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New media, Web 2.0, online applications, web-based services, mobile applications and online collaboration tools are all part of this new basket full of gems I have prepared for you for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most ... read more


Custom book publishing is already a reality. The new revamped offering from O'Reilly Media shows that the educational market too is ready for disintermediating large publisher while giving in to deep customization and teacher-driven content selection. Custom textbook publishing is next. In this new paradigm everyone ... read more

John Blossom and Robin Good - Shore - April 7, 2006

Video editing, publishing and remixing online is now a reality. Before I could even ponder or realize the amazing opportunities that these new video editing tools were going to unleash on us, I am already surrounded by a small set of great online video services ... read more

Robin Good - April 6, 2006

a) a highly efficient Content Syndication and Distribution venue, c) a smart Contextual Advertising system that matches ads to high-quality content, d) an On-Demand Content marketplace for online publishers: this is what Mochila, a new publishers' marketplace, intends to offer to its multiple stakeholders. Mochila clears ... read more

John Blossom and Robin Good - Shore - April 4, 2006

New media tools and services are blooming like never before. Here is a new basket full of new media gems for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have ... read more


Video advertising gives a new spin to how user-generated content and a distributed advertising model can enable exposure and profits for all parties involved. Watch, Upload, Make Money. This is the roaring mantra for newly launched, an online video clips clearinghouse that allows anyone to submit, ... read more


Digital content is not only the latest hip song or your newly released blockbuster movie in digital format. Digital content, whether your government has helped you realize this or not, is also the vast, immense amount of historical, artistic and cultural works that is gradually findings ... read more

Robin Good and the people of the web - Manifesto delle Libertà Digitali - March 28, 2006
"Micro, web-page embedded browsers, open up new possibilities for navigating and finding additional relevant content with great ease of use and while never leaving the original page." Imagine a micro browser, embedded in your web site home page, which allows your readers to navigate your blogroll ... read more

Robin Good - March 24, 2006

"...the value that publishers and advertisers can gain from considering the value of content endorsed on a person-to-person basis has enormous potential." Content relicensing services provide publishers with steady if somewhat unglamorous revenues from individuals and institutions willing to pay a premium for the rights to redistribute ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - March 21, 2006

To promote a more participatory society, it is important to promote participatory media and to challenge, replace and eventually abandon mass media. In order to better understand the mass media's inherent lack of democracy, it is useful to imagine a communication system that allows and fosters participation ... read more

Brian Martin - University of Wollongong - March 20, 2006

It's hand-wringing time for journalists again. The annual report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism sounds increasingly familiar themes for a profession under fire. The gap between still-maturing online markets and waning print markets makes it harder than ever for news publishers to commit expenditures ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - March 15, 2006

Mass media are inherently corrupting. A small number of owners and editors exercise great power over what is communicated to large numbers of people. Mass media should be replaced by participatory media organised as networks, such as telephone and computer networks. Strategies to supersede mass media ... read more

Brian Martin - University of Wollongong - March 13, 2006

Sooner or later, and maybe without even knowing the technical terms required to communicate this to someone else, you will want to subscribe and monitor web sites, information pages, or online catalog sections on an ongoing basis. You have heard about RSS, webfeeds, Atom and other ... read more

Robin Good - March 9, 2006

Michel Bauwens concludes his major essay on P2P economics by looking at the opportunities that would lead the economics of peer to peer to become increasingly important forces in the emerging new rich marketplaces created by information surplus, distributed technology, and by those instances where the ... read more

Michel Bauwens - - March 6, 2006

Robin Good: Best Practices And Tactics For Increasing Web Traffic, Online Exposure and Visibility while being ethical, effective, and useful to the network at large. I am an online micro-publisher managing over 10 small and independent news sites and online resources for a total of more than ... read more

Robin Good - March 2, 2006

Here is a new basket full of delicacies for our weekend Sharewood Picnic. New media resources and tools gathered during the past 10-15 days await your testing and validation before everyone else hears about them. Here are in fact what I consider the most interesting new ... read more

Robin Good - February 26, 2006

For the good and for the bad, television has been one of the most influential factors in the development of our present day culture and world view. While the reality and illusions television has created may not be perfectly marching the ideal world you may have ... read more

Robin Good - February 21, 2006

Not since Marx identified the manufacturing plants of Manchester as the blueprint for the new capitalist society has there been a deeper transformation of the fundamentals of our social life. As political, economic, and social systems transform themselves into distributed networks, a new human dynamic is ... read more

Michel Bauwens - - February 20, 2006

I am having a bit of a ramble around the demise of mass media, why it happened in the first place and how our digital world is impacting on what we consume and how. So I came across an interesting book by Lizabeth Cohen - ... read more

Alan Moore - February 17, 2006
Independent citizens, including professionals, filmmakers, government workers and even former US military officials are among the brave new small investigative citizen reporters who have been spending their time to research on their own, what really happened on the tragic September 11th 2001. What they all ... read more

Robin Good - ReOpen 911 - February 13, 2006

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