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Screencasting, the live screen-capture of you demonstrating a software or new application is increasingly the solution of choice when it comes to showcase, demonstrate, explain. A few hours ago Marshall Kirkpatrick of Splashcast twittered: "my ? is: what r some good methods 4 turning huge ... read more

Robin Good - September 2, 2007
Conversational marketing and contextual advertising: these are the key trends to keep following if you are seeking to make more of your online publishing efforts. Or at least, this is how content media business expert John Blossom keeps seeing the future business of online publishing going ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - August 30, 2007

Does Google penalize web sites who buy and sell text links? Text paid links and their ambiguous relationship with Google guidelines hold again the front stage as over a week has now passed since all of the pages of this site, Master New Media, were suddenly ... read more

Robin Good - August 27, 2007

The online video advertising industry is expected to grow to to $2.9 billion by 2010 and to reach $4.3 billion in 2011 (US only) according to eMarketer. If you are an online publisher interested in getting an overview of the opportunities, services and tools available online ... read more

Robin Good - August 26, 2007

I myself, more often than not, am involved in some design process or decision. No matter if we are looking at ways to improve monetization of one of my sites or at how to make it easier for you to publish video clips archives or ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - August 23, 2007

What to do with Google and text links? My bottom conclusions have not changed: when you use text links you are either cheating Google or the advertisers paying for them. Why doesn't anyone say this openly? Am I missing some pieces? Are there "good" text links that ... read more

Robin Good - August 22, 2007

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to create impressive web presentations in a fraction of the time it would be take the best slideshow editor, you have found the first online service that does really so. Check out here below the stunning ... read more

Robin Good - August 20, 2007

Master New Media is back inside Google search results. This is great news for everyone working here and it is truly a day to rejoice for us. This last week has been a very tough challenge for everyone here to be confronted with, and while I ... read more

Robin Good - August 18, 2007

It is one week today since all of the over 16,000 Master New Media web pages of this site have been actively penalized by Google and have essentially disappeared from Google search result pages (what was before on position 1 is now on 504 - check ... read more

Robin Good - August 17, 2007

Text links may very well be one of the many extra venues to generate some good extra cash from your web site or blog, but you need to be careful in evaluating whether in expanding your income streams with them you may hurt your other revenue ... read more

Robin Good - August 16, 2007

Yes, I sang victory way too early. Nonetheless I had hoped to have come out of the terrible traffic loss that started last Friday, I instead discovered that Google has fully penalized Master New Media and dropped all of my articles out of Google search results. I ... read more

Robin Good - August 15, 2007

"Imagine if you took all the forums, groups and websites where you talk about all the different things you are interested in and put them in a single system. And then you upgraded them all so they made the most of new internet technology like Ajax ... read more

Michael Pick - August 14, 2007

A few days ago I was to wake up to a pretty strange surprise. All of the traffic coming to MasterNewMedia from Google had suddenly disappeared. From over 14,000 visitors to 4,000 and less is a pretty big change from one day to the next. All ... read more

Robin Good - August 13, 2007

Grassroots, independent media outlets may indeed become increasingly interesting venues for those "in power" wanting to feed specific news and views out to the public without needing to play by mainstream media rules. John Blossom writes: "... it is interesting that in today's world of social ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - August 10, 2007

A new user-generated content marketplace allows anyone with the appropriate know-how and assets to upload, describe, tag and publish for a price any professional document that may be of interest to the public at large. This new online content delivery and distribution marketplace, makes it very easy ... read more

Robin Good - August 6, 2007

Online video potential as a monetization and marketing vehicle for small and large independent publishers is experiencing a new renaissance. Not only you can use video clips to do great marketing and self-promotion of your content and expertise (see for a really good example of ... read more

Robin Good - August 5, 2007

Marketing Communications: While the Internet keep growing at a frantic pace, "2.0" becomes a commodity word, active blogs are tens of millions, and UGC (user-generated content) is being adopted with enthusiasm by advertising agencies, a growing discrepancy grows everyday more evident between many a company corporate ... read more

Robin Good - 7th Floor - August 3, 2007

If you have not yet realized it, traditional television as you know it and have seen it grow next to you, is in an irreversible coma. It does not inspire, it does not report, it does not move... if not on those rare occasions when television ... read more

Robin Good - July 31, 2007

How can I make my blog site rock? How can I make enough money with my web site so that I can start thinking about quitting my day-time job? What are the key things I can do to make my blog site as successful and popular ... read more

Robin Good - July 30, 2007

Moving a traditional business to the Web may appear a very difficult and risky operation, especially when the remaining part of the market uses little innovation and provides no examples to follow. Nonethelòess the above and against all odds, MOO, a Web company that specializes in ... read more


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