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Most everyone interested in live video streaming has asked me at one point or another whether Mogulus is better than Ustream and what I would recommend using. For those of you unfamiliar with the above two web-based services, they are two of the most interesting live ... read more

Robin Good - October 8, 2007

More and more mobile phones users are browsing and searching the Internet on their handsets. But are you doing anything to make your blog or news site usable for these loyal readers when they are on the move? In some European countries, for example, mobile phones penetration ... read more

Abid Warsi - WebCredible - October 3, 2007

Internet ad revenue optimization can be a tricky business, and often involves spending a good many sleepless nights testing ad units, placement, and even which networks to give your business to. A new service, however, promises to automate the entire process, and claims that you ... read more

Michael Pick - October 1, 2007

How are US citizens consuming media and what do they want from it? Deloitte’s Media & Entertainment has published the results of its first comprehensive media consumption survey, providing a generational “reality check” on how American consumers between 13 and 75 years of age are using ... read more

Deloitte & Touche - Deloitte & Touche USA - September 28, 2007

Is it better to optimize your web site for page views or for user experience? This is the question that more and more online publishers are asking themselves as advertising agencies and the buzz around new metrics hint at the need to look in new directions ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - September 27, 2007

"It seems passé today to speak of “the Internet revolution”. In some academic circles, it is positively naïve. But it should not be. The change brought about by the networked information environment is deep. It is structural. It goes to the very foundations of how liberal ... read more

Alan Moore - Communities Dominate Brands - September 22, 2007
Google just launched Google Gadget Ads, basically, some highly customizable mini-sites in a box, that offer lots of possible applications, interactivity, animation, video and that exist to run as ads on AdSense publisher websites. Here's one: Google Gadgets Ads are indeed micro web entities created by ... read more

Robin Good - September 20, 2007

If you are a WordPress blogger and you are curious about how you can start optimizing your blog so that your articles come up higher inside Google and other major search engines results pages here are some pointers, a good video tutorial and SEO advice on ... read more

Robin Good - September 13, 2007

"Internet advertising revenues in the US set a new record of $16.9 billion in 2006, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau/PricewaterhouseCoopers Internet Advertising Revenue Report. That’s a 35% gain over 2005, and the growth has continued this year: It hit another record of $4.9 billion for ... read more

Robin Good - Marketing Sherpa - September 11, 2007

"Alternative world video news you won't likely see on your mainstream network TV channels." Yes, today, I am officially launching the new RGTV News, a non-commercial non-mainstream video news channel covering international news that don't get coverage on your typical network TV channels. As in the metaphorical ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2007

Increasingly, web 2.0 web sites provide you with a flurry of new tools, services and technologies all supposed to help you better leverage your existing communication skills via social media networks, new online distribution and delivery options and emerging alternative media publishing opportunities. ...and if you are ... read more

Robin Good - September 7, 2007

As the independent publishing industry gradually grows, an increasing number of online web publishers are running to find the resource they need the most: professional bloggers and talented content writers. But it is not an easy search. In fact, while there are thousands of bloggers searching for ... read more

Robin Good - September 4, 2007

The waters have calmed down after an August in which the sudden loss of all search engine traffic coming from Google has created an emergency situation here at Master New Media for over ten days. Having taken the time to study and analyze all that happened ... read more

Robin Good - September 3, 2007

Holidays are over, at least here in Italy where most people take their two or more weeks of vacation, during the month of August. It's time to think again about work, money, the future. What you are going to do with that unsatisfied feeling ... read more

Robin Good - August 31, 2007
Conversational marketing and contextual advertising: these are the key trends to keep following if you are seeking to make more of your online publishing efforts. Or at least, this is how content media business expert John Blossom keeps seeing the future business of online publishing going ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - August 30, 2007

If you are looking for online resources where you can find free stock video footage for your online video productions, you have landed on the right page. Until now, producing quality opening titles and station breaks for your online video channel has required lots of extra ... read more

Michael Pick - - August 28, 2007

Does Google penalize web sites who buy and sell text links? Text paid links and their ambiguous relationship with Google guidelines hold again the front stage as over a week has now passed since all of the pages of this site, Master New Media, were suddenly ... read more

Robin Good - August 27, 2007

Mashups are filled with technical challenges and that is why many technologists are attracted by them. The challenge of having to find new solutions to "old" technical issues while "inventing" new ways to mix and combine existing resources and tools is undoubtedly a very positive motivator ... read more

Duane Merrill - IBM - August 24, 2007

I myself, more often than not, am involved in some design process or decision. No matter if we are looking at ways to improve monetization of one of my sites or at how to make it easier for you to publish video clips archives or ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - August 23, 2007

What to do with Google and text links? My bottom conclusions have not changed: when you use text links you are either cheating Google or the advertisers paying for them. Why doesn't anyone say this openly? Am I missing some pieces? Are there "good" text links that ... read more

Robin Good - August 22, 2007

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