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An excellent short explanatory article by Stephen Downes on what RSS can succeed and which are the mechanisms behind its likely success. Stephen showcases as a good reference of how RSS can be best leveraged his own Edu RSS Topics a truly effective example of a ... read more

Stephen Downes - February 26, 2004
Travellers are the most reliable source of information for other travellers. World66 is a new fascinating project taking serious advantage of the potential of wikis, online collaboration, and growing desire and interest to find personal reports and travel-agency-packaged information about destinations and places from all over the ... read more

Robin Good - February 25, 2004
Even in an ideal world, designs must optimize both the user experience and the business return. When resources are limited, the design must be optimized to make the best use of all resources as well. To account for this complexity, it is important to have a ... read more

Robin Good - Boxesandarrows - February 24, 2004

There's a lot of hoopla out these days about RSS. RSS is an XML-based standard for summarizing and ultimately syndicating web-site content. Adoption and usage of RSS has taken off in the past few years leading some to suggest that it will play a central role ... read more

Robin Good - The Weekly Read - February 23, 2004
eNewsletter Journal interviewed a) Meryl K. Evans, editor of eNewsletter Journal and writer for Lockergnome a publisher of nine e-newsletters with a technical audience of 1,554,000; b) Hank Stroll, publisher of, a custom publisher of 21 eJournals that go out to over 344,000 business executives; ... read more

Robin Good - February 23, 2004
New free PDF converter creates high-quality PDF from any printable file type. PrimoPDF converts to PDF from any application by simply 'printing' to the PrimoPDF printer. You can create high-quality PDFs by converting from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and virtually any other printable file type. This is a ... read more

Robin Good - February 21, 2004
YahooGroups now provides direct RSS feeds natively. If your preferred YahooGroup is set for open, public viewing of the message archives, then you need only to add the extension "messages?rss=1" to the complete URL and you have a full RSS feed for that YahooGroup. As simple ... read more

Robin Good [via Joseph Daisy] - February 18, 2004
Just in case you haven't had yet time to look in to this: all the news, all the time, coming at you. Nobody wants to go to the Internet and search for news stories; I want them to come directly to me. So many news stories; ... read more

Robin Good - via RSS Lockergnome - February 17, 2004

Content management systems suck. Or so you would think from the strife heard from analysts and practitioners alike. And yet, many websites regularly publish vast amounts of information with superior control and ease compared to manually editing pages. So where's the disconnect between what's possible and ... read more

Robin Good - boxesandarrows - February 16, 2004
As promised, here it is, the Premium version of the RSSTop55. With an updated, expanded and fully ranked list of 59 online resources plus ten uniquely innovative gems to further facilitate increased exposure and visibility for your RSS-based content this list is the best resource to ... read more

Robin Good - February 14, 2004
Yes, I have listened to your requests and recommendations and here it is. Coming in a few hours is the new RSSTop55 Premium. A personally crafted version of the RSSTop55 giving you an ordered list according to how popular these RSS directories and search engines are ... read more

Robin Good - February 13, 2004
Selecting and implementing a content management system (CMS) will be one of the largest IT projects tackled by many organisations. With costs running into the millions of dollars, it is vital that the right CMS package be selected. This article outlines some of the lessons learnt ... read more

Robin Good - Step Two Designs - February 10, 2004
RSS and XML-based content syndication are really taking off. News organizations (like the NY Times) and business are increasingly using RSS to syndicate their content. RSS is also becoming the spam-free alternative to email newsletters. Most RSS feeds are automagically generated from a content management system. ... read more

Robin Good - Writing The Web - February 9, 2004
Open-source content management systems are not going to replace offerings from commercial vendors. They do, however, offer an increasingly viable alternative for many businesses looking to obtain a CMS. Open-source solutions should be evaluated side-by-side with commercial CMSs as part of a tender process. Judged on ... read more

Robin Good - via Stephen Downes OLDaily - February 7, 2004
A quick overview of screen scraping. A technical read for webmasters who want to get te basics of how to create an RSS feed for any site that is not under their direct control. Highly recommended. ... read more

Robin Good - February 6, 2004
NetAction provides some guidelines and resources to use email and the Web as effective, inexpensive, and efficient tools for organizing, outreach, and advocacy. Technology is a tool that can be used strategically to enhance grassroots organizing and outreach efforts related to political campaigns and public policy ... read more

Robin Good - NetAction [via Joseph Daisy] - February 5, 2004
Those little orange XML icons are everywhere. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication," and it's all the rage. The idea is pretty simple. Output some XML to the Web that content aggregators and other sites can consume and display. If you have a normal routine of ... read more

Robin Good - uber:ASP.Net - February 3, 2004
AdsenseCharts is a free online service which provides many useful statistical visualizations of the data provided by the Google AdSense advertising service to its own affiliates. I, being one of them, find AdSenseCharts very interesting, extremely easy to use, and quite illuminating (as all data visualization ... read more

Robin Good - February 2, 2004
A new free service allows any company or professional to create an RSS feed by simply sending an email, newsletter or press release to a pre-specified email address. Independent and institutional publishers alike can greatly benefit from using RSS as a parallel distribution channel for much ... read more

Robin Good - February 1, 2004
The ePrints Handbook is intended as a guide to self publishing on the Internet. Major topics include a researchers guide to self archiving, a guide to open access, a guide to managing an eprints service, and an installation guide. The Handbook was commissioned by Soros' Open ... read more

Robin Good - via OLDaily - January 29, 2004

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