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"For many years email and usenet news constituted the majority of the Internet's use as a tool to facilitate communication among individuals. ... read more

Eric Gradman - [via Julian Bond] - June 2, 2004
The cat is out of the bag. More great news on how VoIP, wireless, and open source software like Linux can create an effective cost-effective replacement to traditional telco services. Disruptive technology at its best. "A disruptive technology is any new gizmo that puts an end ... read more

I, Cringely - PBS - May 30, 2004
"We're all used to the notion of integrated productivity software (like Microsoft Office) but we're still waiting for media editors, like music or sound sampling, graphics or photo editing and simple presentation tools - to be integrated with IM, email, personal publishing (like blogs) and social ... read more

Marc Canter - Always On - [via PaidContent] - May 28, 2004

Acrobat PDF is a popular digital distribution format for documents, presentations and other multimedia content requiring faithful display across platforms, security and a more manageable file size. PDF/TextBox is an easy to use free PDF editor. It allows you to write documents quickly and easily and ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 26, 2004
MailFeed is a new easy-to-install PHP script that checks POP3, IMAP, or NNTP mailboxes on demand and returns RSS feeds containing the messages in such mailboxes. MailFeed requires you to have access to your Web mail server and to install this script on it. MailFeed can ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 22, 2004
A team of open-source developers has released software which enables Windows users to run Mac OS and some more Unix operating systems on standard PCs. The project, known as PearPC, is not yet mature and stable enough to warrant a commercial release of this solution, and ... read more

Robin Good - PC World - May 22, 2004
"IBM unveiled a server-based bundle of desktop applications that offer companies an alternative to Microsoft's market-dominating Office suite. Part of IBM's Lotus Workplace strategy, the software includes email, instant messaging, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Unlike Microsoft's products, however, the applications are not tied to ... read more

Robin Good - Linux Pipeline - May 19, 2004
How to Make Your First Linux Installation Like a Day at the Beach is a good article providing all of the basic information you need to set up your first Linux box. The article is for non technical people and it is full of useful information ... read more

Robin Good - Small Business Computing - May 12, 2004

Video to Flash? Kibisis is a simple-to-use and very cost-effective video (and audio) to Flash converter. The benefits of converting video clips to Flash is the one of having a distribution file format that is more efficient in terms of size and which can be easily streamed ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 9, 2004
As RSS grows in popularity and adoption, with speed and dimensions much beyond what the mainstream news report, skeptics and novices start to ask the same questions that they posed ten years ago, as the Internet was just bursting on the public scene. "News aggregators may ... read more

Robin Good - Wired News - May 1, 2004
A Prescription for Business Innovation: Creating Technologies that Solve Basic Human Needs. "... many businesses are now reaching out to involve customers, alliance partners and even competitors in their problem-solving teams, because they help bring different points of view to the creative process, and because these ... read more

Dave Pollard - April 25, 2004
Opera has just launched the latest version of its competitive alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser, which includes a new look along with Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and RSS feed aggregation capabilities. For the first time, users of the Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD and ... read more

Robin Good - - April 23, 2004
I have been a long time passionate videomaker and have greatly enjoyed making my little movies with the use of economic consumer equipment and innovative shooting ideas. One great device that I always wanted to have, but could never afford, has long been a small steadycam ... read more

Johnny Chung Lee - [via Slashdot] - April 14, 2004
The Internet and networks - can't live with them, can't live without them. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are great downloads that can help you make peace with the technology you love to hate. Reviewed for you: Bandwidth Controller: Limit Bandwidth Hogs ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine Shareware Update Newsletter - April 13, 2004
Created by one of the actual developers working on the Microsoft Windows Media team for the past seven years, this is the most exhaustive online resource you can find about Windows Media Player and installation, troubleshooting, incompatibilities, error codes, DRM issues and whatever else you may ... read more

WMP Mini FAQ - [via Iserializable] - April 12, 2004
So what happens now that Microsoft is essentially unfettered thanks to a few payoffs and a $10 million per month legal bill. What I see coming is karmic retribution that begins with a phase I think of as "the fleecing of the customers," in which we ... read more

i, cringely - PBS - [via Slashdot] - April 11, 2004
"It is not enough to make computers easier to use; they must become transparent to drive order of magnitude growth in adoption of new technology-enabled devices. In effect, technology will not become fully pervasive until it becomes fully invisible. Today, technology is a barrier as much ... read more

Chris Shipley - DEMOletter - April 8, 2004
Mark Webbink, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Red Hat, Inc., wrote this article for corporate attorneys, explaining free and open source software and comparing various open source licenses, detailing how the GPL really works, explaining US copyright law, and listing some corporate law office ... read more

Robin Good - Groklaw - April 5, 2004
In this well written essay, Stephen Downes clarifies general weaknesses and limitations of many popular technologies while extracting with precision nine key traits that set apart great technology tools from popular time and money wasters. The essay is part of a non-commercial free downloadable book entitled: ... read more

Stephen Downes - April 4, 2004
"Microsoft used to have an advertisement asking where you wanted to go today; this is more true of OpenOffice since it allows you more control of your data through vendors and even inhouse staff who can help with it. Microsoft is dictating a future; this is ... read more

NewsForge - [via Slashdot] - March 29, 2004

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