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This is a Macromedia Breeze presentation I recorded for the e/merge 2004 conference on Blended Collaborative Learning back in July. It addresses issues relating to live collaboration and conferencing systems that can be effectively utilized in the academic world. It points out to different categories of ... read more

Robin Good - August 21, 2004
Alan Levine catches on, all on his own, on the base core concept of a newsmaster. He just gracefully lands on it as many of you have as well, and he goes out to test a few of the possible alternative services that he found to ... read more

Alan Levine - August 20, 2004
E-learning teams are noticing and becoming aware of the immense potential of UXD (User Experience Design) practices in addition to the learning design methods used until now. "This article is an early attempt to define the elements of learning experience design or LXD and to explain ... read more

Maish Nichami - Australian Flexible Learning Community - August 10, 2004

Real-time blogging was my yesterday experiment. I set-up to cover in real-time the live online conference "State of the E-conferencing Industry: Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Solution" organized and presented/moderated by Stephanie Downs of ConferZone. The challenge I had posed to myself was: how do I blog a ... read more

Robin Good Reports - August 6, 2004
Behind an innovative, elegant and for many aspects, effective interface, the Map of Creativity gives you access to an exploratory view of all the best ongoing learning projects available on the Web. "Given the enormous number of innovative projects, many of which are unknown outside a ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - [via Andy Carvin] - August 6, 2004
From the excellent work on Training of Trainers completed by Nancy White and the team at the Outreach office of PH Armenia including Anna Martirosyan and Siranush Vardanyan, I have extracted this little pearl. It is a well organized collection of tips and best practices that ... read more

ASCP - Armenia School Connectivity Program - [via Onlinefacilitation Yahoogroup] - July 22, 2004
"For some, the work of the future will resemble an elaborate, personalized video game front-end that's connected to the physical operations of their company." Jay Cross says it as openly as he would drink a glass water and I am glad that there are individuals like ... read more

Jay Cross - July 18, 2004
Tixeo Workspace 3D is a new immersive virtual environment in which people can meet, talk, discuss, present and collaborate while interacting and seeing themselves through so-called avatars. Following a month or so the official entry into the market by industry-first SmartMeeting, Tixeo has set itself to ... read more

Robin Good - July 11, 2004

What do you really mean when you say Training? Do we really share a common definition for this much misused word? While official definitions are abundant few are deep enough to be used for critically questioning what is it really meant when we say Training. Here ... read more

Robin Good - July 6, 2004
To smartly celebrate its five million members registration record, BrainBench has opened up its full test library (normally these are ALL paid tests) for the remaining nine days prior to the launch of the Candidate Database, July 15th. All 450+ Brainbench certification assessments are completely FREE ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - July 5, 2004
If you operate in the academic/educational universe and are interested in participating in an online demo showing some of the more interesting real-time communication and collaboration technologies available today on the market, you may want to check out my two Jungle Tours I will be running ... read more

e/merge 2004 - Kolabora - July 4, 2004
Winner of one of the 2004 Webby Awards in the education category, the Interactive Body interactive study-guide is a very good example of an effective educational resource utilizing interactive games and animation. Each scenario allows the user to effectively explore new concepts while having to match, ... read more

Robin Good - BBC - July 3, 2004
Today I clicked on a story I was reading through my RSS newsreader posted by Stephen Downes. Unfortunately the click didn't take me through to the specific post but to his home page, which, thanks to RSS and the good old plain text newsletter he sends ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 24, 2004
Yesterday I took a group of five among industry experts, news reporters, and technology bloggers to a private demo of a new breakthrough conferencing and collaboration technology called SmartMeeting. This new, immersive 3D collaboration environment is truly a generation ahead of any other conferencing system available ... read more

Robin Good - June 23, 2004
Maish Nichani outlines in easy to read short essay the quality of weblogs when utilized in training scenarios. He specifically points to three virtues of blogs: 1) personal point of view, 2) chronological nature and 3) byte-sized posts. "Together, these three attributes help create experiences that ... read more

Maish Nichani - Australian Flexible Learning - June 6, 2004
Among the now so many online resources devoted to RSS, I had not yet seen the excellent work carried out by Brian Lamb, Norman D'Arcy, Alan Levine and the many other people who have contributed to give a life to its own, to this clean and ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 6, 2004
If you are looking for an online resource that provides advice and guidance to creating digital images (including raster, vector and animated formats), delivering digital images to users, using digital images to support teaching, learning and research, managing both small and large scale digitisation projects, you ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 6, 2004
The Buckminster Fuller Institute and the Cal-(IT)2 Game Culture & Technology Lab at UC Irvine are in the initial conceptualization of a massively multi-player game whose goal is to save the world. The game takes a bottom-up approach through missions in which players deploy large numbers ... read more

Celia Pearce - Planetwork - June 5, 2004
Jay Cross shares his original live presentation at the ASTD Conference. The presentation containing his original audio and all of the accompanying slides gives an extraordinary overview of just some of the critical issues relevant to effective collaboration inside the enterprise, while exemplifying in very simple ... read more

Robin Good Recommends - June 5, 2004

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