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FeedRoll is an online service which allows independent Web publishers to facilitate the syndication of their news content on other Web sites, while controlling feed features and tracking access and clickthrough ratios. This is an evolution of what I and many others have been doing for ... read more

Robin Good - FeedRoll - July 16, 2004
If you want to build your business on trends, while knowing how to cash in on fads too, please give a good scan this mini-guide from real-estate US tycoon Donald Trump sharing his personal advice and experience. Here is the juice: * Do ... read more

Steve Cooper - - July 14, 2004
AAALogo is a software tool to create logotypes in a simple and effective way. AAALogo has a very simple and highly interactive Flash-based interface which integrates immediate access to over 2000 basic symbols and graphics shapes. The end user can easily drag, resize, color and move ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 12, 2004

Aggressive and ethics-free emarketers, those early adopters of new technologies, who often act as new media minstrels in popularizing and evangelizing the good value of some new technology or of some new approach in using it, are back in force while now heralding the fiery RSS ... read more

Robin Good Reports - July 11, 2004
Rob Glaser of Real Networks, the company which has developed Real Audio says: "The combination of these three developments - universal wireless connectivity based on the IP standard that's connected in a worldwide broadband network - will allow us to treat IP access like water or ... read more

George Siemens - July 10, 2004
Draw-me is an express caricature design service that takes a photograph from you and converts by hand into a promotional illustrated character. Turnaround time for a caricature is only a few hours and if you like Draw-me style the price is definitely fair: USD $ 37 ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 10, 2004
Thanks to a news post inside the Lockergnome Web Developers weekly email-based news-dispatch I noticed a short news item referring to the death of the web-safe color palette. As the news item failed to report that the source of that story was a four-years old article ... read more

WebMonkey - [via Lockergnome] - July 9, 2004
And for those independent publishers like me, looking for an effective, easy-to-use and capable audio editor there is really nothing like WavePad from NCH. Though I have recently spent quite some time looking for an effective audio editor for cleaning up some of my live event ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 9, 2004

CoolToolAwards has always some interesting new little tools that can be of great help to independent publishers and emarketers alike. If you want a turnkey solution to add streaming audio to your Web pages, there are indeed several solutions out there. AudioGenerator ($ 29.95/month) provides you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 9, 2004
NewzAlert Composer is a new simple tool that allows independent publishers and would be newsmasters rapidly prepare content in RSS format while making it easy to upload their newsfeeds items either directly to their FTP server or to NewsAlert own RSS public server. The tool is ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 8, 2004
Steve Outing, at the Poynter Institute E-Media Tidbits provides a good refresher for newbies and self-learners alike on the topic of trackback. "Trackback is an automatic way for your website to notify other sites when you publish a link to them -- so that they know ... read more

Steve Outing - Poynter Institute - July 7, 2004
"The biggest challenge in e-commerce is to create trust. On the Web, your company is completely virtual. People can't touch the product. They don't get impressed by your big building or fancy décor. They don't get schmoozed by your high-wattage salespeople. They simply see a few ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - July 6, 2004
What do you really mean when you say Training? Do we really share a common definition for this much misused word? While official definitions are abundant few are deep enough to be used for critically questioning what is it really meant when we say Training. Here ... read more

Robin Good - July 6, 2004
"Independent musicians are augmenting traditional promotional methods such as touring, word of mouth, fan clubs and posters with Web sites, e-mail lists and blogs. Listener recommendations, online preview clips and samples, shared playlists and other grassroots Web tools are also changing the music landscape. Bottom line: ... read more

While there seems good reason to believe that by submitting your RSS feed through your MyYahoo page you would pave the way for inclusion in the up-and-coming RSS Directory while becoming immediately available to Yahoo searches, I found these claims not to match my own personal ... read more

Robin Good Comments - July 2, 2004
Mike Rundle writes about how the weblog medium is morphing into something more than just a "daily-updated website". Finally someone is taking note! He writes:"A weblog can be thought of as a two-way communication device, where authors publish material, and readers give feedback. This is no ... read more

Mike Rundle - The Business Blog - July 2, 2004
Rendezvous enables Macs and compatible networked devices and services to automatically configure themselves and find each other without intervention from a system administrator or network devices like DHCP, DNS or directory servers. Based on an open industry standard called Zeroconf, Rendezvous' underpinning technology is not specific ... read more

Robin Good - Yahoo News - July 1, 2004
Google News in RSS feeds is finally a reality? Eighty (80) separate RSS news feeds are immediately accessible at, a Spanish-language site all devoted to everything about Google. It seems to good to be true, but I have tested the feeds and they do work! ... read more

Robin Good - July 1, 2004
In good substance, Jeff Jarvis, calls for means and ways to make RSS newsfeeds more accountable, more easily audited, in a clear and honest effort to adapt to these content distribution technology, with the same accounting devices and paraphernalia built-in the traditional mass media ad business. ... read more

Robin Good - June 30, 2004
The new Apple MacOSX "Tiger" server software announced yesterday in San Francisco showcases great convergence and integration of independent publishing (blogs-RSS) and real-time collaboration tools (multi-protocol instant messaging, text chat, and audio video conferencing). As a matter of fact "the iChat server will allow organizations or ... read more

Robin Good - AppleInsider - June 30, 2004

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