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Persuading people to buy, to sign-up for your newsletter, or to download your supercool new PDF, it is much harder than internet marketers would have you believe, and to obtain tangible successes it is generally not enough to have a great product and to be able ... read more

Lisa Halabi - WebCredible - May 1, 2008

What is Feedburner? I know many of you are already very familiar with Feeburner and its array of useful features, but however hard to believe, I am getting a ton of emails from individuals just starting their online publishing career and asking me to spend a ... read more

Robin Good - April 30, 2008

Direct marketing is about to see a real explosion in business opportunities that are just emerging at the crossroads of traditional direct marketing, the internet television phenomenon and social media. When too much information is out there, individuals turn to their friends, to their social networks ... read more

Robin Good - April 25, 2008

The future of music, music 2.0, has now some clear definition and reference points on which it characterizes itself away from traditional commercial, sold-via-expensive-CDs, music. Gerd Leonhard, the author of The Future of Music (which I personally recommend to everyone), has just published a new book, ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - MediaFuturist - April 24, 2008

How can you provide a useful breaking news component on your blog when most of your competitors and related sites do just the same? How useful is it to do technology, and new media related news if just about everyone else does the same? Technology and media ... read more

Robin Good - April 18, 2008

How do I determine whether an area of interest I am passionate about can be monetized once I create a blog or web site around it? Is it possible to tell whether a certain online market niche is more valuable and promising than another one? If ... read more

Robin Good - April 17, 2008
List building? If you are eager to start placing the foundations of doing reliable business online, while establishing a solid alternative to contextual advertising solutions (namely AdSense), you must learn more about list building and its effective potential to help you create a real community of ... read more

Robin Good - April 16, 2008
"Where should I post my video clips in a way that makes them visible to most people out there?" This is what several of you have asked me in your emails. The answer is obvious and simple enough: put it on YouTube. But if your question ... read more

Robin Good - April 10, 2008

Selecting images to illustrate a blog post or a research article is more than often than not a very challenging task. If you have spent anytime trying to illustrate your own articles I am sure you have already learned how frustrating it feels to not be ... read more

Robin Good - April 9, 2008

Woopra is a new real-time web traffic monitoring service which provides extensive visitors and traffic data, alongside some very cool analysis features and the unique ability to track and live interact with your selected site visitors. As a matter of fact I have been looking for ... read more

Robin Good - April 8, 2008

If you produce multiple video channels and want to increase access and visibility to your video content you may want to consider the Miro video browser co-branded opportunity. In the last few weeks, Holmes Wilson, one of the founders of Miro (formerly Democracy Player) has been on ... read more

Robin Good - April 3, 2008
Pete Cashmore of Mashable has a good conversation with Robert Scoble at the Community Next Conference in Los Angeles touching upon blogs, twitter, personal branding, and even to my own question which I twittered out to Pete before the session started: "How does Robert manage to ... read more

Robin Good - March 30, 2008
A mixtape is a compilation of music tracks recorded in a specific order on a compact audio cassette. With Mixwit now you can create your own mixtape, with any music or artist you like, on the type of tape you like best and with revolutionary ... read more

Robin Good - March 28, 2008
My ideal online advertising strategy: the publisher should be able to choose its advertisers as much as advertisers should be able to choose their publishers. Just like Maybe I am just full of crap, and unable to see the beauty of banner advertising bought on CPM, ... read more

Robin Good - March 27, 2008

One of the most useful things you can do to better understand and improve the quality and quantity of web traffic on your site or blog, is to learn how to track, monitor, measure and make sense of the large quantity of data your web visitors ... read more

Robin Good - March 26, 2008

Social media, and the newly acquired ability to promote and market informally via social networks of all kinds has whet the appetite of those wanting to make some extra revenue, while possibly sharing some of the revenue with others too. Is it OK to think this ... read more

Robin Good - March 25, 2008

AdSense revenues can ignite spikes of exhilarating joy as well as phenomenal dips of depression, depending on whether AdSense-based revenues are moving rapidly up or have suddenly dropped without any apparent logic to it. The reasons for such advertising revenue fluctuations can vary a great deal, ... read more

Christian Ashlock - Google AdSense Blog - March 21, 2008

Duplicate content: is it an issue you need to worry about? Whether you are on the side of those publishing content that is duplicated on other sites or on the side of those republishing contributing authors content on yours, it is important to understand what are ... read more

Robin Good - March 18, 2008
My online advertising strategy is still quite simple: Google AdSense + self-service advertising + direct advertisers and sponsors. AdSense provides the bulk of the income (but not for much longer as I opening a new bigger revenue channel as you read) and it still rocks. Notwithstanding ... read more

Robin Good - March 12, 2008
Free content online offers an opportunity for marketing yourself, your know-how and talent, more than any other marketing or advertising technique you may have learned about. Nothing beats the value of your own knowledge and skill, especially when you laid out in full for others ... read more

Robin Good - March 7, 2008

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