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Learning music changes music. Learning about wine changes wine. Learning about Buddhism changes Buddhism. And learning Excel changes Excel. If we want passionate users, we might not have to change our products - we have to change how our users experience them. And that change does ... read more

Kathy Sierra - Passionate - January 14, 2006

Each year approximately 10,000 applicants apply to 'top tier' full time MBA Programs (Master degree in Business and Administration). MBA candidates have typically worked for a few years after their undergraduate experience and are now looking to return to school for a 2-year period. Their goal ... read more

Robin Good - January 13, 2006

2005 is almost over, but looking ahead remains my passion. Here are a few more anticipations and predictions that should be added to my original Web Predictions for 2006 which I wrote over a week ago. Here are ten more disruptive and powerful changes that from my ... read more

Robin Good - December 31, 2005

Eric Goldstein, CEO of a new company called Clipmarks, own proposition is that bookmarks as we know them are badly broken. What we really need, he suggests, are not bookmarks but a more evolved and effective way of storing and "clipping" those bits and pieces of useful ... read more

Matthew Guschwan - December 29, 2005

If you are looking for reasons, information, and facts supporting the use of alternative operating systems and application to the standard Microsoft set, this new book by Tony Bove may indeed provide some valuable information. Educational and academic institutions and increasingly governments, in many parts of the ... read more

Ben Rothke - Slashdot - December 27, 2005

Sharewood Picnic is Robin Good's weekly gift to you. It consists of hand-picked goodies discovered in the last seven days, including new web sites, software tools and online resources that can further enable you to become a more effective online independent publisher. For Christmas 2005, I have ... read more

Robin Good and Kevin C. Borgia - December 25, 2005

Festoon is a new free video conferencing tool that supports real-time screen sharing while seamlessly integrating with Skype and Google Talk. Festoon, formerly known as VSkype, has changed its name while releasing a completely upgraded new version of its simple-to-use PC-only video conferencing tool. Festoon is very ... read more

Robin Good - November 18, 2005

Developing countries are rapidly increasing the number and quality of college graduates, generating a sea change in the relative education advantage that advanced countries have enjoyed over literally hundreds of years, according to an analysis recently released by The Conference Board, the global business network. Access ... read more

Gail Fosler - Conference Board - November 12, 2005

Sharewood Picnic is Robin Good's weekly basket of hand-picked goodies discovered and found in the last seven days; it includes new web sites, software tools and online resources that can further enable your ability to become effective independent publishers online. You are welcome to test, download and ... read more

Kevin C. Borgia and Robin Good - November 6, 2005
Open-source textbooks on any topic, in any language, available to anyone, anywhere, for free - this is the goal of Wikibooks, a project of the Wikimedia Project, the folks who brought you Wikipedia. Currently consisting of over 11.000 book modules from kindergarten to university-level, Wikibooks opens ... read more

Robin Good - Daniel Terdiman - CNet News - September 29, 2005

Here is another great basket of new media resources, software and articles that I'd like to share with you. Feel free to test, try and share these little gems with your friends, they are my Sunday little present to you. This is what I have found: Music ... read more

Robin Good - Kevin Borgia - September 25, 2005
Here is a new white-paper on podcasting for learning: http://www.ottergroup.com/blog/_archives/2005/9/16/1232728.html Written and produced by the Otter Group, the paper "dips [the authors'] baby toes into the pool of possibilities in podcasting for learning." Since March of this year the Otter Group has been producing the Negotiating Tip of ... read more

Aixa Almonte [via Kathleen Gilroy] - Otter Group - September 21, 2005
Do you know how you can use podcasting and video blogging to communicate effectively via online media? Are you interested in starting up your own Internet TV or radio station? For the first time in human history every individual has the power of self-expression to reach ... read more

ITConversations - September 17, 2005
James Torio has recently taken on the challenge to write about blogs and media phenomenon they represent: blogs are social change tools, business venues, support and development instruments, wonderful marketing channels, gateways to innovative learner-centered education and peer-review journals for a new media world in which ... read more

Robin Good - September 16, 2005

With the combination of Internet calls and VoiceXML, a new era of innovation is coming to the telephone. Skype has jut announced its partnership with three voice application development companies opening a new huge market for voice-based services and applications delivered through the Skype platform: Sport information Training ... read more

Robin Good - September 10, 2005

Prompted by the business prospect of a coming search market valued at $ 18 billion in the next five years (source: Safa Rashtcy - Piper Jaffray) and following the recent technology announcements in personalized collaborative search made by Yahoo (My Web 2.0) and Google (My Search ... read more

Robin Good - August 23, 2005
Academic Commons offers a forum for investigating and defining the role that technology can play in liberal arts education. Sponsored by the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College, Academic Commons publishes essays, reviews, interviews, showcases of innovative uses of technology, and vignettes ... read more

[via OLDaily - Stephen Downes] - Academic Commons - August 16, 2005

New media picks of the week is my weekly basket of tasty resources, tools and services. These are this week little gems that I have run into, have accidentally discovered or been pointed to or have read about in articles, RSS feeds and newsletters I subscribe ... read more

Robin Good - August 7, 2005

How do you know whether something you read on the web is true? You can’t know, at least, not for sure. This makes it important to read carefully and to evaluate what you read. This guide will tell you how to do it. ... read more

Robin Good - July 29, 2005

Born with the intention of providing an alternative news venue for the younger generations, often very critical and alienated by mainstream news media, the Guerrilla News Network is a uniquely interesting hub of counter-information, articles, and voices from a growing group of awareness-increasing individuals. One of the ... read more

Robin Good - July 17, 2005

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