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Yesterday evening, Brady Forrest from Microsoft Search informed me and the other Search Champs via email that the new MSN Search engine is now capable of searching in full within RSS and Atom feeds. Here is the communication he sent out: "We pushed out two new operators last ... read more

Robin Good - August 31, 2005
MasterNewMedia, Robin Good's own mini-network of information sites, makes today one further little step in expanding its reach and accessibility to all those who are searching for news, tools and ideas on how to communicate more effectively with new media technologies while finding innovative ways to ... read more

Robin Good - August 25, 2005
Imagine being able to broadcast and receive digital information from your Wi-Fi enabled car, cell phone, handheld computer or MP3 player as you move around your environment. Everyone participates in a dynamic, decentralized network of individuals sharing information with anyone within a 30 mile radius. ... read more - August 22, 2005

On the RSS enterprise front there is a lot going on that is not readily apparent yet. A number of companies are readying new products and services which should an order of magnitude better than the RSS newsmastering tools we have seen so far. Also the ... read more

Robin Good - August 18, 2005

The issue of what is right and best to do when it comes to republish content or even just headlines coming from a public RSS feed is now spreading to the growing number of independent online publishers taking advantage of RSS powerful syndication and real-time news ... read more

Sharon Housley - August 17, 2005

"Inside the frame..and they are living their lives in the frame... Most of them, don't want to look... they don't want to find out if there is anything outside..." About two months ago I have had the pleasure to meet and interview Jon Rappoport, an independent news ... read more

Robin Good - August 1, 2005

Sometimes the best resource of all is to just stop, pull together all of your findings, and see how to integrate them in an effective way in your daily workflow. Intelligent research and experimentation on the cutting edge requires also having time to slow down and learn ... read more

Robin Good - July 22, 2005

Born with the intention of providing an alternative news venue for the younger generations, often very critical and alienated by mainstream news media, the Guerrilla News Network is a uniquely interesting hub of counter-information, articles, and voices from a growing group of awareness-increasing individuals. One of the ... read more

Robin Good - July 17, 2005

Here it is, another great new entry in a category, that believe me, will soon swell of services, tools and software that make it easy for anyone to publish and distribute video content online. Announced on Thursday, Popcast is a new aggressive startup out of San Francisco, ... read more

Robin Good - July 16, 2005

New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty resources, tools and services that I have run into, have discovered accidentally or read about from other articles, feeds and newsletters I subscribe to. All these little gems have crossed my path in the ... read more

Robin Good - July 10, 2005

Breaking away from many of the more traditional and conservative views still being aired by media blogs and journalism sites on the Web, the latest executive briefing published from The Media Center at the American Press Institute, lays down without fear a marvelous panorama of how ... read more

Robin Good - Media Center - July 8, 2005

Vimeo is another online free video hosting and delivery service dedicated to short high-quality clips. Chris Pirillo mini-clip for TheWeblogProject Originally conceived by Jakob Lodwick, it was recently brought to life by him together with Zach Klein. On Vimeo you can upload just about any video format though not ... read more

Robin Good - June 28, 2005

The New Gatekeepers: Who are they? What are they after? Do we need them? "The sins of the gatekeepers (editors, really) are now identified: professional. elite. official. sanctioned...The new technology has a potential to change this. What boosters promise about the new media and skeptics hold ... read more

Jon Garfunkel - June 23, 2005

Ever since blogs became popular in China, there have been a number of occasions where some blogs were threatened or shut down by telecommunications company or internet service providers due to their political speech. Photo credit: Ophelia Cherry These incidents not only brought risks to bloggers themselves ... read more

Robin Good - [via Slashdot] - June 22, 2005

"Go to your fields and your gardens, and you shall learn that it is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower, Photo credit: Nicola Gavin Track credit: Boytjie - Hun E 2 The B But it is also the pleasure of the flower ... read more

Robin Good - June 21, 2005

As access to powerful and low-cost new media, electronics and digital technologies becomes easier and easier thanks to innovation and lower and lower prices, creating value, products and good content is not anymore the exclusive property of large corporations, or financially equipped teams of investors. Amateurs ... read more

Robin Good - June 16, 2005

Though I am and have been a strong supporter of the adoption of RSS as an effective, user-centered, content delivery and distribution mechanism, I must be frank enough to show some of my concerns as well for this great technology. Photo credit: Kristen Handfield I am not drawing ... read more

Robin Good - June 14, 2005

What is the difference between IPTV, the Internet Protocol-based TV paradigm heralded by major telecom providers and large media groups (Microsoft included) and the Internet Television painted by the Long Tail phenomenon, Ourmedia, the Internet Archive, Brightcove, and the availability of amazing new technology opportunities such ... read more

Robin Good - June 4, 2005

"Technology has broken the corporate news monopoly. Digital cameras, camera phones, blogs, and RSS put the tools of the news trade into the hands of the public, and now real news comes from real people everywhere." Photo credit: Nick Winchester Just a few hours ago I have ... read more

Robin Good - May 28, 2005

Multi-user and group blogs are a new, rapidly emerging reality, representing one of the most interesting aspects of the strong market adoption and diversification process that the new generation of online publishing tools is giving life to. Photo credit: Alexander OPL As blogs are about to get their ... read more

Robin Good - May 16, 2005

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