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Naming your site appropriately, titling your posts in effective ways, using keywords to help search engines understand your content focus are all key ingredients to get people to find your site on the web. That's why if you want to get visitors and good traffic to ... read more

Robin Good - November 15, 2007

Attention profiling is quite possibly the next wave of smarter, more relevant web browsing. APML is an emerging standard that promises to make it much easier for websites and services to cater to your exact tastes, reducing the information overload of seemingly endless web content. When you ... read more

Michael Pick - November 14, 2007

Last week Facebook announcement of a new range of social marketing options has given a good injection of innovation to the online advertising world, stuck, for already too long, on the stale, interruptive and unperforming banner-ad metaphor. Social, conversational advertising options, as Facebook has just ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - November 13, 2007

Aditall provides an online marketplace for creating and selling, or buying and customizing inexpensive video advertising for the web. Video advertising is one way of making your message stand out on the web, and has now even been included within the ad units offered by the popular ... read more

Michael Pick - November 12, 2007

Seesmic, the new video communication platform being setup right now in San Francisco by Loic LeMeur, (presently open only to a limited group of invited beta users) is the first one that hints at pushing the envelope of video publishing and microblogging by creating a social ... read more

Robin Good - November 11, 2007
Nowadays everyone wants to make a web TV. But outside of all the glamorous announcements and the new fancy video players used by these new web TV stations, very little innovation in content production has yet come to the surface. Here are my personal recommendations for ... read more

Robin Good - Master New Media - November 8, 2007

Online video marketing and promotion is positively one of the most effective routes independent publishers can take up nowadays if they want to significantly increase their Web traffic, visibility and exposure. But what are the key ingredients to make video marketing effective? What are the key variables ... read more

Tubemogul Team - Tubemogul - November 6, 2007

How to blog is something that a lot of us old hands take for granted, but for the beginner starting a blog can seem like a daunting tangle of questions and issues to be resolved. In this guide, I have gathered all of the essential resources ... read more

Michael Pick and Robin Good - November 4, 2007

Selecting effective images for an article, post or web essay is not easy. Though an amazing number of new free image libraries, image search engines and other visual resources have sprung up like mushrooms in the last two years, the ability to select what's appropriate and ... read more

Mrudula Kodali - WebCredible - November 1, 2007

Are online conversations going to be increasingly driven by social media engines allowing infinite modular, dynamic and portable contexts to be created around any existing topic? Is contextually enhanced conversational marketing the golden path to a profitable future for social media outlets? By looking at how social ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - October 31, 2007

If you have not heard about it yet, Lulu is one of the premier online services that allows you to become a book publisher instantly and at zero cost. Upload your formatted Word or PDF file and Lulu takes care of the rest: printing, binding, order ... read more

Michael Pick - October 30, 2007

The news is everywhere. Yesterday, October 24th 2007, Google has drastically started to lower PageRank for many popular sites, especially several prominent blogs and reputable marketing sites around the world. Many such sites have seen an overnight decrease of PageRank value of 2 or more points ... read more

Robin Good - October 25, 2007

PageRank down? Traffic taking a dive? If you are wondering whether your web site may have been penalized by Google, because of your adoption and use of text link ads here is my final answer on this: yes, and it is now also official (as many ... read more

Robin Good - October 24, 2007

Communicating effectively a specific message online can be one of the most challenging tasks a web designer can face, especially if who has commissioned the work is part of a large organization in which there are many heads to be "satisfied". The fundamental problem in these situations ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - October 23, 2007

Design research is the avant-post through which in-depth analysis, questioning and experimentation gives way to new practices and effective new design methodologies. Design practitioner, researcher and innovator Liz Sanders has taken the time to take a snapshot at the state of design research around the world ... read more

Liz Sanders - MakeTools - October 19, 2007

Are online media publishing industries set for another financial burst? Is the unstoppable amount of investments in online media ventures indicating economic trouble ahead? Or are you looking at something very different from what happened back in 2000? In the following business and "content media" analysis, analyst ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - October 18, 2007

Designing for the web today requires leveraging sound and well-tested information-design principles while increasing the amount of interaction and "social" components offered to your readers. The Web wave 2.0 has seemingly brought significant design innovation in the form of rounded corners, pastel colors, 3D embossed shiny ... read more

Ellyssa Kroski - InfoTangle - October 17, 2007

Video upload services are already starting to multiply, and there are now plenty of ways to get your videos onto a number of hosting services without having to send the data to each one individually. A brand new service combines this feature with the ability to ... read more

Michael Pick - October 16, 2007

As music sells increasingly more through concerts than through CDs, content superstars, like Madonna and the Rolling Stones, show that serious revenues can be built around events, without music publishers, record companies or labels and without the need to push pricey locked CDs to your own ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - October 14, 2007

Experience design is an emerging field of study and research that is strongly connected to design, marketing and the ergonomics and usability aspects of a product. But how do you carry out experience design work, who are the best interpreters of this new art, and which ... read more

Elizabeth Sanders - MakeTools - October 12, 2007

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