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from December 10, 2005 to October 24, 2005

A new online stock image library service offers for the first time great options for both small business buyers and to would-be pro-photographers wanting to sell their best digital photographs online. While traditional stock image libraries have a tradition of being very corporate, top-down, targeted at advertising ... read more

Robin Good - December 10, 2005

If you have been disappointed with the results and profits turned up by having integrated Google AdSense ads within your web site or blog, do not despair. Getting AdSense to work is never been an easy trick, unless you fully understood the mechanism governing both the ... read more

Robin Good - December 6, 2005

The marketing communication landscape has changed more in the past five years than in the past fifty. Traditional marketing methods are losing their grip on customers at an alarming rate. Trade shows, trade publications and direct mail deliver a fraction of the ROI they did only ... read more

Alan Moore - SMLXL - December 1, 2005

Glide, launching today, is a new web-based integrated environment that allows its users to manage, archive, publish and share music, video and images through a highly visual interface. Glide doesn't stop there. It throws in document and email facilities, basic image editing, as well as some ... read more

Robin Good - November 30, 2005
Microsoft has just communicated by email to all existing Search Champs and has also published on the MSDN Search blog an "Open Call" for anyone to participate in the next Search Champs event taking place less than 8 weeks from now. The Microsoft Search team wants ... read more

Brady Forrest - Sean Carver - MSN Search Weblog - November 30, 2005
Though it doesn't show inside the newly released Feedster Top500 for a little glitch in the final calculations, this site is now ranked among the Top150 most popular blogs. ... read more

Scott Johnson - Feedster - November 28, 2005

If you're looking to improve your business, just give me 180 seconds and I will tell you why you should invest in blogs and not in traditional highly trafficked sites. I will start by sharing with you data coming from a recent US study about online content, ... read more

Alessandro Banchelli - November 26, 2005
FilmLoop is an innovative new presentation and image-sharing tool which allows instant and real-time sharing of digital photos. With FilmLoop you can create a loop of photos moving on your desktop by simply dragging pictures from your hard disk and dropping them on to the loop strip. ... read more

Robin Good - November 25, 2005

Ah, print, the darling of trade publishers everywhere. It's still a potent weapon in today's B2B marketing wars, but with trade events and online publications soaring in their revenue mixes today's B2B publishers are oftentimes perplexed as to how to deal with the shifting strategic role ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - November 22, 2005

Just before the weekend Google announced a new advertising feature that will allow advertisers to select the specific sites on which they will want their ads to appear on. Google stated that this new feature, known as Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, will allow independent publishers to hook and ... read more

Robin Good - Eric Auchard - Reuters - November 21, 2005

Festoon is a new free video conferencing tool that supports real-time screen sharing while seamlessly integrating with Skype and Google Talk. Festoon, formerly known as VSkype, has changed its name while releasing a completely upgraded new version of its simple-to-use PC-only video conferencing tool. Festoon is very ... read more

Robin Good - November 18, 2005

Google, launched yesterday its newest and most speculated about tool: Google Base. In essence, Google Base is a powerful and highly scalable database for submission of publicly shareable structured data. It is also a way for Google to let anyone upload information to Google databases. As Rafat ... read more

Robin Good - November 17, 2005

People talk, some more than others. With each conversation, information is spread from one person to another, and if the topic of conversation is interesting, exciting, or has value; people will discuss the topic with other people. ... read more

James Torio - Everyhuman - November 16, 2005

The official launch of was announced today, ushering in a powerful new set of tools to help individual authors to mingle their content with professional publishers in an online system designed to reward authors for their content's popularity and quality. Publishing via Gather is about ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - November 15, 2005

As Gary Price had originally anticipated back in July this year, Google has now officially launched Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free service that Google offers to its customers to allow them to track, monitor and measure with great accuracy statistics relating to traffic, conversions and ... read more

Robin Good - November 14, 2005

Here is Robin Good's weekly basket of new media resources, software and articles that I would like to share with you. They are all powerful digital weapons for participating in the user-driven publishing revolution Robin is chronicling. Feel free to test, download and freely use any of ... read more

Kevin C. Borgia and Robin Good - November 13, 2005

"The Internet is one of the biggest threats facing cable and satellite operators because it enables viewers to watch television without an intermediary." "Broadcasters are scrambling to gain a foothold as their traditional business landscape starts to crumble." New media technologies "from video-enabled cell phones to ... read more

Robin Good [via Rafat Ali] - - November 12, 2005
"Podcasting, blogs and 'wiki' will continue to gain momentum and attract an increasing number of consumers - both content creators and content users. All indicators point to consumer generated media becoming a promising 'ad spend' opportunity, particularly for advertisers looking to reach specific micro-communities. Interactive advertising ... read more

Robin Good - 24/7 Real Media - November 11, 2005

Business blogging, or how to make money with a blog, is one of the hottest topics that would-be independent publishers like to read about. While there are indeed many new and fascinating approaches to increase the number and size of your possible revenue stream that can be ... read more


The new, long-awaited version of the RSSTop55 Premium is finally available online. The RSSTop55 Premium, Maximum ExpoRSSure, is a 60-page mini-guide that complements and augments the freely accessible public RSSTop55 clearinghouse I have been publishing online, in helping individuals and organizations find the most relevant RSS ... read more

Robin Good - October 24, 2005

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