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from October 22, 2004 to September 15, 2004

How do I feel about advertising on weblogs? As I have commented to Jason Kottke "The revolution will be commercialized" the key issues may not really be those we see discussed over and over. Here is my personal take about the commercialization of weblogs and why ... read more

Robin Good - October 22, 2004
Dave Morgan at ClickZ writes about the need to move from ad-targeting to a more consumer-centric, ad-filtering mentality. "Ad targeting helps publishers improve inventory revenue yield, enabling them to sell more ads for more money. It helps advertisers improve campaign effectiveness, enabling them to deliver more appropriate ... read more

Robin Good - October 21, 2004
Just like the short text ads appearing next to this article, your non-profit organization too can gain exposure, reach and visibility through the exceptionally affordable Google Grants online public awareness program. Though it is over a month that Google has put this new service into public beta, ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - October 20, 2004

Robert Scoble, chief Microsoft blogging evangelist has really some great stuff on his blog. I must acknowledge this. His passion, open and direct reporting of the events and issues that touch him most directly, the frankness and smart questioning he uses with his interviewees, his unstoppable ... read more

Robert Scoble - October 19, 2004

David Sifry reports extensively and effectively on the numbers making up the blogosphere in the last two years through a number of self-explanatory charts. The latest section published by Technorati's chief officer is part 4 of a series on the growth of the Blogosphere, its impact on ... read more

David Sifry - October 18, 2004
"Forget squeezing millions from a few megahits at the top of the charts. The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream." If you haven't read it in print, in the last issue of Wired magazine, get a ... read more

Robin Good - Wired - October 18, 2004

Here is some truly innovative and beautifully designed "user experience" site for a luxurious and expensive car. The Volvo V50. The entry scene is set by the natural framing on a city street created by the window of a coffee bar. The photography, initial visual opening ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - October 14, 2004
In today's Alertbox issue, usability guru Jakob Nielsen, strikes positive chords when analyzing in detail the reasons that make newsletter subscription and access effective. I know I am not the first one to notice or complain about how annoying or counter effective user registration can be, ... read more

Robin Good - October 11, 2004

How contextual should advertising be? Could there be instances when contextual ads are inappropriate, from an ethical viewpoint? If you were to write an article on your site about how fluoride in the public water supply might be causing obesity, would you be happy to allow ... read more

Robin Good - October 8, 2004
The potential for commercially-minded bloggers, independent publishers and NewsMasters to earn revenues from advertising on their sites has been the subject of a great deal of hypothesizing. Actual real-life examples are still few and far between. But, as Robin Good has previously stated: "These are critical, highly dynamic ... read more

Robin Good - October 6, 2004

Today Jeffrey Goldfarb and Bernhard Warner, European Media Correspondents at Reuters, report an interesting announcement about much criticized Amazon business partner and wanna-be competitor Google Print. In their article titled Google Launches Amazon-Style Book Search Business Goldfarb and Warner write that Google will demonstrate ... read more

Robin Good - October 6, 2004

Feedburner has done it again. The great guys behind the orange burning RSS flame are really doing some excellent work to make RSS more usable, spliceable, trackable, good-looking, and even now even profitable. The latest addition to the great family of RSS Feedburner services is the ... read more

Robin Good - September 29, 2004
Among the key strategies needed to achieve online popularity and reach is link popularity. Most expert advice from so-called SEO/SEM experts has focused on obtaining targeted links from as many sites as possible regardless of theme or topic. More advanced linking strategies exist that not only ... read more

Robin Good - [via Marjolein Hoekstra] - September 29, 2004
I think I have explained and re-iterated in many different ways why syndicating your content in RSS is so very important. In case you didn't hear my previous calls, here Yahoo's own official voice on the subject. See what Yahoo itself says about the value of ... read more

Robin Good - Yahoo - September 28, 2004
Should researchers and analysts worry about increasing demand for ever-diminishing returns? Is small really that beautiful and is less really more? Marydee Ojala, Editor of Online Magazine, has written a very thought-provoking piece, entitled "Information - Short and Sweet" in the latest issue (Vol. 28 No. 5 ... read more

Robin Good - September 24, 2004
As an information professional, it's not that often you come across a tool that is both (a) extremely easy to use and (b) can create a whole range of simple, effective and ultimately indispensable new services for your users. If that tool also allows you to ... read more

Robin Good - September 23, 2004
The RSS Top55 has reached today 90 listings representing the best selection of RSS search engines and blog directory submission sites available on the net today. If you are into getting some exposure and visibility for your online news reports this is the place to go ... read more

Robin Good - September 22, 2004

FlashPaper is Macromedia solution to distributing and repurposing content with ease and cost-effectiveness. The $ 79 software tool, allows anyone to easily convert any printable document into either Web-ready Flash files or highly secure PDF documents. Flash and PDF are by themselves two of the most popular ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - September 19, 2004
Libraries and librarians are challenged with the most profound changes ever to affect their profession, focus and expected outputs. Their competitive advantage is unique, but it is their unfamiliarity with new approaches to information management that bogs them down to undynamic positions. Their skillset and professional ... read more

Content, Not Containers - OCLC - September 18, 2004
RSS marketing - key questions to ask: 1) In your experience, what are the best marketing and business uses for RSS? Could you perhaps give us some practical examples? 2) But what are the greatest benefits of using RSS as a content delivery vehicle? 3) The number one ... read more

Robin Good - September 15, 2004

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