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No more banner ads. In the coming weeks I will be finalizing my full overhaul of advertising banners. Never my favorites, I have been using them to bring in some income only on the site, where you can still see a few. But starting February 2005, ... read more

Robin Good - January 19, 2005

Robin Good chose an excellent topic for his debut today on the prestigious Corante EventLab blog, joining contributors like Alex Williams, Tim Bourquin, Gregory Narain and Eric Rice. Robin's article, titled "From e-Book To x-Event", may be read as a sequel to the audio interview just ... read more

Robin Good - Corante EventLab - January 18, 2005

The new PDF e-book about the theory, use and application of RSS to marketing and publishing is out today. With over 500 pages of rich content and several months of background research, experimentation and interviews with some of the most interesting RSS-thinkers, this is likely to ... read more

Robin Good - January 18, 2005

If you've always wanted to put your news-gathering, journalistic talents to the test, then here's a new initiative that claims to enable any news consumer to "determine for themselves which stories and topics are worthy of attention, share that news with others and to have a say ... read more

Robin Good - January 14, 2005

According to Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch MSN has started offering Web-based search query results via RSS. And, yesterday, MSN made it official. "RSS Feeds for Search Results from the MSN Search weblog explains how this is an alpha feature for the beta MSN Search service and ... read more

Robin Good - Search Engine Watch - January 13, 2005

Do software vendors benefit in the long-run from offering unlimited free trials of their tools? How influential is word-of-mouth reputation in promoting sales compared to advertising? Photo credit: Jorge Del Toro How can live, physical events best be recorded, enhanced and transformed into valuable digital packages, extending ... read more

Robin Good - January 11, 2005

Interactive TV (iTV) is widely available in the UK, but much less widespread in the rest of the world. Photo credit: Brian Alexander On the European continent the authorities and operators are still staggering over international guidelines and regulations and seemingly insurmountable obstacles like choice of platform ... read more

Robin Good - January 9, 2005

The MPAA and the RIAA keep suing not only individuals sharing and exchanging music and movie files online, but increasingly so-called BitTorrent sites, which allow a very efficient, fast and highly distributed way to get large files easily shared among online peers. But someone from the BitTorrent ... read more

Robin Good - MIT Technology Review - January 8, 2005

Getting your RSS feeds in place is not enough to get your headlines—and content, if you will—picked up by RSS indexes and directories. Robin Good realized this long ago when he first started offering his collection of RSS feed submission sites (RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory ... read more

Robin Good - January 5, 2005

Each of the bimonthly newsletters sent out by Jakob Nielsen is a little treasure of practical usability advice. Photo credit: Philipp Mamat In yesterday's issue, titled Reviving Advanced Hypertext, Nielsen once again breaks a convincing lance for the introduction and standardization of several useful hypertext features: ... read more

Robin Good - Jakob Nielsen - AlertBox - January 4, 2005


Cory Doctorow - - January 4, 2005

Wonder where the buzz is? I know that the blogosphere has lots to offer with lots of buzz references available on DayPop, Technorati, and some of the many other blog news and RSS clearinghouses, but, as I have just found out, mainstream Yahoo can guide you ... read more

Robin Good - January 1, 2005

"Can we create an advertising model that has all the benefits of paid search and at the same time values the relationship between publisher and audience?" Photo credit: Daniel V. Technology Review carries another great article covering this time the fascinating future of publisher-driven ad-selection I have ... read more

John Battelle - Technology Review - December 28, 2004

Iokio Omniscope is a desktop tool that allows direct visualization of database/spreadsheet data while providing powerful filter/search capabilities. Omniscope is a great new tool to publish, visually explore and interactively search through complex datasets online. click here to enlarge Omniscope turns your data into interactive visualizations that can ... read more

Robin Good - December 23, 2004

iUpload has just released the beta version of its new online personal publishing system iUplog. Half personal CMS, half blog, the iUpload solution brings together some of the best features found in the top mainstream solutions from Blogger, Movable Type, Typepad and MSN Spaces. The iUplog Personal ... read more

Robin Good - December 23, 2004

Had a great, interesting conversation with Rok Hrastnik of, who is about to release his major research work on RSS. Rok Hrastnik There is nothing like this I have seen before. This is a pretty monumental guide to RSS/Atom newsfeeds and their effective use for online ... read more

Robin Good - December 22, 2004

One of my favourite asynchronous discussion services, QuickTopic, has just added RSS to its already extremely useful set of functions. RSS feed generation allows you to follow QuickTopic comments and input from other contributors directly into your RSS reader/aggregator while allowing much greater exposure surface and the ... read more

Robin Good - [via Steve Yost - QuickTopic] - December 20, 2004

Here is another great new entry in the independent publisher resource kit: Prodigem. In their official Web pages they describe Prodigem as a peer-to-peer hosting service and content management system. In simpler words this is really a great new way to host and very efficiently ... read more

Robin Good - December 18, 2004

Where are the automatic HTML to RSS conversion services? I can’t believe it. I’m writing a book on RSS feeds, and as a result, I’m doing a lot of research on RSS. The book will be called Syndicating Web Sites with RSS Feeds For Dummies and it’s for ... read more

Ellen Finkelstein - December 11, 2004

According to a CNN news report, George Reyes, Google's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), speaking at an investor conference on December 1 2004, said that the growing abuse of the company's lucrative sponsored ad-search program by 'click fraud' was jeopardizing its business. "I think something has to be ... read more

Robin Good - CNN Money - December 6, 2004

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