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from August 20, 2005 to November 1, 2004

A new, outstandingly designed podcasting player, search tool and aggregator has just launched. Called the Ziepod, it offers unmatched ease of use, features and ergonomics to make it anyone's best Windows candidate as the next podcasting player of choice. The Ziepod is indeed a little jewel of ... read more

Robin Good - August 20, 2005

If you are thinking about making your own podcast show available on the Internet, you may want to consider hiring some quality voice talent to create your show opening and closing audio titles, or more importantly to professionally dub your advertisers and sponsors messages. As much as ... read more

Robin Good - August 13, 2005
Skylook is the new, ultimate Skype add-on, allowing no-fuzz-around recording of any voice call you make into a standard .MP3 file. Skylook perfectly integrates into Windows PCs Microsoft Outlook by adding its own toolbar and mini-set of foolproof options. With an extremely simple setup wizard Skylook ... read more

Robin Good - August 4, 2005

Would you like to automatically search live television broadcasts based on key words? How about an immediate email notification of relevant news with video and text of anything matching your keywords of interest or the ability to archive any relevant video segment found? Keyword search of online ... read more

Robin Good - August 2, 2005

Sometimes the best resource of all is to just stop, pull together all of your findings, and see how to integrate them in an effective way in your daily workflow. Intelligent research and experimentation on the cutting edge requires also having time to slow down and learn ... read more

Robin Good - July 22, 2005

Here it is, another great new entry in a category, that believe me, will soon swell of services, tools and software that make it easy for anyone to publish and distribute video content online. Announced on Thursday, Popcast is a new aggressive startup out of San Francisco, ... read more

Robin Good - July 16, 2005

As I was driving back home with my car, after a long day at the office, I drifted off into a visualizing a creative idea I had never thought of. What I was suddenly picturing in my mind was a technological option, that not only allowed me ... read more

Robin Good - July 15, 2005

"Go to your fields and your gardens, and you shall learn that it is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower, Photo credit: Nicola Gavin Track credit: Boytjie - Hun E 2 The B But it is also the pleasure of the flower ... read more

Robin Good - June 21, 2005

I know this is no breaking news for many of you as BitTorrent has been making the headlines for just about two years now, but I keep receiving many requests of professionals wanting to know more about this revolutionary P2P protocol and its unique benefits for ... read more

Robin Good - May 12, 2005

Indy is a music discovery tool. Its goal is to give independent (indy) musicians (those not signed to a record label) a great new way to promote their music and to create a whole new way for people to discover music that they'll love. Photo credit: ... read more

Robin Good - April 22, 2005

"In general, filmmakers have been very slow to effectively use the web. The main problem is that we don't think of the web as an integral part of the filmmaking process. Today, a filmmaker might have a website, a Quicktime trailer of the film, some press ... read more

Robin Good - April 19, 2005

I have been paying close attention to Mercora, the new private personal radio network in which anyone can be a radio station for over a couple of months now, and nonetheless the many improvements that still need to be made to make this a killer app, ... read more

Robin Good - April 11, 2005

If executing a little Perl script doesn't scare you off, if you have your own web server running and if you're interested to turn your MP3 recordings into a podcast, then read on. Photo credit: by Bianca De Blok Kenward Bradley, a Chicago-based programmer with a passion for ... read more

Robin Good - February 28, 2005

On MasterViews International presentation expert Chiara Monetti points at a little tool that allows you to add a voice-over to images and movies. The best part about DubIt Audio Editor is that it is provided for free by TechSmith, whose flagships SnagIt and Camtasia Studio have ... read more

Chiara Monetti - MasterViews International - February 26, 2005

If you ever wanted to attend a concert, but for some reason were unable to go and see it live, then watching it live through your Web browser, from wherever you happen to be, must be a good second-best. Being able to pay for the experience via ... read more

Robin Good - February 17, 2005


Cory Doctorow - - January 4, 2005

"Do you have a killer guitar riff but can't sing to save your life? Do you dream of playing in a band but can't find the time? If so, this is the place for you. is on a mission to bring together "virtual bands" comprised of ... read more

Robin Good - December 21, 2004

CNet is offering a new course for everyone who wants to learn or update his fundamental digital audio skills. In five lessons, the technology publisher who has assigned the delivery of this course to digital music expert Andrew Webster, will put in the condition to copy ... read more

Robin Good - December 16, 2004

What is so great about radio and audio communications, versus the written ones, is that you can actually hear the "true" voice of the people involved. While it may take longer to listen to a radio interview or to a so-called podcast (Internet on-demand commcasting) rather ... read more

Robin Good - December 15, 2004
Podcasting is the emerging smarter on-demand broadcasting paradigm emerging from the blogosphere. How do you do it? You simply make an audio recording of an interview, a new track you are working on, a radio show you want to broadcast on the Internet and then you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - November 1, 2004

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