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Many people think that I am sold out on Groove. But if you read my rich literature on the subject you will see that things are not really so. In my personal reporting about this extraordinary technology I have kept throughout a good balance in highlighting ... read more

Robin Good - April 11, 2004
"RSS, or XML Syndication, has the potential to offer unique and targeted advertising opportunities to online publishers and the marketers they want to attract. Even though the majority of XML Syndication activity exists in community blogs frequented by tech-geeks, information technology (IT) professionals, and other types ... read more

Robin Good - MediaPost - April 11, 2004
AdSense Tracker helps website owners participating in the Google AdSense™ program to get a more detailed overview of how their sites are performing. Google's lack of reporting leaves publishers guessing as to which sites, pages, and ad styles are effective and which aren't. This AdSense™ tracker ... read more

Robin Good - AdSense Tracker - April 9, 2004

If you want to learn and find out more about ethical marketing success stories, instances where ignoring the ethically questionable "easy money" paid big dividends for a company, product or individual, head off to Shel Horowitz' site and sign-up for his valuable Positive Power of Principled ... read more

Shel Horowitz - April 8, 2004
"Recent history and the Internet have opened up some unprecedented global marketing possibilities. The ability to reach a global market on the Web has highlighted some interesting challenges for user-centered design as well. One largely anticipated outcome of globalization was convergence. Levitt (1983) predicted that shared ... read more

Kath Straub - Human Factors International - April 8, 2004
"Emergence of a new wave of online advertising at a time when Web surfers are finally accustomed to--and armed with the tools to block--the old ones." The new array of solutions and proposed approaches to advertising is both fascinating and scary. Better learn now what a ... read more

Robin Good - - April 1, 2004
Do you need to identify which are they set of keywords that are most in demand in the online niche you operate in? Need to learn what KEI means? The Wordtracker Killer is here! While there is really quite nothing like the original service from the ... read more

Robin Good - March 31, 2004
In a move that may further thrill the professionals working in SEO and SEM areas, Yahoo has quitely rolled out something very similar to the famous Google PageRank. This is a system that allows Yahoo to calculate the rank of any Web site by leveraging the ... read more

Robin Good - [via Serge Thibodeau] - March 29, 2004

In an interesting Web Site Compatibility Test, MarketingExperiments tested five different Web sites on 14 different computer systems and discovered how to improve the conversion ratio for these sites by 42% without changing a single word of copy. Though their specific solution is hidden under a ... read more

Robin Good - March 29, 2004
A well prepared and exhaustive short reference to all you need to do to improve the quality and readership of your online site. In this great article, originally targeted at bloggers, Dave Pollard distils it all down to the ten things you can do that are ... read more

Dave Pollard - March 25, 2004
Find out what interaction designers, information architects and multimedia producers think Experience Design really is. Excerpted and carefully picked from an ongoing exchange started yesterday on the AIGA YahooGroup Discussion List, this is a great collection of contributions facilitating greater understanding of ED for both the ... read more

Robin Good - March 24, 2004
Business networking serves many purposes: general marketing, sales prospecting, recruiting, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, and business development. Of all these, business development is the one that it supports best. Recently, “business networking” has developed some negative connotations for many people, due to its widespread use in the ... read more

Scott Allen - March 22, 2004
Contrary to the music industry gneral propaganda, the sky is not falling down. After several years of warnings about the dire consequences of P2P file sharing for music sales, the Australian Record Industry Association yesterday released sales figures for 2003 showing an increase of nearly 8 ... read more

Sydney Morning Herald Online - [via Slashdot] - March 20, 2004
"As an online copywriter, I'm constantly making the point that the text on web sites is not given enough attention. This is unfortunate, because the headlines on site pages make huge demands on the skills of any writer. If you're writing a headline or heading for ... read more

Nick Usborne - [via Jared Spool] - March 10, 2004
Why can't it be as easy to buy, download, and run software as it is to do the same with music? Macromedia is trying to do just that with Macromedia Central, which strives to be a better way to distribute and run software. The first release ... read more

Robin Good - PC Magazine - March 8, 2004
Excited by yesterday announcement by Macromedia I headed off to their main promotion page and immediately signed up for the free trial promising one free month use of Macromedia Breeze web conferencing technology. But, for whatever reason not apparent to me, it looks like Macromedia is ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - March 4, 2004
The RSS Newsmaster is an emerging new figure with a new craft to work with: Filtering and aggregating content in new personal and innovative ways. In this new essay I recapitulate the key points brought forward in The Birth Of The Newsmaster, while clarifying some of ... read more

Robin Good - March 3, 2004
SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public free of charge. You can easily browse or search through the categories of a huge gallery containing over 50.000 quality stock photos shot by more than 2.500 different photographers. Need ... read more

Robin Good - March 1, 2004
Knowing what the client wants is the key factor to success in any type of business. News media, government agencies and political candidates need to know what the public thinks. Associations need to know what their members want. Large companies need to measure the attitudes of ... read more

Robin Good - The Survey System - February 27, 2004
Today Tuesday February the 24th at 12 noon EDT the first Kolabora Live! online event will take place with special guests Jay Cross, Nancy White, Wes Kussmaul and Heike Philp. Moderates Stephanie Downs of ConferZone all in simultaneous full audio and video. Thanks to Robin Good, ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora Live! - February 24, 2004

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