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People talk, some more than others. With each conversation, information is spread from one person to another, and if the topic of conversation is interesting, exciting, or has value; people will discuss the topic with other people. ... read more

James Torio - Everyhuman - November 16, 2005

The official launch of was announced today, ushering in a powerful new set of tools to help individual authors to mingle their content with professional publishers in an online system designed to reward authors for their content's popularity and quality. Publishing via Gather is about ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - November 15, 2005

Producing video for online distribution is both one of the killer new media opportunities opening up for would-be independent web video producers as well as being the nastiest technology bottleneck faced by non-technological authors and entrepreneurs wanting to enter this new content arena. As I have ... read more

Robin Good - Andrew Baron - Rocketboom - November 4, 2005

Is podcasting going to "alter" traditional radio as we know it today? Some even believe that radio is dying altogether because of the rapid and sweeping emergence of podcasting and satellite radio complemented by the very low-quality programming of US-like commercial radio stations. While I do not ... read more

Robin Good - November 3, 2005

Sharewood Picnic is Robin Good's weekly basket of hand-picked goodies discovered and found in the last seven days; it includes new web sites, software tools and online resources that can further enable your ability to become effective independent publishers online. You are welcome to test, download and ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - October 30, 2005

Business blogging, or how to make money with a blog, is one of the hottest topics that would-be independent publishers like to read about. While there are indeed many new and fascinating approaches to increase the number and size of your possible revenue stream that can be ... read more


Are blogs credible news sources? Yahoo’s recent move to include blog results in routine news searches seems to indicate they are. Blogs can be indeed be credible and trusted news sources, as Rathergate showed us. In fact, blogs may have in some instances additional credibility that the ... read more

Robin Good - October 22, 2005

A new service is about to launch that will allow individuals to create, manage and maintain "mini-guides" to specific topics, products, people and issues. Mini-Guides, or lenses, as Seth Godin, the idea man behind this service has named them, are nothing else that well organized web pages ... read more

Robin Good - Seth Godin [via Stephen Downes] - OLDaily - October 20, 2005

The same guys who have recently launched Skylook, the cool Outlook-based Skype recorder, have given me the honour of uncovering first their latest free audio recording and messaging tool that is being released today: WaxMail. With WaxMail you can start replying to your Outlook emails via your ... read more

Robin Good - October 11, 2005

Blogs are an incredible tool for information sharing, communicating ideas, or just putting thoughts out in the open. But blogging is not a Teflon coating, there are dangers associated with these tools especially when the topic of your own blogging is the company you work for ... read more

Robin Good - October 7, 2005
Anyone with an understanding of blogs knows how much these grassroots communication tools can potentially influence social and political change over any political landscape. It was bloggers who unearthed the shoddy journalistic practices leading to Rathergate during the 2004 election, and recently, blogs like the DrudgeReport ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - Henry Farrell and Daniel W. Drezner - U. of Chicago and G. Washington University - September 30, 2005
Open-source textbooks on any topic, in any language, available to anyone, anywhere, for free - this is the goal of Wikibooks, a project of the Wikimedia Project, the folks who brought you Wikipedia. Currently consisting of over 11.000 book modules from kindergarten to university-level, Wikibooks opens ... read more

Robin Good - Daniel Terdiman - CNet News - September 29, 2005
Here is a new white-paper on podcasting for learning: Written and produced by the Otter Group, the paper "dips [the authors'] baby toes into the pool of possibilities in podcasting for learning." Since March of this year the Otter Group has been producing the Negotiating Tip of ... read more

Aixa Almonte [via Kathleen Gilroy] - Otter Group - September 21, 2005

Scoping the contents of an information site is a tough task. that is why major search engines have become the major, most used and accessed gateways to anyone site pages. They are indeed, by far, the fastest and easiest method to discover and find out whether ... read more

Robin Good - September 19, 2005
Do you know how you can use podcasting and video blogging to communicate effectively via online media? Are you interested in starting up your own Internet TV or radio station? For the first time in human history every individual has the power of self-expression to reach ... read more

ITConversations - September 17, 2005
"You've gotta go back and understand where blogging came from. We were disgusted with how corporations were behaving. Blogging started really taking off after the dotcom boom and bust. It started taking off after WorldCom and other corporate scandals. It started taking off because corporations seemed to ... read more

Robert Scoble - Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger - September 16, 2005
James Torio has recently taken on the challenge to write about blogs and media phenomenon they represent: blogs are social change tools, business venues, support and development instruments, wonderful marketing channels, gateways to innovative learner-centered education and peer-review journals for a new media world in which ... read more

Robin Good - September 16, 2005

With the combination of Internet calls and VoiceXML, a new era of innovation is coming to the telephone. Skype has jut announced its partnership with three voice application development companies opening a new huge market for voice-based services and applications delivered through the Skype platform: Sport information Training ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2005
The latest creative incentive the BBC is offering its own audiences to have them start participating more tangibly in the making of media is a video-editing competition in which participants get to remix selected BBC openly-licensed video footage. The competition is running now and will last throughout ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2005

Today is BlogDay, the day in which you can learn and discover new and truly valuable bloggers that you don't know about. BlogDay was initiated with the belief that bloggers should have one day which will be dedicated to know other bloggers, from other countries or areas ... read more

[via Maurizio Goetz] - Marketing Usabile - August 31, 2005

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