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Net neutrality remains a hot topic in 2007 as the US congress discusses again around whether providing truly equal access to every publisher on the Internet will remain a fundamental right or whether those having greater financial capabilities can rule a preferred distribution highway for themselves. As ... read more

Robin Good - January 13, 2007
What is the future of independent films and user-generated video now that the online video revolution is in full swing? World renowned film-director and Oscar winner Francis Ford Coppola shares, in this very old television clip (must be from the 80s), his 1-minute insight into the future ... read more

Robin Good - January 8, 2007

Music video creation service lets you personalize your own video clips through a web-based recording and post-production studio Video tagging service allows you to bookmark specific scenes inside online videos on YouTube and Metacafe Video clips clearinghouse lets you watch some of the very best user-generated video clips ... read more


Online video, Internet television, IPTV and grassroots independent video publishing will indeed be some of the fastest moving new media sectors. All of them will see further changes, unpredicted disruptions and innovation, and lots of new fascinating video publishing tools and content opportunities during 2007. This ... read more

Robin Good - January 1, 2007

Video sharing community allows you to create your own video channel Video playlist creator lets you build up and share your own video playlist Video encoder enables you to encode your own videos within your browser Project management tool lets you manage tasks and collaborate online with your team Web ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - December 31, 2006

2006 proved itself to be the year of online video, and as the medium has evolved more and more free online resources have become readily available for those willing to look for them. As universities get wise to the Open Courseware concept, and independent video producers ... read more

Michael Pick - December 29, 2006

Corporate Web sites may not push out awesome viewership statistics compared to many media sites, but the data coming out of recent research is pointing to direct communications with online audiences providing multiples more impact on their bottom lines than media-based advertising. Online media companies are likely ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - December 27, 2006

Online video is a great way to add rich content to your blog or website, whether you are keeping a personal journal or running a for-profit operation. The Google Ajax Search API is a great way of being able to customize the way you display your ... read more

Michael Pick - Google Playground - December 26, 2006

Phone calls forwarder lets you receive calls from the Web by forwarding them to your real phone number Phone calling widget enables your site visitors to call you through their web browser Status displayer for VoIP and IM lets you show your online presence status on different networks Whiteboarding ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - December 24, 2006

Iraq War: Bloggers And Independent Journalists Bring Back The News The Western Media Can't Touch - Iraq: The Hidden Story - Video Highlights Native Iraqi independent journalists and political bloggers engaged with real people on the ground level are bringing back the news that the Western media ... read more

Michael Pick and Robin Good - Channel 4 - December 23, 2006

At a recent gathering of CIOs, I was introduced, not as an information architect, interaction designer, or librarian, but as a futurist. I figure this affords me the latitude to make a prediction. Next year, after the bubble bursts, we will enter the era of Information ... read more

Peter Morville - Semantic Studios - December 21, 2006

As always, much of what you have seen in 2006 is only an anticipation of yet more innovative, effective and useful new media technologies to appear in the coming months. In this yearly "technology predictions" article I take a look at key new media technology areas ... read more

Robin Good - December 20, 2006

XML-based datafeeds are becoming popular tools for delivering content to online audiences from Web sites. But such RSS feeds are far from popular with publishers intent on boosting page view statistics and fearing leakage through content that's delivered to users who will never come in to ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - December 19, 2006

VoIP tools allow you to make cheap international calls from your computer Web presentation service lets you upload presentations and edit them within your browser Mobile instant messaging service lets you access all major IM networks from your mobile phone Web word processor allows you to edit documents online ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - December 17, 2006

"During the last few years, new forms of content generation and organisation on the World Wide Web have emerged. Services such as blogs, wikis and podcasting give users the opportunity to become authors and to express themselves. For the first time, even users lacking the knowledge ... read more

Josef Kolbitsch and Hermann Maurer - Journal of Universal Computer Science - December 15, 2006

One question we're often asked is which method is best: usability testing or expert usability reviews? Well, if they were sports cars, expert usability reviews might be a Porsche (pretty decent car and better than no car at all), but usability testing would be in a ... read more

Lisa Halabi - Webcredible - December 13, 2006

A blog is constantly evolving, growing and developing. Bloggers are looking for new and better software, exciting and innovative information to post and for new links to increase their presence on search engines. As we have reported in the first part of this research, the bloggers ... read more

Nora Ganim Barnes - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth - Center for Marketing Research - December 6, 2006

Online video, or what we are increasingly referring to as Internet television, can't be really appreciated unless there are tools that simplify, facilitate and enrich the process of searching, playing, sharing and publishing online video content. The new Democracy video platform, a free, open-source tool which ... read more

Michael Pick - December 4, 2006

Looking for how to send SMS messages to your group of contacts at once or access all major instant messaging networks from one single web page with no need to install any software? Needing to communicate more effectively without having a big budget? Here is Robin ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - December 3, 2006

As major media consolidation deals bring more and more publishing houses into private hands, the challenges of converting these properties that can respond to the needs of niche markets are becoming more acute. Combining infrastructure and staffs cannot be the only factor leading to more success ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - November 29, 2006

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