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"I want to improve my AdSense performance, but I don't know how to get started!" The Google Australian AdSense team has just put together an 11-minute introductory tutorial for anyone who is approaching AdSense optimization for the first time. The video provides some very basic concepts and ... read more

Google AdSense Team - Inside AdSense - June 25, 2008

If you want to create a slick, highly visual, interactive magazine to publish and distribute online, Calameo, has recently launched a web-based service that allows one-click conversion of all most popular document formats into highly customizable and very attractive full-screen flip-page magazines. So, whether you have a ... read more

Robin Good - June 24, 2008

Telecoms: Will they be the owners of all future content distribution channels? "Traditionally, telecom companies simply offered various types of phone services and connectivity, and moved lots of data around - maintaining and constantly improving pipes & networks was the primary mission." Today, the basic connectivity ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - MediaFuturist - June 19, 2008

PubMatic the world’s first service to automate and optimize ad inventory decision-making for Web publishers, released yesterday its third monthly PubMatic AdPrice Index, an industry-wide measure of online ad network pricing for professional web publishers. In June, the index highlights the economic slowdown in the U.S ... read more

PubMatic - Pubmatic - June 18, 2008

What is social design? What are the traits that make designing for the social interaction different from other forms of design? What are the end results that one wants to achieve by using a social design approach and methodology? Joshua Porter, social media analyst and web designer, ... read more

Joshua Porter - Bokardo - June 11, 2008

Showing publicly your web traffic data, audience demographics and your content blockbuster is a great way to show your relative authority, credibility and progress to all those that may be potentially interested: advertisers, sponsors, fans, competitors, potential partners. Source data: Woopra - sample traffic stat from Woopra ... read more

Massimiliano Badolati - June 4, 2008

The Social Media Press Release is an evolved approach to preparing press releases characterized by a multimedial and facts-oriented approach. The typical social media press release integrates video clips, bookmarks, citations, blog posts, multiple links and resources allowing the news editor to pick and select individual ... read more

Robin Good - May 31, 2008

Is social media marketing a more effective approach to online marketing than traditional direct email marketing? Do direct marketing and social media marketing need to be at odds with each other? Are they mutually exclusive tactics? My personal observation and experience leads me to think that ... read more

Robin Good - May 29, 2008

A squeeze page is a an online marketing tool which allows you to grow a list of potential customers who are giving you open permission to keep them informed. If you do any kind of online business or you are a professional online publisher who wants ... read more

Robin Good - May 28, 2008

Sending out email newsletters and having them delivered reliably to your list of subscribers has become a greater challenge than I would have ever thought. Problem is, if you don't devote yourself to it, everything is set for your email newsletter to run into trouble. To ... read more

Robin Good - May 24, 2008

The future of music is in bloggers hands. It is blogs and other independent online publishers with strong voices and personalities who are going to dominate the future of music evolution, discovery, promotion and distribution. "Whether or rather how you will get to keep the music ... read more

Gerd Leonhard - Media Futurist - May 23, 2008

Want to have an advertising media kit for your site ready and published in less than 5 minutes? In less time than it takes to explain it here, you can effectively create: 1) a professionally-looking advertising media kit page, as well as 2) a media-kit widget ... read more

Robin Good - May 21, 2008
When it comes down to content classification and findability, "tags" are for many new online publishers still something they have not fully grasped and are often used in ways that are not only less than optimal but often outright useless. Tagging blog posts, news articles or ... read more

Robin Good - May 16, 2008

"Insight turns YouTube into one of the world's largest focus groups." (Source: Google Blog)If you have a YouTube account and you do upload video clips to it you may be interested in knowing that YouTube Insight, a free tool that enables anyone with a YouTube account ... read more

Robin Good - May 15, 2008

Online advertising trends show that only savvy and well-focused small web publishers are making the best out of an overall decline in ad pricing due to a significant slowdown in the US economy. Before what is already impacting large and medium-sized web sites can affect your ... read more

PubMatic - Pubmatic - May 14, 2008

How do you find out rapidly which blogs are mentioning you or linking back to your recent article? If you are new to the world of online publishing you may still be trying to figure out how to search and be alerted when other sites out ... read more

Robin Good - May 10, 2008

Writing blog posts that get the maximum attention, is not an easy task. Sometimes it gets even to be counterintuitive, as, more often than not, I have realized that posts I wouldn't have bet a dime on, got incredible exposure, visibility, links and traffic against all ... read more

Robin Good - May 8, 2008

AdSense for Search is now powered by Google Custom Search. Yesterday, Google officially announced the availability of AdSense for Search for use in combination with the powerful Google Custom Search service, something not possible until now and potentially very welcome to both small and large professional ... read more

Robin Good - May 7, 2008

Social media marketing can be toughest thing to grasp if you are not heavily active and exposed to the many new social media communities blossoming out there. It's a wild world of fascinating new stuff and I do understand that for most it may look more ... read more

Bill Vick - XtreneRecruiting - May 6, 2008

Monetization and business opportunities for online content publishers are increasing and opening up new alternative ways to do well in the online professional web publishing space. Unfortunately, most publishers, bloggers, and now even my favorite content business analyst, John Blossom, see things from a rather limited ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 2, 2008

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