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A website is more than a container for written articles, news, photos and graphics. Webmasters, authors and small online publishers must also integrate "special" and "uniquely valuable" quality themed-content into it. A so-called "sticky" website is one that attracts individuals and encourages them to return. "Sticky ... read more

Sharon Housley - Feed for All - February 11, 2006

We are drowning in a sea of information. It’s a growing torrent that no single person can possibly drink. In the book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman identifies a turning point in the history of mass communication, the invention of the telegraph. Prior to the ... read more

James Torio - Everyhuman - February 10, 2006
In the early days of radio in the U.S. there was very little control over who could use the various frequencies available to both commercial and amateur providers. Both were mixed in together in an interesting if chaotic hodge-podge. Subsequent regulations separated out frequencies to be ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - February 9, 2006

Leonardo Chiariglione, by many considered the father of .mp3, is an Italian scientist who has spent his professional life trying to transform Digital Media from being a potentially useful resource to becoming a set of actual benefits to society and business through such initiatives as HDTV ... read more

Robin Good - TheWeblogProject - February 9, 2006

Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of new media resources and tools. In it you find the best new media tools and picks I discover weekly during my daily research and explorations. The picnic gems I select are all tools and services that while small or ... read more

Robin Good - February 5, 2006

Thirty years ago news anchorman, Walter Cronkite, would finish up his hourly news broadcast to the nation of America by saying, ‘and that’s the way it is.” Kronkite was the daily voice of gospel news truth, and America was duly grateful. How very different it is ... read more

Alan Moore - SMLXL - February 2, 2006

The Blogosphere allows people to search for answers, to challenge and to build on established theories. It gives a person a voice in the global conversation, which is unrestrained by national borders, although some governments do tightly control the use of the Internet. The Blogosphere can ... read more

James Torio - James Torio - January 28, 2006

While there's quite a bit of excitement about Google's new video search and ecommerce service it's also taken considerable flak being generated by those claiming to be in the know about what video on the Web should be. Many of these suggestions call for slickness and ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - January 26, 2006

In the very near future more and more of the tools you will need to edit, write, collect and publish online, are going to be sitting and running on a remote server, and not on your local computer hard disk. While many have long realized this, ... read more

Matthew Guschwan - January 24, 2006

What is a blog? Is it a mirror reflecting your soul, or is it a painting drawn for the rest of the world to admire? Online facilitator Nancy White's contribution is vividly painted and insightful making me see more of what blogs really are. Nancy White, ... read more

Robin Good - TheWeblogProject - January 23, 2006

The volume of product-related information in companies is increasing by leaps and bounds. The reason is the growing multiplicity of products, software and services that require explanation. After the EU enlargement, not only large companies, even small and medium-sized enterprises must come to terms with the ... read more

Daniela Straub and Michael Fritz - Tekom - January 19, 2006

Julian Gallo, a very talented journalism Professor from Argentina, has recently written an interesting article about how the trade should take full advantage of the direct publishing features of blogs as well as of the multimedia opportunities provided by the increased ease with which anyone can ... read more

Julian Gallo - Mira! - January 18, 2006

Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of new media resources and tools. In it you find the best new media tools and picks I run into every week during my daily research and explorations into the future of independent media publishing. This week as before I ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - January 15, 2006

CastingWords is a nifty new online service which allows anyone to submit an audio podcast for immediate transcription into text. The key innovations brought in by this very affordable new service (see further down my comparison with a traditional established broadcast transcriber) are the easy and efficient ... read more


"Unfortunately, I believe too many of us, editors and journalists, have lost contact with our readers. We often ask ourselves, "Do we have a story?" rather than asking, "Will someone be interested in reading this story?" And it goes on. "News providers had better get web-savvy, stop ... read more

Diego Galli - Il Mulino - January 10, 2006

The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly public service to deliver you the latest new media resources, software and websites that can help you become a more effective independent publisher without having to rely on expensive corporate tools. In this picnic collection there is something for everyone, ... read more


2005 is almost over, but looking ahead remains my passion. Here are a few more anticipations and predictions that should be added to my original Web Predictions for 2006 which I wrote over a week ago. Here are ten more disruptive and powerful changes that from my ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2005
Reuters has made available this week a streaming news video player which can be integrated on any web site or blog. The new Reuters news video player requires no maintenance, no uploading, no software configuration and it is completely free. [NULL] [/NULL] What the Reuters news video player ... read more

Robin Good - December 30, 2005

Eric Goldstein, CEO of a new company called Clipmarks, own proposition is that bookmarks as we know them are badly broken. What we really need, he suggests, are not bookmarks but a more evolved and effective way of storing and "clipping" those bits and pieces of useful ... read more

Matthew Guschwan - December 29, 2005

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