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The Marketing Experiments Journal is a great, free newsletter that I would heartily recommend to anyone involved marketing communications. In the last issue which arrived in my inbox last night there was (among a ton of other very useful materials) a great list of 20 recommended ... read more

Robin Good - July 30, 2004
Google spills discretely its own philosophical life paradigm in a short list of statements/realizations that deeply should deeply reflect its official heart and mission. In your opinion is this a faithful true credo of Google mission or is it just a smartly worded PR piece? 1) Focus ... read more

Google - [via Bala Pillai - Mindecos] - July 29, 2004
JD Lasica reports from the BlogOn Conference: "Influence is moving from big media to the edges. Users are becoming as influential as big media in certain areas, especially in specialized niches. What are the metrics of influence on the Internet?" Usefulness, trustworthiness and attention are the ... read more

JD Lasica - New Media Musings - July 28, 2004

Moneybookers is a new online service that promises to be able to deliver payments in real-time to anyone having an email address on the Internet. Moneybrokers supports many international currencies (over 25), from the British Pound to the Thai Baht and allows full cross-borders payments via ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 23, 2004
BlogCatalog is the newest kid on the block when it comes to blog directories. BlogCatalog meets two primary goals: a) Supply blog creators with greater exposure and b) provide visitors searching for unique blogs with a growing selection of well-organized blog-generated content. At BlogCatalog anyone can ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 19, 2004
FeedRoll is an online service which allows independent Web publishers to facilitate the syndication of their news content on other Web sites, while controlling feed features and tracking access and clickthrough ratios. This is an evolution of what I and many others have been doing for ... read more

Robin Good - FeedRoll - July 16, 2004
If you want to build your business on trends, while knowing how to cash in on fads too, please give a good scan this mini-guide from real-estate US tycoon Donald Trump sharing his personal advice and experience. Here is the juice: * Do ... read more

Steve Cooper - - July 14, 2004
For an online marketer wanting to best leverage the enormous reach of Google and other major search engines and the precise ability to target information surfers through the use of well crafted titles and significant keyphrases there have been multiple tools and online services providing this ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 13, 2004

"Sending thousands of newsletters is ultimately a pointless exercise if those e-mail messages are not opened and read." It is essential therefore to strategically analyze those critical factors that determine how users react to your email messages. When subscribers receive your email alert or newsletter issue ... read more

Robin Good - Share-it - July 13, 2004
Aggressive and ethics-free emarketers, those early adopters of new technologies, who often act as new media minstrels in popularizing and evangelizing the good value of some new technology or of some new approach in using it, are back in force while now heralding the fiery RSS ... read more

Robin Good Reports - July 11, 2004
Draw-me is an express caricature design service that takes a photograph from you and converts by hand into a promotional illustrated character. Turnaround time for a caricature is only a few hours and if you like Draw-me style the price is definitely fair: USD $ 37 ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 10, 2004
NewzAlert Composer is a new simple tool that allows independent publishers and would be newsmasters rapidly prepare content in RSS format while making it easy to upload their newsfeeds items either directly to their FTP server or to NewsAlert own RSS public server. The tool is ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 8, 2004
"The biggest challenge in e-commerce is to create trust. On the Web, your company is completely virtual. People can't touch the product. They don't get impressed by your big building or fancy décor. They don't get schmoozed by your high-wattage salespeople. They simply see a few ... read more

Jakob Nielsen - July 6, 2004
"Independent musicians are augmenting traditional promotional methods such as touring, word of mouth, fan clubs and posters with Web sites, e-mail lists and blogs. Listener recommendations, online preview clips and samples, shared playlists and other grassroots Web tools are also changing the music landscape. Bottom line: ... read more

While there seems good reason to believe that by submitting your RSS feed through your MyYahoo page you would pave the way for inclusion in the up-and-coming RSS Directory while becoming immediately available to Yahoo searches, I found these claims not to match my own personal ... read more

Robin Good Comments - July 2, 2004
In good substance, Jeff Jarvis, calls for means and ways to make RSS newsfeeds more accountable, more easily audited, in a clear and honest effort to adapt to these content distribution technology, with the same accounting devices and paraphernalia built-in the traditional mass media ad business. ... read more

Robin Good - June 30, 2004
Newsletters are still one of the main distribution and loyalty-building channels for much of the content published on the Internet. Their value for keeping an open channel with your readers and their potential for expanding your loyalt reader base is unabated. Though I personally estimate the ... read more

Heidi Cohen - ClickZ - June 27, 2004
Steve Outing writes: "Perhaps the most common justification for forced user-registration is that it allows managers to monetize (to use the hackneyed phrase from the dot-com boom days) visitors by better targeting advertisements -- Web and e-mail -- based on users' submitted personal data. The rationale ... read more

Steve Outing - Editor & Publisher - June 24, 2004
"Until recently, the thought of employees blabbing freely to the masses about their work on company time -- without the suits from PR hovering over them to stay "on message" -- would have created panic in the executive suite. But in the past year, employee blogs ... read more

BusinessWeek Online - [via George Siemens] - June 23, 2004
Just announced on the market, is already available to the public, and it is the first high resolution panoramic camera capable of shooting a 360° degrees views in high resolution while providing a swell of complememtary features that make it a perfect marketing vehicle on the ... read more

Roundshot - [via Slashdot] - June 21, 2004

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