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"NewslettersByRSS is a bridge product. It allows newsletter publishers to continue to deliver their newsletters by email while trying out a new delivery vehicle - RSS technology. Web sites have long used Newsletters to increase their 'draw' of visitors back to their web site. This ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - April 15, 2004
This is a technical article that requires knowledge of programming and XML. It offers one greatly documented approach (5000 words) to how a "generic" non-RSS powered site or blog can be made to generate a standard RSS feed. The article provides also useful information on how ... read more

Roy Osherove - ISerializable - April 12, 2004
How Can You Tell Whether a Book Can Go Online? In order for a book to go online, either the copyright holder (usually the author) has to give permission, or the book needs to be in the public domain (i.e. copyright on the material has expired), ... read more

Robin Good - The Online Books Page - April 12, 2004

"By the year 2010, file-sharers could be swapping news rather than music, eliminating censorship of any kind. This is the view of the man who helped kickstart the concept of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, Cambridge University's Professor Ross Anderson. "..."If you can break the grip of the ... read more

Robin Good - BBC News - April 10, 2004
"Recent history and the Internet have opened up some unprecedented global marketing possibilities. The ability to reach a global market on the Web has highlighted some interesting challenges for user-centered design as well. One largely anticipated outcome of globalization was convergence. Levitt (1983) predicted that shared ... read more

Kath Straub - Human Factors International - April 8, 2004
"Computer-mediated communication is the lifeblood of social software. When we use e-mail, instant messaging, Weblogs, and wikis, we're potentially free to interact with anyone, anywhere, anytime. But there's a trade off. Our social protocols map poorly to TCP/IP. Whether the goal is to help individuals create ... read more

Robin Good - April 7, 2004
"I will never be too clever to ever stop measuring how people use our Web site. I don't know what will work with our visitors the first time around. I couldn't have said that one headline would work better than another until I tested it. I ... read more

Robin Good - - April 7, 2004
Waypath is the public front end of a busy engineering/think tank lab. conceived to enhance the weblog community by providing new ways to connect people and content. Waypath works around new and fascinating ways to extract more value from content, people and information already floating ... read more

Robin Good - Waypath - April 6, 2004

MediaScooper is a new FREE service that allows you to display any RSS feed on your Web site with maximum ease. You need to simply log into MediaScooper (no registration required) and to select one of the many RSS feeds already listed there or to add ... read more

Robin Good - Mediascooper - April 5, 2004
Together with Trafford , Lulu and CafePress, Booklocker is the fourth most interesting Print On Demand (POD) resource to cross my research path and to offer an easy way for independent publishers to get their work out cost-effectively, rapidly and while making a profit. develops ... read more

Robin Good - Booklocker - April 4, 2004
Digital Media News for Europe is a new online resource devoted specifically to new media in the old continent. Focusing mainly on news and reporting the new digital media clearinghouse for Europe has different sections devoted to Internet & e-commerce, itv, DTV, Streaming, Internet Access, ... read more

Robin Good - DM Europe - April 3, 2004
This is an 8-page Word document that illustrates to a somehow techno-savvy user what RSS is and how it can be effectively used in the classroom. While there are a few incorrect items and errors and the number of resources mentioned is quite limited, this is ... read more

Will Richardson - [via George Siemens] - April 2, 2004
Jeffrey Veen offers an excellent overview of why many content managementsystem solutions fail inside large organizations: "All publications require editorial expertise. Few companies are publishing companies; most provide other kinds of goods and services. Yet over the last few years, every company has found that it ... read more

Jeffrey Veen - Adaptive Path - April 2, 2004
One-Shot Searching Is Over: Publish And Subscribe Approach To Gain Momentum. This is a must-read essay from one of the few players in this field that shows to see and well understand where we are actually headed. Bob Wyman writes in his blog: ".."online advertising, especially ... read more

Bob Wyman - As I May Think... - April 2, 2004
I don't know you, but I was pretty mesmerized when I saw the following just a few hours ago: on a normal Windows PC, running Internet Explorer, I accessed my Kolabora site. On the home page, the top banner, which normally showcases the famous fresco from ... read more

Robin Good - April 1, 2004
News, links and other useful stuff for the blog designer. BlogDSNG is a great online resource offering selected information to selected resources, directories and tools relating to bloggers, RSS newsmasters and independent publishers. This is a new well organized resource to which you can directly contribute ... read more

Robin Good - BlogDSNG - March 26, 2004
Originally developed at Netscape, a new technology called RSS has risen from the dead to ignite the next-evolution of the Net. RSS represents the first step in a major new paradigm shift -- the birth of "The Metaweb." The Metaweb is the next evolution of the ... read more

Nova Spivacks - March 26, 2004
A well prepared and exhaustive short reference to all you need to do to improve the quality and readership of your online site. In this great article, originally targeted at bloggers, Dave Pollard distils it all down to the ten things you can do that are ... read more

Dave Pollard - March 25, 2004
So many sites, so little time. If you want to stay at the top of the information food chain, you gotta read 'em - lots of 'em. And you have to do it every day. But as that list of must-read blogs grows, hunting and gathering ... read more

Xeni Jardin - Wired - March 25, 2004
"eMail alerts will be replaced with smart RSS feeds, AI algorithms will constantly monitor our selected newsfeeds to capture only the in-depth points of our current interest and projects. Smart snapshots of information will be analyzed, formulated and then disseminated to our projects or personal information ... read more

Robin Good - March 24, 2004

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