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Digital Media Converter is a great audio utility for both novice and advanced users. It converts reliably all popular audio and video file formats, both individually and in automatic batch mode. It is easy to use and can be put to work quietly in the background. ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 10, 2004
Barry Parr expresses very clearly the status of the online newspaper industry: "Our vision of the Web has changed a couple of times in the last decade, but newspapers vision of their online edition remain unchanged. Right now, we're in the middle of a bottom-up revolution ... read more

Barry Parr - MediaSavvy - June 9, 2004
An excellent introductory article on RSS and its uses, showcases a large annotated list of services, resources and RSS tools available to the public. It's unfortunate that some of these mainstream articles miss on understanding what the best RSS feeds really are, while they keep suggesting ... read more

Robin Good Comments - June 8, 2004

"...the elephant in the room: RSS. While INBOX wrestles with the intractable problems of blurred international boundaries, too-complex authentication solutions and too-expensive computational and payment schemes, more and more of us are routing around e-mail for all but the most basic services. IM for supply-chain communications, ... read more

Dan Gillmor - eWeek - June 7, 2004
If you are looking for an online resource that provides advice and guidance to creating digital images (including raster, vector and animated formats), delivering digital images to users, using digital images to support teaching, learning and research, managing both small and large scale digitisation projects, you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 6, 2004
"In the new world of work, you are a brand. And to stand out and prosper, you must leverage your experience, way of thinking, ideas, skills and braggables to create a perception that there is no one in the marketplace quite like you. I call ... read more

Ramon Williamson - UGMC - [via Eric Wibisono - KULT] - June 4, 2004
A great small collection of quality tips for online publishers using (X)HTML code in their pages. These are absolute "must-follow" rules if you want your site to be accessible, compatible and reliably "validated". The idea here is to educate people that build the Web by using the ... read more

Robin Good - W3C - QA - June 3, 2004
"An interesting connection and developing nanopublishing business through nurturing talent: "This very model of broadcast folk art may be the thing that places weblogs on a viable footing for the long term as a communications medium that moves both people and profits. The popular music industry ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - [via Rafat Ali] - June 2, 2004

"Web logs, the online daily journals that link to and comment on everything from pornography to the war in Iraq, are often compared by their boosters to the printing press and upheld as the salvation of democracy in general and journalism in particular. Millions produce them, millions ... read more

Lou Rutigliano - June 1, 2004
RSS is becoming a highly pervasive information distribution channel in our rapidly expanding universe. Here is a new tool that allows PowerPoint presentations to easily integrate RSS feeds and news headlines. The Take-off RSS news reader from DataPoint gathers RSS news and sends them directly into ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 31, 2004
"The revolution of RSS is what people are doing with it, what it enables, the way it works for people who use technology, the freedom it offers, and the way it makes timely information, that used to be expensive and for the select-few so inexpensive and ... read more

Robin Good - ReallySimpleSyndication - May 30, 2004
"We're all used to the notion of integrated productivity software (like Microsoft Office) but we're still waiting for media editors, like music or sound sampling, graphics or photo editing and simple presentation tools - to be integrated with IM, email, personal publishing (like blogs) and social ... read more

Marc Canter - Always On - [via PaidContent] - May 28, 2004
Ben Hunt has just released a new interesting online resource devoted to Web design. Called 'Web Design from Scratch', the site gives a refreshing look at designing Web sites with the end user in mind and it provides a great set of simple-to-use resources as basic ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 28, 2004
Here is a good article detailing simple, yet effective, guidelines to follow when planning an email campaign or action alert. "Raoul Bhavnani at Westhill Partners shares his insights on how to effectively reach out to supporters online and motivate them to become more involved. The Internet ... read more

Robin Good - Meet the Expert: Raoul Bhavnani, Westhill Partners - May 27, 2004
In today's digital environment, the context of content is a vast international network of digital materials and services. Objects, metadata and collections should be viewed not only within the context of the projects that created them but as building blocks that others can reuse, repackage, and ... read more

Robin Good - NISO - National Information Standards Organization - May 26, 2004
Acrobat PDF is a popular digital distribution format for documents, presentations and other multimedia content requiring faithful display across platforms, security and a more manageable file size. PDF/TextBox is an easy to use free PDF editor. It allows you to write documents quickly and easily and ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 26, 2004
A detailed breakdown of twelve of the most interesting blogging technologies. It lists and compares in tabular format the attributes of different user-installed blog tools. It covers Movable Type, pMachine Pro, WordPress, b2evolution, TextPattern, Pivot and more. An Excel spreadsheet containing all the data is also ... read more

Asymptomatic - [via Slashdot] - May 25, 2004
With all the discussion about separating presentation from content (and structure), it's easy to lose track of the goal. So let's step back, define our terms, and take a look at why it matters. The major reason to separate presentation from the rest of the page ... read more

Michael Cohen - A List Apart - May 24, 2004
"There are a dizzying number of systems on the market that are or can be referred to as Content Management Systems. Determining which content management system is right for you starts with an understanding of the different types of systems and the range of functionalities available. ... read more

Steve Manning - The Rockley Report - May 23, 2004
A basic introductory-level resource on how to create and publish streaming videos on the Internet. Digital video clips can be published online and be made to "stream" instead of requiring the end user to fully download a large file before being able to view it fully. ... read more

Bill Edwards - [via Stephen Downes] - May 22, 2004

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