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Content and news aggregators, remixers, thematic content search engines and directories, topic-specific curators, newsmasters are the new front lines to where new media publishers, unbundled from the need to be tied to one, unique physical distribution network will be moving to. The more you will be able ... read more

Jeff Jarvis - Buzzmachine - May 27, 2006

"Many advertisers are worried that traditional ways of reaching consumers, including the 30-second television spot, are losing their power to persuade. Television viewers have more channels and media to choose from, and digital video recorders and video on demand allow them to skip ads entirely. To ... read more

Robin Good - May 17, 2006

PJ180 is vMix new slideshow creator, enabling everyone to create great photo and image slideshows fully online and with from any computer type. vMix is an online service that enables people to publish and share their own video clips . Captured in one of our past Sharewood ... read more


The explosion of content from television producers bringing original content to the Web may look on the surface like a consumer content story, but it's really only a very visible sign of a broader story impacting all content producers. In a world with a limitless supply ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 10, 2006

Advertising search allows consumers to voluntarily seek and access personally selected commercial information (ads) on product and services they are interested in. TiVo, the company that pioneered a brand new category of television-ads skipping products with the development of the first commercially available digital video recorder ... read more

Robin Good - May 9, 2006

Broadcast your personal video and audio clips on your website Browser-based image editor enables users to edit images online with no need for plugin Advertising system allows you to choose which ads you want to put onto your website Conferencing software enables you to share voice, video ... read more

Stickam is a new unique communication and online collaboration widget that can be embedded into any web page. It allows to publish audio and video clips, images, as well as to interact in real-time with other people via text chat and video conferencing. Completely web-based, this new, ... read more

Robin Good - April 25, 2006

Blogging can prove to be an effective and highly rewarding business strategy for senior executives and retired professionals who want to keep themselves involved in their field of interest. Blogs can indeed be effective instruments for personal promotion, PR, networking and for showcasing one's own career, abilities, ... read more

Robin Good - April 22, 2006

Is optimizing site navigation become more important than search engine optimization? Does the increased use of major search engines affect the way we should design the content and navigation of our web pages? Prentice Hall Professional, in an article of last October entitled "The Search Lurch: Have ... read more

Robin Good - Prentice Hall Professional - April 20, 2006

While the Wall Street Journal ponders whether bloggers can really make money or not (just like asking in the '70s whether a DJ could make money), those truly interested in developing a more comprehensive picture of the effective opportunity available to them, should look a bit ... read more

Robin Good - April 19, 2006

Social networking is the ability to help to connect with friends, business partners, or other individuals using a variety of communication and social mapping tools. The more social networking systems self-embed elements and characteristics of what causes spontaneous person-to-person relationships to be born the more this ... read more

Robin Good - April 13, 2006

While the popularized geek use for RSS is generally considered to be exclusively limited to the realm of publishing and subscribing to news headlines and blog feeds, many other innovative and useful applications of RSS have been sprouting here and there. Whether it is for business, ... read more

Robin Good - April 11, 2006

New media, Web 2.0, online applications, web-based services, mobile applications and online collaboration tools are all part of this new basket full of gems I have prepared for you for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most ... read more


New media tools and services are blooming like never before. Here is a new basket full of new media gems for another great technology-rich Sharewood Picnic. The Sharewood Picnic is my weekly collection of the best, most interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have ... read more


Video advertising gives a new spin to how user-generated content and a distributed advertising model can enable exposure and profits for all parties involved. Watch, Upload, Make Money. This is the roaring mantra for newly launched, an online video clips clearinghouse that allows anyone to submit, ... read more


"...the value that publishers and advertisers can gain from considering the value of content endorsed on a person-to-person basis has enormous potential." Content relicensing services provide publishers with steady if somewhat unglamorous revenues from individuals and institutions willing to pay a premium for the rights to redistribute ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - March 21, 2006

Here is a new basket full of new media delicacies for your Sharewood Picnic. Once again I have gotten a great bunch of interesting new media tools, resources and pointers I have run into during my daily research and online explorations. Some of these new media ... read more

Robin Good - March 19, 2006

Mordechai (Morty) Schiller writes in a comment to a truly insightful post by Steve Outing: "I don't see interactive advertising flying on Madison Avenue. (Although that fortress is already being stormed by the likes of and But it's a natural for Direct Marketing and ... read more

Steve Outing - eMedia-Tidbits Poynter Institute - March 16, 2006

Branded content is nothing short of a punch-drunk-fighters reaction to the paradigm shifting changes in our media and consumption habits. The rules have changed and it seems that interestingly advertisers are in a scramble to get out of the ad spot and into content generation. Soap ... read more

Alan Moore - SMLXL - March 14, 2006

Robin Good: Best Practices And Tactics For Increasing Web Traffic, Online Exposure and Visibility while being ethical, effective, and useful to the network at large. I am an online micro-publisher managing over 10 small and independent news sites and online resources for a total of more than ... read more

Robin Good - March 2, 2006

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