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How can you become an effective, impactful and followed blog when you are yet no-one and when it appears that all other bloggers out there are already writing about the very things you are interested into? How can you grow your blog to make it uniquely ... read more

Robin Good - March 16, 2007

It is easier than ever to create your own Internet radio station and stream your music, thoughts or discussions live over the web. Not so very long ago you would have faced either incredible equipment expenses and music licensing fees, or the continuous threat of having ... read more

Michael Pick - March 14, 2007

There are a growing number of ways to monetize your website, whether you decide to go for contextual advertising, setting up your own online store or any of the other alternatives cropping up almost daily. One recent trend is the addition of a job board to ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - March 13, 2007

Podcasting is an activity that has generated a great enthusiasm among online independent publishers, and day after day more and more bloggers turn on their microphones to record audio shows and broadcast them from their sites. The tools that allow creating a podcast, editing it and ... read more


Looking for AdSense Alternatives? Here is a reference guide to the most interesting alternative solutions to monetizing your online content with contextual ads. Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to monetize your blog, but there are times when it is worth considering the alternatives. ... read more


Stop [social] networking: Build your own network! - If you ever thought about creating your own mini YouTube, MySpace or community site, in which members can upload media, write and contribute directly, the time of your dream has finally come... thanks to Ning. It is now possible ... read more

Michael Pick - March 6, 2007

Can you make money online by publishing your own blog? This is a question I get asked a thousand times from a thousand different people. Truth is, you can be your own boss, if you are willing to sacrifice a guaranteed salary and a no-worries job ... read more

Robin Good - February 28, 2007

myFeedz is a new service aimed at personalizing and adding a democratic, social dimension to the RSS feed reading experience. Here we have an interesting attempt to roll together the success of social news sites such as Digg, services that quickly learn your viewing preferences such ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - February 27, 2007

The time has come for the evolution of an advertising platform, "giving entrepreneurs, advertisers and publishers of all sizes the infrastructure and tools for creating customized online advertising networks". With these new distributed advertising platforms, "network builders can define, assemble, merchandise and manage new, highly-targeted advertising ... read more

Michael Pick and Robin Good - February 19, 2007

Are you a videomaker, an independent video producer or a web publisher interested in monetizing your video based content? While here at Master New Media I have recently showcased some of the most interesting ways to monetize online video content, I have to admit that the ... read more

Michael Pick - February 13, 2007

This article should really be titled "No More Stallman On YouTube? Free Software Evangelist Says No To The Use Of Proprietary Video Formats" as Richard Stallman is NOT an evangelist for open-source, but of Free Software, from which open-source movement later emerged. The key difference between ... read more

Robin Good - February 8, 2007

Finding broadcast-quality news and product-oriented video footage has been until now an asset available only to the major television networks. Major television networks around the world are indeed hooked to major video distribution feeds that provide them with an ongoing stream of video material, clips and ... read more

Robin Good and Michael Pick - February 5, 2007

The buzz this week is about Google's plans to offer eBook downloads for PCs and mobile devices. Great news, but will this allow the book industry to wrestle out of the stranglehold of a mass of conflicting delivery technologies and DRM strategies? That's not likely any ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - February 1, 2007

Every week it seems to become a little bit easier to get involved in multimedia content delivery and syndication - whether through sharing videos using Youtube, photos through Flickr, or your thoughts using popular blogging platforms. The ability to upload, embed and easily share media content ... read more

Michael Pick - January 30, 2007

The expression "digital divide" refers to the existing gap between those who can use new digital technologies and those who can’t. This is a key issue of today’s society, since it also provokes a distinction between those who can access certain information and those who are ... read more

Michael Pick - January 27, 2007

It is now easier than ever to sell your pictures online, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer, or an everyday person armed with your camera-phone. In fact, the latter is increasingly desirable in the fast-paced, wait-for-no-man world of news content. Citizen journalists have already ... read more

Michael Pick - January 23, 2007

Looking for the latest and most interesting tools and services to use with your new mobile phone? In this issue of Robin Good's Sharewood Picnic the spotlight is on mobile services and tools and I am happy to bring to you the very best we found ... read more

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good - January 21, 2007

Mass media have long had a choke-hold on the construction of everyday reality, but independent film making is striking back, using the same tools as the propaganda machine to challenge the status quo. When the news is piped into our living rooms, we are served up ... read more

Michael Pick - January 19, 2007

This is the news indeed: Congress is considering sending critics to jail, and in particular it places its focus for preventive action on what should be the very source of government dissent and criticism in any democratic country: the grassroots. While not yet an official law, this ... read more

Robin Good - January 18, 2007

As the pace of change continues to increase, new small online publishers as well as established content media giants will both need to understand where and how to invest extra time and resources to keep their companies growing while providing more of what online audiences are ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - January 16, 2007

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