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Text-to-speech application enables your website to translate text into audio Web-based karaoke application allows users to sing, record, and playback their favorite songs Instant messenger with video enables you to make voIP calls and share your screen across the Internet Media sharing platform enables you ... read more

Robin Good - May 7, 2006

Broadcast your personal video and audio clips on your website Browser-based image editor enables users to edit images online with no need for plugin Advertising system allows you to choose which ads you want to put onto your website Conferencing software enables you to share voice, video ... read more

Robin Good - April 30, 2006
Stickam is a new unique communication and online collaboration widget that can be embedded into any web page. It allows to publish audio and video clips, images, as well as to interact in real-time with other people via text chat and video conferencing. Completely web-based, this new, ... read more

Robin Good - April 25, 2006

Remote access to your PC from anywhere via mobile phone Podcast search engine allows creation and sharing of channels Server monitoring service makes it easy and free to track server status Desktop music player tracks and reports your music preferences Map creation service allows personal life events documentation Spreadsheet hosting editing ... read more


Where online collaboration starts and where individual isolated applications end is going to become a next to invisible borderline, as most applications are gradually drifting toward the integration of some form of collaborative features. Sharing, is becoming an essential asset for those who need to communicate, ... read more

Robin Good - April 16, 2006

Social networking is the ability to help to connect with friends, business partners, or other individuals using a variety of communication and social mapping tools. The more social networking systems self-embed elements and characteristics of what causes spontaneous person-to-person relationships to be born the more this ... read more

Robin Good - April 13, 2006

While the popularized geek use for RSS is generally considered to be exclusively limited to the realm of publishing and subscribing to news headlines and blog feeds, many other innovative and useful applications of RSS have been sprouting here and there. Whether it is for business, ... read more

Robin Good - April 11, 2006

New media, Web 2.0, online applications, web-based services, mobile applications and online collaboration tools are all part of this new basket full of gems I have prepared for you for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most ... read more


Here is a new basket full of new media gems for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have run into during my daily research and online explorations. These ... read more

Robin Good - March 26, 2006

Here is a new basket full of new media delicacies for your Sharewood Picnic. Once again I have gotten a great bunch of interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have run into during my daily research and online explorations. Some of these new media ... read more

Robin Good - March 19, 2006

From today you can search TV news by what it has been said in them. A new search engine going live today provides the ability to type any query term and to search for those against the digital audio recordings of major TV news broadcasts. Just ... read more

Robin Good - January 31, 2006

I bet you've never taken a ride in a cab like this! San Francisco cab driver and award-winning multimedia artist M.C Mars does a freestyle rap while taking home video blogger and digital video evangelist Eli Chapman in the streets of San Francisco. Check out ... read more

Eli Chapman - MyVideoKaraoke - January 11, 2006

CastingWords is a nifty new online service which allows anyone to submit an audio podcast for immediate transcription into text. The key innovations brought in by this very affordable new service (see further down my comparison with a traditional established broadcast transcriber) are the easy and efficient ... read more


The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly public service to deliver you the latest new media resources, software and websites that can help you become a more effective independent publisher without having to rely on expensive corporate tools. In this picnic collection there is something for everyone, ... read more


2005 is almost over, but looking ahead remains my passion. Here are a few more anticipations and predictions that should be added to my original Web Predictions for 2006 which I wrote over a week ago. Here are ten more disruptive and powerful changes that from my ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2005

Podjack: (verb) – To create an alternate RSS feed to a podcast without the permission of the podcast’s owner. I am writing this piece for the sake of giving podcasters information on how to protect themselves from similar podjackings. And I’m also going to finish this piece ... read more

Erik Marcus [via Kevin C. Borgia] - - December 14, 2005
US music publishers are calling for the imprisonment of owners of websites that contain song lyrics, guitar tabs and musical scores. Music publishers seek stringent punishment for websites disclosing lyrics and the Music Publishers' Association (MPA) says such unlicensed publication is illegal and that closing websites ... read more

Simon Aughton - PC Pro - December 10, 2005

Sing your favorite songs on video and share them online! As anticipated a few days ago, I am launching today my online video music station for broadband users only. This new site is my first humble effort at putting into practice some of the grassroots publishing ... read more

Robin Good - December 9, 2005

Though this is not this morning breaking news, the story of the Sony rootkit still surfs many of the top news headlines as it keeps evolving and revealing more of its nasty nature. What Sony did, was to include within commercial music CDs a hidden malicious software ... read more

Cory Doctorow - Boing Boing - Boing Boing - December 3, 2005
Sony has added support for RSS and Windows Media Audio files to its PlayStation Portable (PSP) with a firmware update available from today. ... read more

DigitMag - November 29, 2005

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