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from June 29, 2004 to June 11, 2004

Great news for Mac owners and for news and content publishers leveraging RSS newsfeeds for distribution, news gathering and independent publishing. Yesterday, at the annual //">World Wide Developers Conference Apple announced the new version of its future Mac OSX "Tiger" which includes 150 new features, as ... read more

Robin Good - - June 29, 2004
Launching today, Amplify is a new personal knowledge management tool and an online information collecting community that may greatly simplify your search and information collecting efforts. With the Amplify toolbar installed, you can easily capture any type of web content, including images, text, animations, audio and ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 28, 2004
If you haven't heard about Blikis yet, it is now time you do. A bliki is a blog that also has wiki capabilities. That means, an easy-to-use online publishing tool, that a non-technical person can operate, and that integrates the ability for readers of the content ... read more

Robin Good - June 27, 2004

"This article discusses typical KM challenges facing large organizations and how a company intranet can be leveraged to create lasting and measurable business value. ... The aspects of knowledge management discussed are people (in the form of communities of practice) and enterprise intranets as knowledge platforms. ... read more

Shiv Singh - Boxes and Arrows - June 22, 2004
The effective design of an intranet is one of the most challenging information design tasks an organization may need to face. Generally spearheaded by IT departments with poor understanding of information architecture and usability issues that make for a successful intranet, many organizations are left with ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - Alertbox - June 22, 2004
Two very good examples of effective information design applied to newsmaking, are the recipients of last year Best Of New Media Design Competition organized by the Society for News Design ( One is El Calamar Gigante, produced by Elmundo with information from the Smithsonian Institute and ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 21, 2004
"The goal of the project is to create a platform for content consisting of a network of contributors and correspondents, recruited from young audiences and students distributed throughout all parts of the world, who are engaged in direct reporting via collective production of Internet and broadcast ... read more

Robin Good - Field-Notes from the Globalization Forefront - June 20, 2004
"Timely, focused online newsletter a valuable relationship builder. Just two years ago, the average e-mail user was confused and frustrated when differentiating between spam and the then-emerging category of marketing newsletters. Today, average users are better able to make the differentiation. As a result, publishing an ... read more

Robin Good - Seattle Times - June 19, 2004

Here is my own voice commentary on a few of the issues raised during the last Decisioncast RSS Weekly event that took place on Thursday June 17th. This is also an asynchronous voice reply to a new type of conversation that small independent news publishers can ... read more

Robin Good - Robin Good Sharewood Tidings - June 18, 2004
Barry Parr well summarizes in a clear and well-written five-part series entitled "Why Can't a Newspaper Be More Like a Blog?" what is that newspapers really miss while trying to catch-up and find a sustainable path in their online ventures. "News sites have been wringing their ... read more

Barry Parr - Media Savvy - June 18, 2004
The business of Weblogs and RSS. How do companies use Weblogs and RSS for their marketing and business activities? How do companies use Weblogs and RSS to speed communication for internal communications? Under the capable coordinating hand of Alex Williams RSS Weekly is back today with ... read more

Robin Good - RSS Weekly - June 17, 2004
"A Blogads survey claims that blog readers are more mature and affluent than expected and more prone to click on ads and buy online. Many advertisers think bloggers—and blog readers—inhabit some kind of cyber backwater, full of stagnant, egotistical, overwritten and overblown opinion pages, but no ... read more

Robin Good - eMarketer - June 16, 2004
Released just over a month ago, the video recording of this April 2004 seminar held at UC Berkeley, provides some very interesting insight and commentary by a panel of qualified experts of traditional and online journalism: Neil Chase, managing editor of CBS MarketWatch, Vin Crosbie of ... read more

Robin Good Comments - June 15, 2004
A great collection of nine essays explaining the importance of integrating web accessibility guidelines in online publishing efforts and the positive consequences this may generate in the way major search engines will index and rank such content. "...many of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, if ... read more

Robin Good - BigMouthMedia - June 15, 2004 has released version 1.0 of its NewsAloud software that is designed to automatically retrieve news stories from a variety of news sites such as Yahoo News and Reuters, as well as from any RSS Feed. It uses Voice Synthesis (Text To Speech or TTS) to ... read more

Robin Good - eContentMagazine - June 15, 2004
Findory News is an online newspaper that learns from your preferences. News sites show the same news to everyone, but not everyone is the same. By paying attention to the news you've read recently, finds the news articles you don't want to miss. Findory uses ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 14, 2004
"There are about 35 million websites on the Internet - by 2014 there'll be an estimated 150 million, not including personal websites. With so many people online and so many websites competing with yours, if you can't persuade Internet users to be loyal to your website ... read more

Robin Good - WebDevTips - June 13, 2004
John Battelle says: "If advertisers are going to truly benefit from marketing on blogs, they will have to get to know each one to the point that their ads speak with a voice that is consistent in the community where they are advertising." Bill Flitter of ... read more

Bill Flitter - Pheedo - June 13, 2004
"Why are you paying $18 per month for something online when you could get it mostly for free? It's one thing to talk about our being used to paying for printed newspapers, and to talk about it only being fair to compensate editors and writers for ... read more

Stephen Downes - from his unpublished book ""The Learning Marketplace: Meaning, Metadata and Content Syndication in the Learning Object Economy" - June 12, 2004
Taking screen shots of a computer application, Web site or software application is not as easy as it may appear, especially if you need those screenshots to be used in high quality inside professional print publications. This one-page tutorial provides some useful guidance, both to PC ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 11, 2004

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