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According to a CNN news report, George Reyes, Google's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), speaking at an investor conference on December 1 2004, said that the growing abuse of the company's lucrative sponsored ad-search program by 'click fraud' was jeopardizing its business. "I think something has to be ... read more

Robin Good - December 6, 2004

Here is an industry, dynamic, fast growing and exciting with new tools and technologies showing up on my radar on a weekly basis now, but with no real voices, personalities and character, as the audiences they are targeting would be expecting to find. Photo credit: Davide Guglielmo The ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - November 29, 2004

Staci Kramer from reports: "While some of us are wondering how best to use ads in RSS feeds, IT Garage proprietor Doc Searls asked "How long before somebody designs an RSS newsreader that blocks ads in RSS feeds?" He quickly got a reply from someone ... read more

Robin Good - - November 23, 2004

If you're looking for a reliable, stable and trustworthy supplier of web conferencing and/or online presentation tools, you're not going to be able to gain a very clear picture simply by reading prospective vendors' marketing brochures, touring their corporate websites or by being forced to listen ... read more

Robin Good - November 19, 2004

How obvious is it to you when using a search engine that the results you are getting are what you should be getting? Are you aware that some of the results are actually paid for by advertisers? In other words, a company will pay the search ... read more

Jørgen J. Wouters - Consumer WebWatch - November 15, 2004
Robin's article, RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites, shows you how to submit your RSS feed to many different blog and RSS directories. If you're a blogger, your blogging software may have a feature that makes it easy and quick to notify directories ... read more

Robin Good - November 10, 2004

The Creative Commons has just release a new revolutionary, free killer app that allows individuals to upload, CC tag and share their audio recordings to the Internet at large via the Internet Archive, while keeping some of their rights fully intact. CC Publisher is indeed a revolutionary ... read more

Robin Good - [via Joi Ito] - November 9, 2004
If, as an RSS newsmaster, you've been struggling to find ways to earn an income from your uniquely crafted content feeds, then life may have started to get slightly easier. Pheedo has just announced the launch of an advertising management tool that will allow you to insert ... read more

Robin Good - November 8, 2004

POPstick is a Boston-based new media communication agency that utilizes digital technology to build creative solutions for new marketing opportunities and challenges. I picked up POPstick newest idea, POPstick Outburst, because nonetheless its very corporate and impersonal communication strategy (quite at the opposite of very model ... read more

Robin Good - November 6, 2004 publisher John Rourke has written me to manifest his dismay caused by my having announced the creation of a free RSS newsfeed for the aggregated news headlines published on home page. In a public comment to my post informing readers about the availability of these ... read more

Robin Good - November 5, 2004
Yesterday I had a demo of a technology I had heard about but had never really tested. The PR agency, taking care of the company in question, had very gently setup a meeting time, and a conferencing space online (powered by Live Meeting) where this showcase ... read more

Robin Good - November 4, 2004
The evidence is clear. Want some attention? Tell your readers to go away. Robert Scoble has again a great essay that strikes right at the center some of the most ingrained online marketing and promotion myths: You Need To Keep People On Your Site. Nothing could be further ... read more

Robert Scoble - November 3, 2004
RSS can be a powerful digital weapon in increasing your exposure, visibility and ranking inside major search engines. If appropriately used, RSS can dramatically increase your ability to be indexed on a day to day basis by Google and other major search engines. The strategic keywords in ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - November 2, 2004
Robert Scoble has got some great thoughts out on the issue of branding and the adoption of blogs by corporate executives and established businesses. While he tries to pull out specific points relating to how effective blogging can be for major brands, including Microsoft which pays ... read more

Robert Scoble - November 1, 2004

Project DU Reader is a new RSS newsreader, with some innovative ideas and a cross-platform promise: Win, Mac and Linux. While Project DU Reader is presently available only for PC/Windows, the Mac version will be out in a matter of days (while the Linux one is ... read more

Robin Good - October 31, 2004
Relevancy is the key to the success of all advertising. The Google AdWords advertising program allows small and medium sized advertisers to reach a very large and diverse audience made up of the users of the Google search engine, and by the millions of visitors to ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - October 30, 2004
This excellent report from Morgan Stanley's analysts Mary Meeker, Brian Pitz and Brian Fitzgerald is an absolute must-read for anyone involved with building or maintaining a profitable and forward-looking online publishing business. The three research analysts at MS have done an abolsutely excellent job at understanding, evaluating, ... read more

Morgan Stanley - October 27, 2004
Creating profitable buzz-targeted niche news sites (shooting stars sites) is an additional route expert newsmasters and RSS news geeks can take to further diversify and extend their income streams. Leaving to you the breadth and range of possible topics that can be covered by this approach, ... read more

Robin Good Reports - October 26, 2004
True bloggers can't be bought. This is my personal take on this hot topic as it comes spinning off. Marc Canter reports that he has been working at a new program which will pay bloggers to blog about specific products and services. While I would ... read more

Robin Good - October 25, 2004
FeedFire is a breakthrough new service that allows anyone to create automatically a RSS news feed for any Web site that does not have one. You simply register at FeedFire, input the URL of the page and FeedFire dos the rest for you in the fraction of ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - October 23, 2004

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