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As the amount of information coming at us increases in quantity and variety, the tools that and the methods allow heavy information users to keep afloat are getting to be as critical as the ability write or read. This short post provides a wealth of pointers ... read more

Robin Good - February 15, 2004
An interesting interview with Elaine Bontempi covering the strategies and methods utilized to complement online training courses with effective graphics, visuals and interface design elements. Sound instructional design, accessibility and ease of use remain key pillars for effective design of elearning interfaces. ... read more

Robin Good - February 11, 2004
The first live Kolabora Live! event is a 60-minute experts-panel focus on what it really takes to prepare for such a killer online event. Scheduled for Tuesday February the 24th this is an event that can't be missed by those among of you who need to ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - February 10, 2004

Increasingly conference organizers are thinking of adding an online discussion to the in-person proceedings. This is a good thing to do and strongly encouraged, since it adds a dimension not possible to achieve with a strictly in-person event. This paper was written in response to a ... read more

Robin Good - February 7, 2004
Furl is a new web browsing tool that lets you save and organize thousands of useful web pages (you know, the ones you want to save for future reference but then can never find again) in a personal "web page filing cabinet". Once saved, you can ... read more

Robin Good - Furl - February 4, 2004
What are the features and facilities you really need when collaborating online? Is it true that present-day state-of-art conferencing solutions integrate and include what we, professional end users really want? Who is driving the Web conferencing industry? Technologists, businessmen or us? ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - January 28, 2004
Just launched, a new free journal is now available in HTML and PDF format online. The International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning. ... read more

Stephen Downes - OLDaily - January 21, 2004
List of sites that use innovative approaches to online learning. Common elements include authenticity, collaboration, the use of critical thinking skills, global implications, in-depth investigations, and a very high student motivation and engagement factor. ... read more

Robin Good - [via del.icio.us] TechLEARNING - January 15, 2004

Early e-learning traded technology for human interaction. Now, the personal element is being added back in. New social software tools borrowed from business and the younger generations combine tech and touch for the best of all possible worlds (including virtual ones). ... read more

Robin Good - Learning Circuits - December 20, 2003
... read more

Robin Good - Master New Media - December 10, 2003
... read more

Robin Good - Master New Media - November 19, 2003

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