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"The rise of print-on-demand technology and websites devoted to self publishing is making it ever easier for writers to bypass conventional publishers. Many authors have become frustrated with conventional publishers, entrenched by market projections, annual styles and the unmentionable word ''returns.'' The alternative is self-publishing. Unfortunately, ... read more

Robin Good - The Globe and Mail - May 2, 2004
"A future of smart mobs and self-organized media is plausible as long as the owners of tomorrow's communications devices remain free to use the emerging media in any way they choose. However, a war over control of innovation might change all that, and the attack is ... read more

CIO - Howard Reinghold - [via Sepp] - May 1, 2004
As RSS grows in popularity and adoption, with speed and dimensions much beyond what the mainstream news report, skeptics and novices start to ask the same questions that they posed ten years ago, as the Internet was just bursting on the public scene. "News aggregators may ... read more

Robin Good - Wired News - May 1, 2004

"Audioscrobbler is an amazing community music tracking application that is really starting to gain some steam. The premise is pretty simple, you run a small app on your deskop which sends information about what songs you are playing on your computer's MP3/CD player. Now that they ... read more

Robin Good - Creative Commons - April 29, 2004
"It may seem unintuitive to argue that packaged commercial content can co-exist alongside consumer content while concurrently stimulating content creation and sharing. In order to understand how this can work, it is crucial to understand how the current system of copyright is broken and can be ... read more

Joi Ito - April 28, 2004
Are you interested in finding out more about content management systems? Open source solutions? Would like to try out Drupal, WordPress, pMachine, Nucleus? You need a CMS to power your news portal or an open source content management system (like Moodle) for your e-learning program? "This ... read more

Robin Good - opensourceCMS - April 28, 2004
Google Alert is an extremely effective and well designed online service that allows you to track any topic, search or reference by leveraging a sophisticated query engine that taps Google for answers and automates this process so that it generates results on a daily basis. You ... read more

Robin Good - Google Alert - April 28, 2004
This interesting paper "Examines critically the origins and basis of 'knowledge management', its components and its development as a field of consultancy practice. Problems in the distinction between 'knowledge' and 'information' are explored, as well as Polanyi's concept of 'tacit knowing'. The concept is examined in ... read more

T.D. Wilson - Information Research 8.1 - April 27, 2004

It is here. This is the new frontier. One, that requires individuals with a brave spirit and an open attitude toward openness and transparency to start interacting and taking on the opportunities available in this new rich vastland. The game of life for these individuals is all ... read more

Robin Good - April 26, 2004
This is a full list of the standard sources that are available in Moreover's Public Feeds and Metabase, sorted by a four-valued ranking of sources by editorial quality (1-5 decreasing quality). Keep in mind that Moreover can quickly and easily add customized sources for our clients, ... read more

Robin Good - Moreover - April 26, 2004
This is part 1 of Roland Tanglao's new guide called The Lazy Person's Guide to being an NewsMaster. "What is a NewsMaster? Robin Good (as far as I know) defined the term in his excellent post, The RSS NewsMaster as RSS Dolby. I would generalize this ... read more

Roland Tanglao - Streamline - April 23, 2004
"The emancipation of Web authoring has already democratized information publishing. In turn, RSS provides a mechanism to liberate the other end of the pub sub collaboration. When subscribers can harness the aggregated authority of the feeds and items they and their peers pay attention to, the ... read more

Steve Gillmor - April 22, 2004
A story is like a gift. "There is no perfect gift for everyone, but with some attention to the audience, what their expectations are likely to be, some thought on an appropriate choice, and some appropriate and attractive but not extravagant packaging, every gift-giving, and every ... read more

Dave Pollard - April 22, 2004
"Triplehash has released SiteBreeze, a cross-platform desktop-based content management system that creates static HTML websites based on one or more templates. Anyone who knows how to use a word processor can update a website and publish the changes to the Internet with the click of a ... read more

SiteBreeze - [via Content-Wire] - April 21, 2004
"The rise of Weblogging has been a cold shower for the complacent mass communication industries. Although the Weblogging pioneers are due much praise, their own rhetoric deserves examination, and they could also raise their sights higher. Nico Macdonald reports, and concludes with a radical proposal for ... read more

Robin Good - The Register - April 19, 2004
Robin Good responds to a direct email from a reader wanting to be successful with his Web site and personal book selling business. In his answer, Robin reviews some basic principles of online communication strategy while providing down-to-earth advice to those just starting out with online, ... read more

Robin Good - April 18, 2004
A new free online service called FeedSweep provides the ability to render RSS/XML news feeds into HTML, making it very easy for Web site publishers to integrate news headlines and excerpts from other sources, into their Web page. FeedSweep also provides an advanced feed layout customization ... read more

Robin Good - FeedSweep - April 18, 2004
This is a proposal for the extension of the Blogosphere, the network of Weblogs. It includes an interesting presentation outlining the idea of a network of independent, interactive 'freeporters' and a good discussion of the way relationships work between sender and receiver in networks. "MPN (Mobile ... read more

Tom Nicolai - [via Stephen Downes] - April 16, 2004
"Massive changes in the terrain of media and entertainment over the next five to seven years will force tectonic shifts in the business models of broadcast and film companies, predicts a report from IBM Business Consulting Services (BCS). The report, Media & Entertainment 2010, unveiled today, ... read more

Robin Good - Digital Media Europe - April 15, 2004
Publishing your first book? Trying to get some exposure online? Having a hard time converting those many visitors into buying customers? Here is a valuable set of basic recommendations and tips for those of you just starting out with personal publishing projects. My short essay is ... read more

Robin Good - April 15, 2004

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