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Here is my own voice commentary on a few of the issues raised during the last Decisioncast RSS Weekly event that took place on Thursday June 17th. This is also an asynchronous voice reply to a new type of conversation that small independent news publishers can ... read more

Robin Good - Robin Good Sharewood Tidings - June 18, 2004
"A Blogads survey claims that blog readers are more mature and affluent than expected and more prone to click on ads and buy online. Many advertisers think bloggers—and blog readers—inhabit some kind of cyber backwater, full of stagnant, egotistical, overwritten and overblown opinion pages, but no ... read more

Robin Good - eMarketer - June 16, 2004
A great collection of nine essays explaining the importance of integrating web accessibility guidelines in online publishing efforts and the positive consequences this may generate in the way major search engines will index and rank such content. "...many of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, if ... read more

Robin Good - BigMouthMedia - June 15, 2004

"There are about 35 million websites on the Internet - by 2014 there'll be an estimated 150 million, not including personal websites. With so many people online and so many websites competing with yours, if you can't persuade Internet users to be loyal to your website ... read more

Robin Good - WebDevTips - June 13, 2004
John Battelle says: "If advertisers are going to truly benefit from marketing on blogs, they will have to get to know each one to the point that their ads speak with a voice that is consistent in the community where they are advertising." Bill Flitter of ... read more

Bill Flitter - Pheedo - June 13, 2004
This may sound to you as crazy as it can get, but in my mind this stroked me as being one of the few possible ways in which I would positively envision the convergence of RSS and advertisements. As I have been approached by multiple sources ... read more

Robin Good Invents - June 9, 2004
Chatango is a new free online service which allows anyone to use a friendly old chat technology in a new effective way. Chatango allows you to create an easy-to-use personal Web-based chat page on which to exchange, in real-time or asynchronously with customers and teammates. Since ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - [via Bill Flitter] - June 9, 2004
The detailed report out of the last Competitive Edge live event is finally out. Fascinating are the topics and future scenarios painted by special guests Stuart Henshall and Eugene Eric Kim, who contributed in less than half an hour of actual world time, great knowledge and ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - June 7, 2004

"In the new world of work, you are a brand. And to stand out and prosper, you must leverage your experience, way of thinking, ideas, skills and braggables to create a perception that there is no one in the marketplace quite like you. I call ... read more

Ramon Williamson - UGMC - [via Eric Wibisono - KULT] - June 4, 2004
"An interesting connection and developing nanopublishing business through nurturing talent: "This very model of broadcast folk art may be the thing that places weblogs on a viable footing for the long term as a communications medium that moves both people and profits. The popular music industry ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - [via Rafat Ali] - June 2, 2004
For novice emarketers only. Nonetheless it should appear evident to anyone with a grain of salt in her head, there a tons of Web sites, articles and books that still promote old fashioned and outdated online marketing tactics. Many of these bring more damage than good ... read more

Robin Good - May 30, 2004
"The increased distrust of corporate messages and the new recipe for 'doing' viral marketing, are taking viral marketing mainstream -- it's no longer just a technique for those that can't afford advertising, but a technique to replace advertising. Use stealth and subtlety to convey your message, ... read more

Dave Pollard - May 28, 2004
Here is a good article detailing simple, yet effective, guidelines to follow when planning an email campaign or action alert. "Raoul Bhavnani at Westhill Partners shares his insights on how to effectively reach out to supporters online and motivate them to become more involved. The Internet ... read more

Robin Good - Meet the Expert: Raoul Bhavnani, Westhill Partners - May 27, 2004
Roland Tanglao reviews and summarizes with simplicity the essential issues for being successful with news sites and weblogs. Many of the recipes suggested by search engine marketing and optimization firms are nothing short of useless while the items that really count in making a site exposure ... read more

Roland Tanglao - May 24, 2004
If you are looking for a quick, clean, reliable and easy-to-use solution to send out your newsletter or to maintain an email/Web-based discussion list, you may want to consider giving a try to the free Google Groups 2 service, now in Beta, but ready to be ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 19, 2004
"If information architecture is a fairly new field, then the practice of teaching information architecture is even newer. Often instructors are experienced information architects who have little to no teacher training, and they must teach students with a wide range of experience and learning goals. Learning ... read more

Robin Good - Boxes and Arrows - May 7, 2004
ViewletPoll is a new service that makes it as easy and fun as it can get the creation, publishing and management of online polls. ViewletPoll makes the process extremely simple and straightforward, while providing an elegant and well thought-out interface for the poll manager. Results are ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - May 4, 2004
"A fascinating thing about watching visitors navigate is recognizing that repeat visitors typically use sites differently than first-time visitors. You might consider changing your navigation based on this, as changes the tabs displayed based on purchase and browsing patterns. As Don Norman of the Nielsen ... read more

Robin Good - ClickZ - May 2, 2004
"A better way to see what works best - Ad conversion tracking. The holy grail of marketing is a complete understanding of what part of the marketing mix is most effective for converting shoppers into buyers. Businesses large and small took a step closer to attaining ... read more

Robin Good - Google - April 19, 2004
A newly announced monthly Kolabora Live! event is completely devoted to cover key trends, new technologies, best practices and marketing strategies in the conferencing, online collaboration and live presentation industries, is now open for registration. Targeted at companies, developers, marketing people and researchers, this new event ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - April 16, 2004

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