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Brand abuse is increasing, but more important than the sheer volume is the increased sophistication and the opportunistic nature of brandjackers, who are quick to take advantage of current events and popular concerns. As a matter of fact, so-called "brandjackers" continue to exploit the confusion over the ... read more

MarkMonitor - MarkMonitor - July 10, 2009

The brand ambassador is a marketing model that employs trusted, credible personalities to promote and give greater visibility to its brand products. But outside of the traditional, big money advertising world, where famous actors or sport stars are utilized as "ethical" promotional promoters of unique events ... read more

Robin Good - July 8, 2009

Do you know why trust has gained so much value in the attention economy? Bombarded by an increasingly complex life, by more news and information, by marketing and sales calls of all kinds, people are increasingly "on-the-move" and with less and less time to devote to ... read more

George Benckenstein - George Benckenstein - July 1, 2009

Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing opportunities online today, as well as one of the most promising online advertising formats. The emotional draw of the television experience, consumers’ adoption of broadband, and subsequent change in Internet content, capabilities, and consumption all contribute to driving this ... read more


Social media marketing is making strong inroads in the corporate world, but understanding how to do it properly without making painful mistakes, remains, for most companies out there, one of the greatest marketing challenges to overcome. What is it that corporate institutions must do or avoid ... read more

Robin Good - June 24, 2009

Link popularity is essentially based on the number of incoming links to a specific web site or web page; the more the number of incoming links, the higher the link popularity. But link popularity is both a measure and a process. As a process it strives to ... read more

Robin Good - June 22, 2009

The Kindle DX allows publishers to charge premium access for content. But is distributing locked-down, must-pay-for content through a proprietary platform a good strategy for content publishers? Titles are being pushed into Kindle format as quickly as Amazon can handle the conversions and postings. In a year ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - June 19, 2009

In the last few years I have attended so many boring and useless online demos, tutorials and web presentations for new tools that I have been asking myself how is it possible that while we create tools and technologies that provide such powerful means of communicating ... read more

Robin Good - June 17, 2009

Frequency capping has long been used as a method for helping advertisers to improve the performance and reach of their online advertising campaigns. In short, frequency capping allows the advertiser to limit the number of times a user sees a specific ad, resulting in increased return to ... read more

PubMatic - PubMatic - June 12, 2009

Why upload your video to multiple video-sharing sites and not stick to YouTube to promote your clips? A video published by distributing it to multiple video sharing sites can help you gain valuable inbound links helping your website gain extra visibility on search engines pages results. ... read more

Robin Good - June 8, 2009

What is best online publishing strategy for a struggling newspaper? Is it better to let online news content go out for free or to charge people to access it? The eternal Internet question is back and with a powerful sponsor behind it: Rupert Murdoch. If you haven't ... read more

Robin Good - June 3, 2009

How do you win your online customer trust, in a way that makes you feel good while satisfying your customer needs and expectations? Is it a matter of how loud you scream, of how easy it is to find it on major search engines or of ... read more

Robin Good - June 1, 2009

Social media has changed the paradigm of how people consume online media. But how do you measure social media effectiveness, when social media becomes an instrument for marketing, PR and promotion? Are there advertising metrics for social media marketing and promotion? Before the raise of social media, ... read more


In the age of sharing, collaboration and real-time communications, wouldn't it be fantastic if anyone had the opportunity to present her ideas live to a real, sizable public audience? Why isn't it there yet a virtual presenter soapbox open to everyone? After the likes of Flickr (for ... read more

Robin Good - May 25, 2009

Though most people would think differently, blogs, social media, RSS, video and podcasting are gradually establishing themselves as new critical components in the development strategy of many large companies in the American corporate landscape. These companies look at the adoption of social media technologies as a mean ... read more

Eric Mattson and Nora Ganim Barnes - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research - May 22, 2009

Is there a way to find out the actual value of your blog or website? If you wanted to consider accepting new publishing partners or were caressing the idea of selling out to someone else, would there be tools to help you gauge how much your ... read more

Robin Good - May 18, 2009

Live teaching and learning marketplaces are a new emergent set of online exchanges where independent teachers and educators can easily share or sell their know-how with those looking for it. Independent guides and experts can deliver live and recorded lessons using a full set of web ... read more

Robin Good - May 11, 2009

Tracking and monitoring your incoming links can provide you with great and valuable insight into which sites, social media and other web traffic sources are sending you the best and most qualified visitors for your web site. But how do you go about analyzing those incoming ... read more

Pavel Israelsky - Nana10 - May 6, 2009
As the traditional advertising revenue stream keeps its downtrend slope for many a web publisher, what are the alternative online business and revenue making models that independent online publishers can leverage to increase their overall income and profitability? Beyond traditional banner ads, skyscrapers and Google AdSense strips, ... read more

Robin Good - April 30, 2009

The online video advertising market seems to show no decline despite the economic crisis. The last report from LiveRail shows that average CPMs keeps growing bravely, and internet video consumption has been experiencing a massive growth of 40% and more. Since this trend has kept growing almost ... read more

IAB Digital Video Committee - IAB - April 27, 2009

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