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Is it more appropriate to give your best content out for free or to seriously consider going with a paid-content solution? Can you make more money with AdSense or other online advertising solutions or by selling your higher quality content at a price? If you are ... read more

Robin Good - March 6, 2008
One thousand true fans can truly make a difference if you are online author, writer, musician or videomaker seeking to make a living inside the long tail. Contrary to what you may have thought or have being told, if you have real, solid value to share, ... read more

Robin Good - March 5, 2008

Everyone got very envious of my QIK/ Nokia combo and its ability to let me video stream live from anywhere I am... but only if I have my Nokia. QIK works only with Symbian-based mobile cameraphones and all those guys with an iPhone or a slick ... read more

Robin Good - March 4, 2008

When does watching a video online count as a "video view"? If your video counter on YouTube or says 5,000 views, what does that really mean? Have 5,000 people really watched your video from beginning to end or are these just those that clicked play, ... read more

Mark Rotblat - TubeMogul - February 29, 2008
Key breaking news coming from Google today. Two key stories are on my screen today and I am devoting all of my focus to them: 1) Google just launched Google Sites - a full wiki service that I was just waiting ... read more

Robin Good - February 28, 2008

Many have already talked about it. Of those who have used it, some, with enough courage and vision, have made it one of their staples of online programming. Take Steve Garfield or Robert Scoble, to mention two of the guys I have been following on a ... read more

Robin Good - February 27, 2008

This is too good to be true! FreeScreencast is a new free web-based service that allows you to record anything taking place on your screen in a simple way. Not only. FreeScreencast takes care of uploading your recorded clip and provides you immediately with an embed ... read more

Robin Good - February 26, 2008
Do you want to ask me direct questions about online publishing, video or internet marketing but have no idea of how you can do this? Today I open up a new public thread of video posts that will answer directly your email questions and requests. Just ... read more

Robin Good - February 15, 2008

When content can be copied indefinitely and just about anything digital can be duplicated and re-distributed instantly, where is value to be found? "The money in this networked economy does not follow the path of the copies. Rather it follows the path of attention, and attention ... read more

Kevin Kelly - The Technium - February 7, 2008

Is customizing the look and feel of your web site or blog just cool or is there something more to it? To understand better how simple it has become to create web sites that both you and even your readers can personalize, give a good look ... read more

Abid Warsi - WebCredible - February 1, 2008

Marketing is not all about selling. Marketing is also about communicating clearly and consistently what your product, service or you, are all about. This may and should include showing what you stand for, beyond your specific industry interests, as well as sharing your vision as an ... read more

Robin Good - January 31, 2008

The Google penalization on Master New Media has just been lifted has been returned a PageRank of 6. The merit for this goes first of all to DazzlinDonna of SEO Scoop who opened a uniquely valuable conversation with Google's Matt Cutts by expressing in a short ... read more

Robin Good - January 28, 2008

Where does fair use end and where does copyright infringement start? The use of video to create documentaries, remixes and video mashups is undergoing lots of scrutiny and evaluation by those in charge of regulating what and what can't be freely published as well as the ... read more

The Center for Social Media - The Center for Social Media - January 25, 2008

Design scientifically or design for yourself? Design for a specified and scientifically identified marketing target or design for your own pleasure and usefulness? Two really great questions. But to evaluate what may be the very best possible answer to both, I think you need to see ... read more

Robin Good - January 24, 2008

In the near future, the value of your free online content is going to be challenged over and over again. And to the few scrapers that now copy and re-syndicate your content as if it was theirs, you will need to add remixers, automated scripts and ... read more

Robin Good - January 22, 2008

Want to market, promote and monetize your best quality content and find out which are the effective guerrilla marketing actions that could help you the most? In this seven-minute excellent video presentation recorded last November at the nextMEDIA: Monetizing Digital Media event, Will Pate, shares with ... read more

Will Pate - Will Pate's Blog - January 17, 2008

Last night I tried to catch some of the action going on at Seesmic, one of the most innovative and promising new web services out there. Labelled as a "Twitter with video", Seesmic hasn't yet defined a strong application personality for itself yet, but, and that ... read more

Robin Good - January 4, 2008

As 2008 will bring greater focus on professional online publishing for Master New Media, here is the second part of my anticipations and predictions for this new year that has just started. In this second part: Online Collaboration Tools Mobile Mobile Live Video Online Marketing P2P Conversational Tools - Microblogging Widgets OpenID Off-line Web-based Applications X-Events ... read more

Robin Good - January 1, 2008

Online professional independent publishers rejoyce! 2008 promises to be a year of great innovation for everyone publishing online as opportunities to expand or start your own micro publishing company will only increase. New powerful publishing and content distribution tools will make their debut in 2008 while ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2007

If you are an online independent publisher wanting to get greater web distribution for your video content, while getting the best of what is available online, TubeMogul and Hey!Spread are probably the best two solutions available to you right now. Both allow you to do one-click ... read more

Robin Good - December 25, 2007

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