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News Aggregators, also known as Newsreaders or RSS Readers are becoming extremely popular with news junkies for three main reasons - they perform a really useful task, they're typically very easy to use and in most cases, are free. Photo credit: Lynne Lancaster So, what's the catch? ... read more

Robin Good - December 5, 2004

Microsoft has just launched an online blogging service called MSN Spaces. The MSN Spaces online service is in Beta and it is completely free. MSN Spaces allows the creation of a blog and integrates in it some interesting advanced features, including: ... read more

Robin Good - December 2, 2004

As originally reported by Robin Good on October 26, 2004 in his article The News According To Us: WikiNews, Wikinews is a project which, if successful, will see individual newsmakers create a world-wide distributed independent news clearinghouse. "Built upon the open collaborative wiki-model it allows maximum abilities ... read more

Robin Good - December 2, 2004

Here in Sharewood I am notoriously pretty suspicious when it comes to press releases. Rather than trusting the typical media hype, I personally take the time to test and explore new tools until I genuinely feel I have a good feel for their strengths and weaknesses. ... read more

Robin Good - December 1, 2004

Here is an industry, dynamic, fast growing and exciting with new tools and technologies showing up on my radar on a weekly basis now, but with no real voices, personalities and character, as the audiences they are targeting would be expecting to find. Photo credit: Davide Guglielmo The ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - November 29, 2004

By the year 2014, what I call newsmasters will be the most sought-after and highly rewarded professional media creators the world has ever seen. Newsmasters are an emerging group of news editors which utilize new tools and techniques to create unique content streams on specialized topics by ... read more

Robin Good - Robin Sloan - Museum of Media History - November 29, 2004

There is a lot of untapped potential around the intelligent use of RSS syndicated content, and I have extensively pointed out some of the possible directions this may take us to. Photo credit: Robin Good It is important to acknowledge though the issue of free content re-use when ... read more

Robin Good - November 26, 2004

Staci Kramer from reports: "While some of us are wondering how best to use ads in RSS feeds, IT Garage proprietor Doc Searls asked "How long before somebody designs an RSS newsreader that blocks ads in RSS feeds?" He quickly got a reply from someone ... read more

Robin Good - - November 23, 2004

The recent news that the BBC is experimenting at the bleeding edge of the new media technology world, with podcasting, probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. They have been experimenting with the newest of new media technologies for some time. The BBC was one ... read more

Robin Good - November 22, 2004

Are you thinking that your blogsite could do with a bit of a makeover? Want to do something to it that will make it stand out more from the increasingly crowded blogosphere? Perhaps add a few bells and whistles? Then help may be at hand. Blogbox provides free, ... read more

Robin Good - November 18, 2004

A free public archive for everyone to upload and share their personal content, be it text, audio, music or video, is about to become reality. Its goal is the one to enable producers of grassroots media to store and share their work with the world. Without ... read more

Robin Good - via Stephen Downes - November 17, 2004

Do you want to be come an online entrepreneur, a small independent and sustainable publisher on the topic(s) that reflect your true interests and passions? Flemming Flunch's Escape Velocity is a new blog out there that has just started laying out the right questions, the possible routes ... read more

Robin Good - Escape Velocity - November 14, 2004

The Creative Commons has just release a new revolutionary, free killer app that allows individuals to upload, CC tag and share their audio recordings to the Internet at large via the Internet Archive, while keeping some of their rights fully intact. CC Publisher is indeed a revolutionary ... read more

Robin Good - [via Joi Ito] - November 9, 2004
If, as an RSS newsmaster, you've been struggling to find ways to earn an income from your uniquely crafted content feeds, then life may have started to get slightly easier. Pheedo has just announced the launch of an advertising management tool that will allow you to insert ... read more

Robin Good - November 8, 2004
In the June edition of the Knowledge Management quarterly supplement to the Information Advisor electronic magazine, chief editor Robert Berkman interviewed me on the emerging role of the RSS newsmaster and of its relevance within the corporate information management community. As the article was published in ... read more

Robert Berkman - November 8, 2004

10x10 is a new visualization tool which showcases the top 100 words in the news and the 100 photos associated to them. The results is a dynamic dashboard that displays in one screen a mosaic of the key news images for that very hour next to ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - November 7, 2004

POPstick is a Boston-based new media communication agency that utilizes digital technology to build creative solutions for new marketing opportunities and challenges. I picked up POPstick newest idea, POPstick Outburst, because nonetheless its very corporate and impersonal communication strategy (quite at the opposite of very model ... read more

Robin Good - November 6, 2004 publisher John Rourke has written me to manifest his dismay caused by my having announced the creation of a free RSS newsfeed for the aggregated news headlines published on home page. In a public comment to my post informing readers about the availability of these ... read more

Robin Good - November 5, 2004
Traditionally, investors, investment managers and fund managers had relied on advice from industry and company analysts at investment banks and stockbrokers to make sound investment decisions. Then, as high-profile corporate scandals (Enron, Tyco etc) rocked financial markets after the internet bust, the ensuing collapse of share ... read more

Robin Good - November 3, 2004
"The renaissance man for independent publishing on the Internet. " I must thank Tom Parish for his kind words. He has done a wonderful job of making me comfortable in explaining, for the first time in a more detailed and pragmatical way, what RSS newsmastering is ... read more

Tom Parish - November 3, 2004

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