(DVD+R/W or DVD-R/W) using the simpliest, fastest and cheapest tools available. If your DVD source is under 4.38 GB (so called DVD-5), you can make an exact copy of the ... read more

Robin Good - DVDRHelp - December 29, 2003

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