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"The future will be simple, open, informal, standard-compliant and in reverse-chronological order. No matter how you call it, blogging, weblogging or personal publishing will become the most important way of sharing information and managing knowledge. Wikis will become the most widely-used groupware and collaboration tools." An ... read more

Thijs van der Vossen - March 23, 2004
Technorati, one of the must-stop points for anyone publishing a weblog or having an RSS feed out there, has just launched a new version of the interface which appears, brighter, more informative and easier to use. Technorati is a free online service that provides a unique ... read more

Robin Good - March 22, 2004
As people learn to expose their personal assets online effectively to current and potential colleagues, premium content ownership and use will become an increasingly important part of that mix of personal attributes. Getting workflows right is today's hot ticket, but as protected vendor databases begin to ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - March 21, 2004

Businesses generally have a pretty good on handle on how much they spend to acquire information, but sometimes it's what they *don't* know that really trips them up. For instance, in 1999 NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft traveled 416 million miles without a hitch only to ... read more

KMWorld - [via Marcus P. Zillman] - March 21, 2004
It is just happening: the emerging breed of RSS newsmastering tools is gaining new grounds each day, and I tell you, this is going to be a hell of a fascinating ride! Here is the latest one: "Onfolio's application is what JJ Allaire calls a search-information ... read more

Robin Good - [via Information Week] - March 15, 2004
An excellent review of what blogs are and why they are useful in online research. "The generous spirit of blogging permits the writer to leave behind what Anders Fagerjord so fittingly names a Surftrail for others to follow through the World Wide Web, directing colleagues and ... read more

Torill Mortensen & Jill Walker - [via Universe of Science] - March 15, 2004
RSS and its tremendous potential are exponentially opening new visions and opportunities for how to manage, organize and access the vast ocean of information that is submerging us. As I have mentioned in previous articles and as I will not get tired of repeating, the synchronous ... read more

Robin Good - March 14, 2004
News publishers have failed to exploit new technology to tackle the decline in newspaper readership, according to online news guru Vin Crosbie. In a lengthy essay published on the Online Journalism Review on 4 March, Mr Crosbie says that news sites are 'dangerously dependent' on their ... read more

Robin Good - Journalism - March 14, 2004

BitTorrent is an excellent technology for P2P downloads, and one of it's emergent properties is that newly available files become widely available through BitTorrent far quicker than on traditional P2P networks. The disadvantage is that users have to trawl the web for BitTorrent pointer files that ... read more

Ernest Miller - The Importance of - Corante - March 13, 2004
"News in itself was not deemed to be powerful enough to attract readers on a daily basis. News is changing. While we share a common definition and derivation with our readers, the reality is that our respective expectations of what matters, what is significant, important, relevant ... read more

Jim Chisholm - Newspapers & Technologies - March 13, 2004
Ten years ago, many newspaper industry futurists hoped that publishing online might save the industry. But they poured their energies into multimedia and failed to use the technology to do the one thing that could bring readers back: create papers tailored to readers' individual interests. The ... read more

Robin Good - USC Annenberg - Online Journalism Review [via Stephen Downes OLDaily] - March 11, 2004
Carrying timely, relevant and quality news items on your site is always a positive addition and one that gives credibility, value and prestige to your own content. You can now syndicate (re-publish) the news feeds coming from any of the three major Robin Good Web sites ... read more

Robin Good - March 11, 2004
The online universe is evolving rapidly and many critical changes are taking place right now. Information overload is reaching, as long forecasted, new heights. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it all, or even to decide what to discard and what not. In the end, ... read more

Robin Good - March 10, 2004
From the same people who have brought us pMachine, an excellent and truly inexpensive ($45 non-commercial) content management system, arrives a new content CMS called Expression Engine. For those of you who have yet to make the leap from traditional bare-bones blogs to full CMSs, Expression ... read more

Robin Good - March 7, 2004
The RSS Newsmaster is an emerging new figure with a new craft to work with: Filtering and aggregating content in new personal and innovative ways. In this new essay I recapitulate the key points brought forward in The Birth Of The Newsmaster, while clarifying some of ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2004
Since September, the nation's second-largest bookseller, Borders Group, has quietly been conducting an experiment in six Philadelphia-area stores, not as a bookseller, but as a publisher. "It's easy to publish your own book!" the "Borders Personal Publishing" leaflets proclaim. Pay $4.99. Take home a kit. Send ... read more

Robin Good - New York Times - March 3, 2004
E-mail is crippled, concussed by an irrepressible spam stream. Web surfing can be equally confounding, a wobbly wade through bursts of pop-ups and loudmouthed video ads. And that may explain the excitement these days over a somewhat crude but nifty software tool that automatically delivers updated ... read more

Robin Good - Associated Press [via Yahoo News] - March 3, 2004
Display news stories from your favourite sources on your Web site with Feedroll. This free and easy to use online service allows you to input the URL for an RSS-based feed and to generate for you the code that will need to be integrated on your Web ... read more

Robin Good - Feedroll - March 2, 2004
SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public free of charge. You can easily browse or search through the categories of a huge gallery containing over 50.000 quality stock photos shot by more than 2.500 different photographers. Need ... read more

Robin Good - March 1, 2004
Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses. Such e-learning systems are sometimes also called Learning Management Systems (LMS). One of the main advantages of Moodle over other systems is a strong grounding in social ... read more

Robin Good - Moodle - March 1, 2004

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