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Animated talking characters are visual animated characters that can "voice" predefined sentences and which can be easily embedded in just about any web page.to add visual impact, and, in some cases, a more human touch. "Research about interactive characters suggests substantial opportunities for them to enhance ... read more

Robin Good - June 21, 2006

Animated talking characters are visual, cartoon-like talking personalities that can be easily embedded into any type fo web site or service to provide extra assistance, introductory information or guidance to those accessing that page. Animated talking characters have been around for quite a while now, having seen ... read more

Robin Good - June 21, 2006
Here is a small tribute to the power of visual communication, which through the humble artistry of these ten short video remixes showcases how much more effective and enjoyable it can be to learn through active watching rather than having to read the same subject in ... read more

Robin Good - June 20, 2006

Informal learning is the realization that we need not force senior staff and self-directed work professionals into training straightjackets and classrooms hoping to be able to enahnce their innate desire for learning and improving their skills and ability to use them in real world applications. Formal ... read more

Robin Good - June 15, 2006

The intranet is changing. New communication technology is making it less a one-way publishing vehicle and more a platform for two-way communication, collaboration and innovation. In this chapter, we discuss these new technologies – from RSS, to wikis to blogs – and whether you should ... read more

Kathleen Gilroy and Bill Ives - Otter Group - June 13, 2006

Connect two phones via a web-based interface and call people around the world for very competitive fees Search engine for images enables you to find similar photos within Flickr database Share your photos, edit them and create online slideshows with music Web-based images editor enables you to edit ... read more


If you have been looking to find quality news, reviews and articles on online collaboration tools and web, video and audio conferencing technologies, you may have realized how hard it is becoming to be able to get all the news about a certain topic, without ... read more

Robin Good - June 1, 2006

The latest Microsoft Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8, is an all-round instant messenger, with advanced voice and video communication abilities, integrated collaboration tools, and several more truly advanced features including PC-to-phone, SMSing and more. The highly promising new instant messaging platform from Microsoft, integrates everything ... read more

Robin Good - Kolabora - May 31, 2006

Saving content from the web, clipping snippets of text or full images that you may re-use to inspire the design your next campaign or to prepare the research essay you are working on is increasingly becoming a popular and much needed activity for any communication professional ... read more

Robin Good and Kim Roach - May 30, 2006

The latest tool from Google is an online application that enables users to explore Google database of search queries and news headlines. It is possible to find out and compare the latest trends in Google searches and immediately see how or when the online news media ... read more


"A Google jockey is a participant in a presentation or class session who surfs the Internet for terms, ideas, or Web sites mentioned by the presenter or related to the topic at hand. A screen displays the jockey’s searches for all participants to see." Scenario Dr. Chen ... read more


This week annual press day at Google saw the debut of a number of interesting new services. A new beta version of Google Desktop offers enhanced desktop "widget" software that can be dragged to a PC desktop or in some instances dragged from a Google personal ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - May 13, 2006

PJ180 is vMix new slideshow creator, enabling everyone to create great photo and image slideshows fully online and with from any computer type. vMix is an online service that enables people to publish and share their own video clips . Captured in one of our past Sharewood ... read more

Video editing and remixing online is getting better by the day, and the recently launched video remixing services that I have covered here on MasterNewMedia, have provided my mini-video team to effectively test and experiment what is actually possible to do wth vide online. In this experimental ... read more

Robin Good - May 11, 2006

Text-to-speech application enables your website to translate text into audio Web-based karaoke application allows users to sing, record, and playback their favorite songs Instant messenger with video enables you to make voIP calls and share your screen across the Internet Media sharing platform enables you ... read more


Skype has just launched a new beta release (ver. 2.5) of its popular instant messenger cum integrated VoIP and video while also opening up a new service called Skypecasting, which allows anyone to run one-to-many Skype audio conferences with up to 100 simultaneous attendees. The new ... read more

Robin Good - May 4, 2006

A screencast is a digital movie that shows an animated computer screen recording, with an audio narration. Screencasts are typically recordings of what is happening on a screen, which might be a web browsing session or a software demonstration, reported in real-time by a guide ... read more

Robin Good - May 2, 2006

If you want to teach someone else how to use your new software or web service there is little that comes close to the effectiveness of a good screencast. A screencast is nothing else that a screen recording accompanied by an audio commentary done by the ... read more


Broadcast your personal video and audio clips on your website Browser-based image editor enables users to edit images online with no need for plugin Advertising system allows you to choose which ads you want to put onto your website Conferencing software enables you to share voice, video ... read more


Personal knowledge management is making strong inroads into enterprise environments where individual users can be motivated to publish quality (commercial) information effectively and with the ease that "bloggers" enjoy. The recent SIIA Brown Bag Lunch Series panel on personal knowledge management highlighted tools from leading suppliers that ... read more

John Blossom - Shore - April 26, 2006

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