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Ad optimization and management can increase your ad revenue by as much as 150% (as PubMatic did with BikerOrNot). Or at least that is what companies offering ad optimization and management solutions are saying. If you are a professional blogger, you already understand that monetizing your ... read more

Andre Deutmeyer - November 10, 2008

Video metadata can break or make your online video success opportunities. By understanding what video metadata is and how it needs to be used, you can significantly affect the way your video content is managed, distributed and found online. But should metadata be authored by ... read more

Gotuit Team - Gotuit - November 7, 2008

Video metadata has become a strategically critical factor in the successful creation and distribution of video content on the Internet. As major search engines can't yet make sense of what is being said inside a video or where and who is being portrayed, unless you take ... read more

Gotuit Team - Gotuit - November 6, 2008

Web traffic trends for October 2008 on MasterNewMedia showcase an upward swinging curve, not specifically connected to the issues, news, announcements or type of content I have chosen to publish, but more likely fueled by a general heavier usage inside professional, enterprise and educational settings. The ... read more

Massimiliano Badolati - November 5, 2008

As Microsoft has recently announced its plan to customize the Windows operating system for cloud computing, it is likely that a number of profound changes will affect the way enterprise servers and major content distributors will need to act if they want to keep competing in ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - November 3, 2008

About two months ago, Robin Good sent out a call for new interns at MasterNewMedia. And I am one of those who answered that call. What you are about to read is a personal reflection on what it is like to intern here. Although Robin did ... read more

Andre Deutmeyer - October 31, 2008

Every wiki platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are tens of different wiki solutions out there, and it can be a daunting task to choose the wiki platform that will best suit your needs. What characteristics are most important when deciding on your wiki ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - October 30, 2008

WordPress or MovableType? Robin Good meets Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of, and asks him about the advantages of using WordPress versus adopting a long-established solution like MasterNewMedia own publishing platform: MovableType. WordPress, born back in 2003, is the most popular independent web publishing platform as well ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - October 29, 2008

Still in doubt about whether to get an Amazon Kindle? Not fully convinced that these new ebook reader devices have the form factor and usability traits you are expecting? John Blossom has taken the time to go out and borrow an Amazon Kindle from his close-by ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - October 22, 2008

Delivering 1.2 million monthly page views is no easy feat. In this video, Robin Good shares with you how he has built this kind of traffic base and what choices he has made along his professional web publishing career to move this kind of traffic to ... read more

Andre Deutmeyer - October 21, 2008

Do you want to create a web site but you know nothing about HTML coding? Finally, the time has come for everyone to take advantage of a growing number of web site and web page creation services which allow you to create and publish your online ... read more

Robin Good - October 20, 2008

How can you become a successful AdSense publisher and live forever happy by writing and reporting about what you are most passionate about? The time has finally come. Starting today, if you are interested in becoming yourself some kind professional online publisher, you have a new ... read more

Robin Good - October 17, 2008

How can you keep yourself updated with everything new and relevant that gets published on the Web? What is the best to find always fresh, new content for your blog to write about? In this short video Robin Good explains one of the key elements everyone wanting ... read more

Daniele Bazzano - October 14, 2008

Are eBooks being adopted? Is eBook usage increasing? Is the Amazon Kindle a total flop? Is the eBooks long promised revolution a rapidly disappearing fad or is this a new industry that is gradually finding its proper niche? What future awaits eBooks hardware and software producers ... read more

Springer Team - Springer - October 9, 2008

The latest MasterNewMedia traffic trends and statistics for the month of September show a slow but steady increase in volume and additional data further defining MasterNewMedia specific audience demographics and technographics (the characteristics and traits of their technical setup: browser, operating system, screen resolution, etc.). The goals ... read more

Massimiliano Badolati - October 7, 2008

Brands and blogs unite... almost. It's not a match made in heaven yet, but the trend is heading in that direction. According to Technorati's State of the Blogosphere 2008 report, an increasing number of companies are reaching out to bloggers to harness the power of the ... read more

Technorati Team - Technorati - October 3, 2008

Can you make money from blogging? The answer is an unequivocal "YES!" But if you're the average blogger, you don't want to quit your day job yet. On the bright side, though, you can buy each member of your family an iPhone. At least that is ... read more

Technorati Team - Technorati - October 2, 2008

How do you blog? Which tools or techniques do you use to keep your content always fresh and updated? Even if you got ideas, layout and a catchy title, this is just the easy part. Creating a blog is now something you can do in just ... read more

Technorati Team - Technorati - October 1, 2008

Ready to publish some great content online but have no site or blog where to post it to? Hubpages, like a few other competing web publishing services online (namely Squidoo and Google Knol) provides you with everything you need to publish any content you are passionate ... read more

Robin Good - September 26, 2008

Bloggers are sexy men. At least according to Technorati's report this is true. Your typical blogger is male, intelligent, ranks among the high-middle class, and in his primes. Sexy is of course subjective, but having intelligence, wealth, and youth can't hurt. Although men are the majority, ... read more

Technorati Team - Technorati - September 25, 2008

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